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The IBM XWork Server sounds like a pretty good idea

If you’re an ISV working with IBM Lotus Notes/Domino, or if you’re simply trying to sell applications built on Domino technologies, then The IBM XWork server sounds like a great idea in terms of licensing. I can think back to many of my past Domino clients (because I don’t really work with it much anymore) who would have had use for this, and a couple of instances where it would have made a lot of discussions around justifying costs/an investment in Domino much easier. It’s something that could have had a lot of relevance in the New Zealand marketplace...

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New and interesting this week

Probably unsurprising that there’s a lot of Apple/Lion/iOS5 related items in this week’s list. Android App Removals Cast Doubt on Google’s ‘Openness’ (Gadgets and Technology, Posted Thursday June 9 2011, 195 tweets) iCloud’s the Limit: How iOS 5, Lion Push Apple’s Lock-In Strategy (Gadgets and Technology, Posted Wednesday June 8 2011, 334 tweets) Apple Releases iTunes 10.3.1 Without Update Notes (Apple Mac/iPhone/iPod, Posted Wednesday June 8 2011, 276 tweets) Dev Watercooler: Questing at Level 85 (MMORPG, Posted Wednesday June 8 2011, 16 tweets) Console2 - A Better Windows Command Prompt (.NET, Posted Wednesday June 8...

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Ed Brill is living a Microsoft free life!

Ed Brill lives a Microsoft free life. I'm successful in both business and personal life without any influence from Redmond. This is an interesting quote, because based on the historical contents of Ed Brill’s website you might find that claim about there being ‘no influence’ to be a little bit misleading! Irony is always funny. Tags: IBM, Lotus, Notes/Domino

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What’s the link between Project Runway and Notes/Domino?

I don’t know, but perhaps this link will have the answers: Jay from Project Runway teams up with Lotus for 8.5 release. Tags: Lotus Notes/Domino

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IBM Lotus Notes and Domino 8.0.1

IBM Lotus Notes & Domino is now available. Kudos as always to IBM - who in this age of web site usability where developers around the world to keep their URLs as short, readable, and user friendly as possible, refuse to give in to this pressure, and continue to do things their own special way: http://www-01.ibm.com/common/ssi/index.wss?DocURL=http://www-01.ibm.com/common/ ssi/rep_ca/4/897/ENUS208-024/index.html&InfoType=AN&InfoSubType%C3%8A& InfoDesc=Announcement+Letters&panelurl=index.wss%3F&paneltext=Announcement%20 letter%20search">http://www-01.ibm.com/common/ssi/index.wss? DocURL=http://www-01.ibm.com/common/ssi/rep_ca/4/897/ENUS208-024/index.html &InfoType=AN&InfoSubType%C3%8A&InfoDesc=Announcement+Letters& panelurl=index.wss%3F&paneltext=Announcement%20letter%20search Tags: IBM , Lotus , Notes , Domino

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Resources for Transitioning IBM Lotus Notes Customers

While I can't comment on the effectiveness of any of these tools, I have to say that the aggressive marketing cracks me up.  If your customers’ business and technology needs have outgrown IBM Lotus Notes, they're not alone. Many enterprise system customers are choosing to upgrade their legacy email technologies to Microsoft collaboration and productivity solutions. As much as I'm not missing the Notes Client for day to day "collaboration", and as much as I'm not missing working on an old outdated platform which has 0 day to day interest in terms of active / current web projects, I...

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Notes/Domino R8 release date announced

First, the positive stuff (for people who care about Notes/Domino). Your release date for Notes/Domino 8  has been announced. Like what I did there? Starbucks do it too. You don't order "coffee" or "a coffee" from Starbucks, you go there to be united with "your coffee". And in this case, it's your release date! Congratulations are due to the team at IBM who have obviously been working hard to try and get it out the door in a timeframe close to what they promised. The negative stuff - you knew it was coming! What the hell is it with IBM and...

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Porcelin Roadmap

It might just be me, I'm a bit tired right now - does this roadmap image conjure up make you think of something swirling down the toilet? Technorati tags: Notes, Domino, Lotus

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My favourite Notes site is actually being updated

There has been a lot of debate over the years about how Domino based websites often look rather ugly. Well, the Notes Ninjas have set to lower the standard to a low point which some might have previously thought was unreachable! The site has been around for a while, and I thought it was just going to shrivel up and go away. Well, it's still around, and it's being updated! Check it out - it's yellow, and it... well you'll see! Technorati tags: Notes, Domino

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Lotus Notes and Domino public beta 2, now available

There are a few issues with the download servers at the time of writing, but it should all be sorted soon. Link: Lotus Notes/Domino R8 Beta 2 Link: edbrill.com: Notes and Domino 8 public beta now available Technorati tags: Domino, Lotus, Notes

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Notes/Domino 8 beta - early next week

As the title says, it should be coming early next week. Technorati tags: IBM, Notes, Domino

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Lotus Connections - What is it?

