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Arcane Arcade Game Table – want!

The Arcane Arcade Game Table is a good mix of stylish and gaming. Want! Tags: Gaming

posted @ Wednesday, September 19, 2012 5:43 PM | Feedback (0)

Star Wars 1313 (E3 2012)

Star Wars 1313 does look amazing, but there’s a quote from the developer they’re talking to that’s pretty worrying. They want to “make you unsure as to when you’re playing and when you’re in a cut scene” – to me, that sounds incredibly frustrating. Tags: Gaming, Star Wars

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Diablo 3 inferno tactics

Handy tips. Tags: Gaming, Diablo 3

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SWTOR invites Australia and New Zealand into testing

For all you people anxiously awaiting the release of the next Star Wars MMO: SWTOR invites Australia and New Zealand into testing Today, hot on the heels of the official European testing announcement, BioWare Community CoordinatorAllison Berryman announced that the latest round of testing invites just left the Austin offices. This smaller group is designed to test out the west coast server for a limited time, and much to the delight of players, the group includes players from Australia and New Zealand. Tags: MMORPG, Gaming

posted @ Wednesday, October 12, 2011 6:43 PM | Feedback (0)

Mario Portals

This looks like a lot of fun. Tags: Gaming

posted @ Thursday, September 1, 2011 11:01 AM | Feedback (0)

New and Interesting this week – Happy 30th birthday to the PC!

Review Of Cross-Browser Testing Tools (Web Development, Posted Sunday August 7 2011, 620 Tweets, 108 Facebook likes) Google+ Update Adds Emulated iPad Support, More (Apple Mac/iPhone/iPod, Posted Monday August 8 2011, 319 Tweets) Apple offers buyback program for old iPhone, iPad, Macs (Apple Mac/iPhone/iPod, Posted Wednesday August 10 2011, 199 Tweets, 0 Facebook likes) Welcome to the Cloud - "Your Apple ID has been disabled." (.NET, Posted Friday August 12 2011, 159 Tweets, 0 Facebook likes) Survey Finds Smartphone Apps Store Too Much Personal Data (Information Security, Posted Monday August 8 2011, 132 Tweets, 30 Facebook...

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Diablo III Hands-On Preview - Real Money in a Virtual World

Diablo III looks fun. No commentary required - check the video and have a read of the article and see what you think. Diablo III Hands-On Preview - Real Money in a Virtual World (Gamespot) Tags: MMORPG, Gaming

posted @ Saturday, August 6, 2011 11:13 AM | Feedback (0)

Sanctum–Tower Defence Evolved

I’ve been a Tower Defence nut for quite some time, and have spent many hours playing simple but fun TD variants such as this one. While I wouldn’t call myself a purist of the genre, I don’t really get into some of the modern takes on the genre,such as Plants vs. Zombies and so on. So if you’d asked me a few weeks back whether I thought mixing Tower Defence with FPS would work, I’d probably have said “Nope”. However in the case of Sanctum it works very well indeed. Sanctum is a First...

posted @ Tuesday, July 12, 2011 11:33 PM | Feedback (0)

Xbox 360 Cloud Storage Now Available, Syncs Your Multiple Consoles & Games Progress In Cloud

Xbox 360 Cloud Storage Now Available, Syncs Your Multiple Consoles & Games Progress In Cloud – an obvious and good use of the cloud. Achievement data isn’t overly sensitive (unless you want to hide how much you’re playing your Xbox), and during the PSN issues it was amazing to see how many people weren’t concerned about their private data being spilled – all they cared about was “Will I lose my achievements? OH NOES!”. Tags: Gaming

posted @ Friday, July 8, 2011 9:54 AM | Feedback (1)

New and interesting this week

Dropbox Left User Accounts Unlocked for 4 Hours Sunday (Information Security, Posted Tuesday June 21 2011, 1184 tweets) Useful Resources, Tools and Services for Web Designers (Web Development, Posted Friday June 17 2011, 709 tweets) Following A Web Design Process (Web Development, Posted Wednesday June 22 2011, 533 tweets) From iCloud to Dropbox: 5 Cloud Services Compared (Gadgets and Technology, Posted Monday June 20 2011, 317 tweets) Guidelines For Working With External Code Libraries (Web Development, Posted Monday June 20 2011, 294 tweets) Mozilla Releases Firefox 5.0 for Mac, Windows, Linux, Android (Apple Mac/iPhone/iPod, Posted...

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SOE announces the end of Star Wars Galaxies

..and yet another Star Wars game related post: Smedley on the sunsetting of Star Wars Galaxies Sony Online Entertainment has announced that Star Wars Galaxies will be shutting down on December 15th of this year, marking what is in my mind the most significant sunset of a major MMO to date I spent a lot (A LOT) of time in SWG (pre CU and pre NGE), so have mixed reactions about this announcement. Like many others I felt that the game died after NGE, but still there’s something about this final announcement that feels...

posted @ Saturday, June 25, 2011 9:27 PM | Feedback (1)

SW:TOR–beta impressions

SW:TOR beta impressions from Gabe @ Penny Arcade. All sounding pretty positive! Tags: Gaming, MMORPG

posted @ Saturday, June 25, 2011 9:16 PM | Feedback (0)

Duke Nukem Forever, finally..

I know, I know – I found 2 CAD comics funny in as many weeks. There’s something wrong with me.. but, this comic hits the nail on the head. Tags: Gaming

posted @ Thursday, June 16, 2011 10:33 PM | Feedback (0)

Street Fighter III OE Box Art

Very nice Tags: Gaming

posted @ Friday, June 10, 2011 5:28 PM | Feedback (0)

More Sony lols

Sony lols, plus it’s always interesting to find a CAD comic which is actually funny. Tags: Amusing, Gadgets, Gaming

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SWTOR "Return" E3 2011 Cinematic Trailer HD

It’s a very slick looking trailer indeed. Tags: Gaming, MMORPG

posted @ Tuesday, June 7, 2011 3:10 PM | Feedback (2)


While I can’t see myself using RIFTconnect, I do like the level of integration they’ve managed to create – especially being able to start recording video and automatically post it to youtube from within the game client. The social media stuff, well.. automatically spamming your ‘achievements’ from any game to Facebook/Twitter is just a great way to piss people off, really really quickly. It might not be so bad if there was a setting where you could choose which achievements to broadcast – these days MMOs are so focused on making everyone feel like a winner that you...

posted @ Thursday, June 2, 2011 9:06 PM | Feedback (0)

Rift–$5 collectors edition upgrade this weekend

If you’re playing Rift and don’t already have the collectors edition, then you might be interested in the $5 upgrade going on this weekend. Basically get yourself a turtle for cheap! Don’t settle for the average Ascended experience. Travel Telara in style with a speedy mount, a unique Lifetouched pet, and more space for your wondrous wares (for all of your characters). The RIFT Digital Collector’s Edition upgrade includes these exclusive in-game items that enhance your adventures. Tags: Gaming

posted @ Friday, May 27, 2011 3:42 PM | Feedback (0)

Are colour blind gamers left out?

Are colour blind gamers left out – all the examples in the article are related to FPS games but I’ve seen a fair few driving games which have similar issues. In one driving game I was wondering why I was having such a hard time with the corners, until a friend standing next to me said “You see when the things on the road change from green to orange, it means a corner is coming up” – NO, NO I DID NOT SEE THAT! Tags: Gaming

posted @ Monday, April 18, 2011 12:00 PM | Feedback (0)

World Bank: gold farming (etc) paid poor countries $3B in 2009

A research arm of the World Bank has produced a comprehensive report on the size of the grey-market virtual world economy in developing countries -- gold farming, power-levelling, object making and so on -- and arrived at a staggering $3 billion turnover in 2009. They go on to recommend that poor countries be provided with network access and computers so this economy can be built up -- a slightly weird idea, given how hostile most game companies are to this sort of thing. Kind of staggering (even if one has to wonder how they came...

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Crisis alert–money pit size decreasing

WoW players are getting the chance to buy yet another store mount. C.R.E.A.M! Tags: Gaming, WoW

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A montage of game deaths

It’s amazing/worrying how many of these I’ve played. A nice montage from boingboing of Game Deaths, so many memories – might just be time to fire up MAME. (Via Knucklesandwich) Tags: Gaming

posted @ Saturday, March 26, 2011 9:59 PM | Feedback (0)

Star Wars: The Old Republic: Jedi Knight Character Progression Video

Mmmm, shiny. Thanks Stephen for passing this on. Tags: Gaming

posted @ Saturday, March 26, 2011 10:25 AM | Feedback (1)

Dragon Age 2 Gameplay video

Looks interesting, although I think it might have been better for the strategic mode to use something other than standard game pause – that feels a little bit weird to me. Either way it looks like a lot of fun. Tags: Gaming

posted @ Sunday, March 13, 2011 12:27 PM | Feedback (0)

Kinect Fail–or win, depending on your point of view

I see many of these videos in the future of youtube. Tags: Gaming, Amusing

posted @ Friday, December 3, 2010 4:03 PM | Feedback (0)

Bye bye anonymous forum logins!