If you've heard some talk about Lotus Connections, and wonder what they're talking about, then you might want to read this post from Roberto Boccadoro. It will certainly give you a lot more insight into the product than the marketing video, which is pretty uninformative. Actually the marketing video seems pretty similar to all of the Sametime ones ever produced - same buzzwords and concepts, they've just thrown in some dudes saying "I BLOG!". Well good on you. Check it out below. Or, don't. Technorati tags: Domino, IBM, Lotus, Notes

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He hates Notes!

Yep, another one! This guy hates Notes! He also seems to hate proper spelling and punctuation.Technorati tags: Domino, IBM, Lotus, Notes

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The great Notes/Domino Admin Survey of 2007

2007 Domino Administration Survey - just print it off, write on it, and post it back to IBM! Or you could scan your printed copy and email it to them. Ever heard of a web form guys?Technorati tags: Notes, Domino

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It's all a matter of perception

Ed says: I've had one report this morning that IE7 isn't working with LS online -- does anyone else see that? I like how it's IE7 that isn't working with LS online, and not the other way around ;)Technorati tags: IBM, Notes, Domino

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Java vulnerability in Notes and Domino

Link: Is the security of the Notes/Domino Java implementation questionable? Link: Java vulnerability in Notes and Domino Link: IBM Technote: Understanding Notes/Domino Java Archive (JAR) file signingTechnorati tags: Domino, Lotus, Notes

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Word of the Day: Notesbase

My friend Sonic tells the story of his word of the day:   Notesbase. -noun 1. A legacy system to store documents for easy search, access and retrieval NB: Not to be confused with Database Usage: Put this document in the Notesbase. The discussion started when the new helpdesk pleb asked me where a particular Notesbase was and I corrected him on his terminology. His team leader was listening in and immediately "corrected" my "misinformation". Because Notes apparently isn't a database, because Microsoft said so. I stated it was a database it just wasn't a relational one - to which I was retorted...

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What does it take?

The walls of the office speak the truth. Thanks sonic! Technorati tags: IBM, Lotus, Notes, Domino

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Domgle is a beta version of an application which allows the searching of multiple databases via the web using Ajax technology. Ie, something IBM should probably have included in the product themselves, but /shrug. It's in beta, and there's no download link on the site, but if you drop him a mail he'll send the template out to you. Technorati tags: Domgle, Lotus, Domino, Ajax

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Marketing innovation from IBM

When IBM cuts it's marketing budget: Technorati tags: Amusing, Domino, IBM, Lotus, Notes

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.NET for Domino Developers

A while back I did a couple of posts about ASP.NET Development which were targetted at Domino Developers looking to make the switch. I intended to do more, but never really did. This was mostly because I actually started working on a commercial ASP.NET Development project, so I was spending all my time actually converting from Domino to ASP.NET and had no time to write about it. A while ago I came across Jeff Crossett's site. He has a series of articles called .NET for Domino Developers. Worth checking out if my slackness in writing has created a void in your...

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Searchdomino's expert advice

Searchdomino.com went downhill a long time ago. One of my accounts is still subscribed to the newsletter however, and occasionally I actually read them (woah). The one I read today made me wonder why I bother. The article is here if you can be bothered, but you can read on anyway regardless. The question: I am experiencing an issue with Notes 5.0.10 on a Windows 2000 server. We have not upgraded but it was said that a file could be of unlimited size. But now that our file has gotten to 64GB, we can no longer add anything to it. Was this a...

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News.com: IBM patches Lotus flaw

From the News.com article: IBM has issued a patch for a half dozen "highly critical" security flaws in versions of its Lotus Notes, which could allow a malicious attacker to execute arbitrary code remotely when users access files through the Notes attachment viewer. Those are some more reasons to upgrade to 7.0.1. The Notes client has a pretty good track record of not normally needing this sort of patching attention, it's a shame that this exception had to be made. Link: News.com: IBM Patches Lotus flaw Link: Lotus.com/security Link: Ed Brill: IBM Patches Lotus flawTechnorati tags: Lotus, Notes, Domino

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Consistently inconsistent

I'm wondering if anyone who read this post, and then went on to read this one would get a bit confused? The point being I wouldn't be making the shift to ASP.NET if it wasn't for the state of Notes/Domino in ANZ over the past 3-4 years (and it could have been in decline for longer than that, but at that time I was over in London, consulting in a land where Notes/Domino jobs were plentiful and varied!). I still love many things about the product. We still run it at my current workplace, and I have a heavy personal...

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The Guardian UK: Survival of the unfittest

To start off, I'll quote the same paragaph as Ed Brill:   Imagine a program used by 120 million people, of whom about 119m hate it. Sound unlikely? Yet that's the perception one garners in trying to discover whether Lotus Notes, IBM's "groupware" application, is - as readers of Technology blog suggested - the "world's worst application". Where do you start with an article such as this? It's so incredibly out of date and vacuous that it's hard to respond. Once again, I don't want to write much, so here are a few points:   What is the credibility...