World of Warcraft maker to end anonymous forum logins – I can’t see any way that this is going to go through, and just as well. The separation between gaming lives/identities is something a lot of people strive to protect for valid reasons. It’s unfortunate there are many others who keep them separate for more malicious reasons, but that’s life. Tags: Gaming, WoW

posted @ Thursday, July 8, 2010 12:24 PM | Feedback (0)

Uber Micro

Jeremy would be proud/scared. Tags: Gaming

posted @ Wednesday, July 7, 2010 3:34 PM | Feedback (0)

"Good times with a horse"

Possibly the best video title, ever. However it's not about what you might think - uhm, hang on, what did you think? The video shows fun with a horse in the recently released MMO, Age of Conan Tags: Gaming , MMORPG

posted @ Wednesday, June 4, 2008 8:01 AM | Feedback (0)

Hello Kitty MMORPG goes beta

Last week, the Hello Kitty MMO (with the incredibly creative name of Hello Kitty Online) went into closed beta. For me, the big news here is that there's combat! I was expecting it to be something similar to Second Life with a Hello Kitty skin applied to it, but there's going to be fighting as well as weapons crafting! Crafting system: Hello Kitty Online has an extensive crafting system with output such as tools & weapons, farming implements & furniture, a wide variety of cooked dishes, and clothing for decorative and stat-modifying items. Raw materials include wood, minerals...

posted @ Monday, February 18, 2008 4:42 PM | Feedback (0)

Guitar Rising

With the Guitar Hero and Rock Band games being so popular, and with so many people throwing around comments such as "why don't you spend that much time learning to play a REAL guitar", something like Guitar Rising was never far away. Tags: Gaming , Guitar Hero

posted @ Monday, February 11, 2008 3:45 PM | Feedback (0)

Streetfighter 4 preview pics

Shacknews has recently posted some preview images of Streetfighter IV for the Xbox 360. You can't deny the images look pretty slick, however some of the screenshots lot better than others in my opinion. The high def Hadoken looks tempting, while Ken's kick below it looks kind of awkward (the images on Shacknews are much larger).   Tags: Gaming , Streetfighter

posted @ Thursday, January 17, 2008 10:58 PM | Feedback (0)

Even more depressing than the Slayer Video

"Through the Fire and Flames" on Expert. Tags: Gaming , Guitar Hero    

posted @ Wednesday, December 19, 2007 10:26 AM | Feedback (0)

Is Hellgate an MMO or not?

Is Hellgate an MMO or not asks exactly that question. I definitely agree with the sentiment that a new term is required for games that rely heavily on instancing, but I think we could do better than "Instanced Multiplayer Game". In my opinion, they're simply not the same as other non instanced games. I think that instancing has it's place, and that games like WoW and to some extent SWG got it right with their use of instancing (I liked it more in SWG per se, because there were instanced as well as non instanced dungeons). There's just something about a...

posted @ Tuesday, November 6, 2007 9:07 AM | Feedback (0)

Halo 3 for dummies

For those who are interested in playing some Halo 3, but who haven't followed it's predecessors, you might like to check out the entire Halo Summary Story on the Xbox forums. Or, you might not care, and just go shoot shit. Your call really. Tags: Halo 3, Gaming

posted @ Wednesday, September 26, 2007 11:19 PM | Feedback (0)

Tabula Rasa Videos

If you're at all interested in Tabula Rasa, but can't be bothered playing the beta, then you should check out some of these videos. They give a pretty good window into what that game is going to contain when it hits next month. The first video also lets you laugh at Richard Garriott's spectacularly bad double ratstail haircut, so there's some extra value thrown in for free!     Tags: MMORPG, Gaming

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Will Wheaton's PAX Keynote Address

  "MY NAME IS WIL WHEATON, AND JACK THOMPSON CAN SUCK MY BALLS." I have to say, I never realised he was such an avid gamer. He also speaks well, and leads everyone on his own personal trip down gamers memory lane. Well worth a listen if you're into gaming nostalgia. Wil Wheaton Keynote Address @ PAX 07   Tags: PAX, Gaming

posted @ Monday, August 27, 2007 11:22 PM | Feedback (0)

You can't beat the classics 2.0

Tetris, Ajax style. Once again, it's not just for drinking. Technorati tags: Ajax, Gaming

posted @ Friday, May 18, 2007 10:38 PM | Feedback (0)

How to hit people in Second Life

This has to be the best summary of Second Life that I've seen yet: Toothpastefordinner: Adventures in second lifeTechnorati tags: MMORPG, Gaming

posted @ Monday, February 26, 2007 10:01 AM | Feedback (0)

Vanguard: Saga of Hardware

Gamespy: Saga of Heroes / Out of the Box has a bit of a quick write up on Vanguard. The general verdict seems to be to wait a while before checking it out. In typical SOE fashion the game has been rushed out the door early, and has significant performance issues. The problem with such a powerful graphics engine rendering a massive game world in real time is the hit you’ll take on performance. And no matter how great your system, you will have to turn off some of these wonderful graphics options in order to get the game running at...

posted @ Thursday, February 1, 2007 11:58 AM | Feedback (0)

Vanguard SoH: No more official forums

Vanguard Saga of Heroes, which goes live some time later this month has taken an interesting choice regarding their Community Forums. Quite simply, they've closed them, and stated that the community should all pick fan-operated forum sites to use instead. It's an interesting decision, I'll certainly be keeping an eye on how it plays out for them. Knowing how previous SOE forum admins have operated, you're much better off staying away from any of their 'official' forums anyway. The Freedom to Choose: Vanguard Fan Sites Tags: MMORPG, Gaming

posted @ Thursday, January 18, 2007 5:23 PM | Feedback (2)

28 hours later, Warcraft gets its first Level 70

28 hours later, Warcraft gets its first Level 70 Technorati tags: WoW, Gaming, MMORPG

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Ninety-Nine Nights Tips and Tricks

Ninety-Nine Nights didn't get spectacular reviews, and it was criticised for it's overly repetitive gameplay, however as a hack and slash romp it's quite a lot of fun. In my exceedingly humble opinion, there are only four things you could possibly want a bit of help/advice with in order to finish the game and get the full 1000 points worth of achievements. 1. Inphyy's Special mission The King of Nights isn't easy, but he's not hard either. There are just a couple of little tricks to beating him. The first thing to notice is that he only takes damage...

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World of Warcraft Teaches the Wrong Things

Soapbox: World of Warcraft Teaches the Wrong Things is a very interesting article, a lot of which I agree with very strongly. In particular, his comments on time VS skills, and grouping vs soloing are very relevant. Anyhow, it's an interesting read. (Also he likes Streetfighter 2, so I'm instantly going to listen to anything he has to say). Technorati tags: Gaming, WoW

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Yo, the Hip Hop Gamers League'n'Stuff

Foton over at afkgamer.com talks about this a lot better than I can be bothered to, so it's blockquote for the win:   Sprite (aka Coca-Cola) wants gamers (that’s YOU!) to consider their soft drink the drink of champions (not you currently, but maybe if you start chugging Sprite instead of that nasty Mountain Dew or other Pepsi product). I AM NOT MAKING THIS UP, Snoop, the Doggfather, introduced the Hip-Hop Gaming League, a new video game league for famous people that drink Sprite. Here's the announcement. There aren’t enough words for lame in the English language to describe this marketing campaign,...

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Pure Pwnage Episode 9 premier video

Pure Pwnage episode 9 premiere video The best line is "She's a bit shy, that's what happens if you play a lot of MMOs I guess".. "lol"Technorati tags: Gaming, Pure Pwnage

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Square Takes Action Against MMORPG 'Gold Farmers'

Square Takes Action Against MMORPG 'Gold Farmers' Technorati tags: Gaming, FFXI, MMORPG

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Sadness in Star Wars world

Sadness in Star Wars world Another article which says mostly the same stuff, but this one has a very apt quote: One player wrote in an e-mail to me this week: "The game for me probably will be a lost love. Sort of like seeing your spouse with Alzheimer's. Outwardly, everything appears the same as it always has, but you know that beneath the surface, things will never be the same." Technorati tags: Gaming, MMORPG, Star Wars

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The WoW Chunk Norris Fact Generator

An addon which makes me want to play WoW again! The Chuck Norris Fact Generator! Chuck Norris Fact Generator: This small addon will post the random Chuck Norris facts found on ChuckNorrisFacts.com Over 230 fun facts to use! Usage: Type /Chuck and then the channel that you wish to post in. You may use 'guild', 'raid', 'party', 'say', 'yell', 'officer'. Additionally, you can also whisper somebody a fact with /Chuck whisper You may also use channel numbers, such as /Chuck 1 to post in /1, /Chuck 2 to post in /2, and so on. /Chuck guild /Chuck raid /Chuck say /Chuck yell /Chuck party /Chuck officer /Chuck whisper /Chuck ...