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On the notion of a need for a Lotusphere in Europe

Ed Brill writes about the need for a Lotusphere in Europe/Elsewhere (the title only mentions Europe, but the rest of the post mentions Asia Pac and the cancelled Lotus Fusion that used to be held in Australia). I don't want to write a lot about this - just a few quick comments based on my own personal observations and experience; That's a very long way to say "No" Ed seems to get a bit angry and defensive at the comparisons to TechEd. I feel that those comparisons are quite valid. I don't think the line that "Microsoft has a broader product...

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K750i Calendar Synronisation, take 2

Previously, I've mentioned the lack of Notes syncing in the K750i. Well, my calendar is now "synced", although it's a very manual process. It's also very simple, and took about 2 mins. 1. From my Notes mailbox, select the view for "All Calendar Entries" and select the date range I want to export 2. Copy them to the clipboard (CTRL-C if you really need to know how to do this) 3. Open a blank Notepad window (or any other plain text editor), and paste (CTRL-V!) 4. Save the file as whatever, "stupid.vcs" works for me. 5. Open MyPhoneExplorer, go to the calendar, and...

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Notes/Domino 7.0.1 due Monday/Tuesday

According to various IBM/Lotus sources, the 7.0.1 releases of Notes & Domino are due this Monday or Tuesday. According to the fix database, thats 509 fixes coming our way. (Also, what's up with that database name - r5fixlist.nsf, that's some bad planning while choosing a filename)Technorati tags: Lotus, Notes, Domino

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The Distance between IBM and you?

What's the lesson here? Don't bother with IBM Tech Support because they're useless? Or is it that you should follow the methodology around "How to get something fixed with Linux - complain that 'linux sucks because it can't do.......' to a bunch of Linux zealots and check the flamewar for useful comments"? I'm not sure the story is really as positive as Ed tries to make it sound.Technorati tags: Lotus, Notes, Domino

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Lotusphere Comes to You

Lotusphere Comes to You - AP Event Locations Currently, there are none in there - check back soon, cities and dates to come.Technorati tags: Notes, Domino, Lotus

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Migration to Microsoft: Look before you leap

Ed Brill writes about Migration to Microsoft: Look before you leap. The entry is basically talking about thinking carefully before making a commitment to starting on a Domino -> Microsoft migration. If you're in the situation where you're considering this, then you should definately read his post and read all the links. You'd expect a bit of bias from Ed, however my personal situation backs Ed's stance up very well. After 9 years of working with Notes/Domino, I'm shifting my career to ASP.NET. I'm surrounded by custom Domino databases - ones I've written myself for my own "life management", and ones...

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More info from Lotusphere

Lots of stuff coming out of Lotusphere at the moment, most importantly new annoucements and screenshots. I was going to make this a longish entry, but there's a lot of people writing live from the event, so it's probably easier to just post summaries of links along with some short comments. RSS feeds and blog templates coming in Domino They're a little overdue, but it seems we have RSS feeds and blog templates as standard in Domino. The unofficial "IBM Lotus Blogging Community" has been working on their own solutions to this for quite some time now, but it's nice that it's...

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Intriguing Lotusphere announcements

Posted today on www.edbrill.com: There's more to the Sametime 7.5 news than what has been written so far There's more to the Mac news than what has been written so far "Hannover", according to those who had a sneak peek today, is a "wow" Workplace Forms, as was commented here and on other blogs today, is a "wow" From the bottom up: Workplace forms? Could be interesting, however I'm not sure how many Workplace deployments have been done in NZ. I can only count the number of deployments among my customers (0), or the number of enquiries I've had about the product (0). Hannover...

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Domino views via XUL

When I first saw the Domino XUL demo I hadn't really been exposed to XUL at all, so I had to look it up on Wikipedia.   XUL (XML User Interface Language) is a user interface markup language developed to support Mozilla applications like Mozilla Firefox and Mozilla Thunderbird. Like UIML, it is an application of XML that describes user interfaces. The acronym is pronounced zool, to rhyme with "cool" The sample app over at Codestore looks rather cool, and I can think of a number of times when I'd have needed to use similar functionality in the past. The downside is...

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Lotusphere.com now works

There was a bit of discussion recently in various Lotus blogs about the fact that the domain Lotusphere.com simply redirected to the IBM homepage, instead of to the actual page for the event. Some people didn't see the big deal, some people thought it was a pretty poor show from IBM (which I tend to agree with). So now it appears that LotuSphere.com correctly redirects to the homepage - what was the big deal? I mean http://www-142.ibm.com/software/sw-lotus/events/govfor.nsf/wdocs/ls2006home is a pretty easy URL to remember, right?Technorati tags: Lotus, Notes, Domino

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Notes/Domino 7.01 beta released

Grab it from the usual places. Also, you can check out the fix list, which currently contains 45 entries for the 7.01 release - all of which seem pretty minor fixes. Pretty impressive really, and it shows that the x.0 release of the product really is/was fine for deploying across a production environment.Technorati tags: Lotus, Notes, Domino

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LotusSphere 2006 full session listing

Here.Technorati tags: IBM, Lotus, Notes, Domino

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