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New NZ Launch Date for Xbox 360

New NZ Launch Date for Xbox 360 Auckland, January 27 2006 – Xbox today announced a new launch date in Australia and New Zealand for the Xbox 360™. The new launch date is 12.01am on March 23 2006. The new launch date has been set due to unprecedented global consumer demand and short-term manufacturing issues due to component shortages stemming from challenges in ramping supply. The move ensures that the markets will have an adequate supply of Xbox 360 consoles to meet demand at launch. Xbox 360 is well on its way to becoming the fastest-selling video game console in history, and...

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BBC report on UK gamers from 6-65

BBC Creative Research and Development have just released a stellar research report on gamers' habits in the UK -- how people from six to 65 play, what they play, why they play, and how they got to playing. It's a real eye-opener -- and chock full of stats-candy in sweet charts. BBC report on UK gamers from 6-65 (1.2mb PDF)Technorati tags: Gaming

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Xbox v1 rumors

Gizmodo talks about rumors that production of the original Xbox will soon be ceased. So our half-brothers out-of-wedlock twice-related, Kotaku, received a tip this morning saying that today the Xbox manufacturing would be stopped—most likely to pave way for the 360. The tip mentioned that Microsoft had no intention to keep the Xbox v1.0 any longer and would turn it into a bargain bin console. The Kotaku sleuths contacted Microsoft to further inquire about this rumor in which Microsoft responded by dodging the questions. They said the Xbox v1.0 plans remained unchanged to sell units into 2006, but they ended the...

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Star Wars: Empire at War Demo

Star Wars: Empire at War Demo Technorati tags: Gaming, Star Wars

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Guild Wars: Factions - Preview Weekend

Guild Wars: Factions first impressions. Here are my random notes after playing about with Guild Wars: Factions over the weekend. I didn't end up playing for long, as I found out what I needed to know pretty quickly. The ritualist is not at all what I was expecting. The Spirits sounded like pets, but they function more like "Wells", ie, Necromancers well of blood and the like. They don't move, and simply stay there and affect the entire party. Yes, this is just like the Ranger spirits you might say - but I hadn't seen a lot of those due to...

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Guild Wars: Factions - screenshots

A few very quick screenies of Guild Wars: Factions up here on FlickR. A bit more writing to come in a day or two, when I get time to write up my notes (as brief as they are). Technorati tags: Gaming, MMORPG, Guild Wars

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Star Wars - Empire at War

Lucasarts continues to churn out Star Wars related games, and hey, if I was them I would too! Anyhow, Star Wars: Empire at War looks like it has definate potential. Picture that moment in any RTS when you've amassed a large army, and use your uber micro to send it off into battle on 3 fronts - well, wouldn't that be even more fun if the army was a mixture of Stormtroopers, AT-STs, and even AT-ATs? Well, I think it would. Looks like it's available in NZ from the 9th of Feb. Technorati tags: Gaming, MMORPG, Star Wars

posted @ Wednesday, January 18, 2006 11:24 PM | Feedback (0)


Take a treadmill, a set of handlebars, a USB cable, and hook it up to Quake 4 - what have you got? Gamerunner, the way to combine fitness with gaming. It had to happen sooner or later. Technorati tags: Gaming

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Dungeons and Dragons Online: Confidentiality Obligations have been lifted

Dungeons and Dragons Online: Confidentiality Obligations have been lifted: Turbine is pleased to announce that the confidentiality obligations in the Preview and Non-disclosure Agreement for the DUNGEONS & DRAGONS ONLINE™: Stormreach™ Beta have been lifted earlier than anticipated. This means players in the Beta Program and those who took part in the Stress Test Events are free to talk about the game on public forums. After getting so much positive feedback from our Beta players, we felt it was time to let them share their opinions and praise for DDO with the rest of the MMOG community. So what? Well, it...

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