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The IBM XWork Server sounds like a pretty good idea

If you’re an ISV working with IBM Lotus Notes/Domino, or if you’re simply trying to sell applications built on Domino technologies, then The IBM XWork server sounds like a great idea in terms of licensing. I can think back to many of my past Domino clients (because I don’t really work with it much anymore) who would have had use for this, and a couple of instances where it would have made a lot of discussions around justifying costs/an investment in Domino much easier. It’s something that could have had a lot of relevance in the New Zealand marketplace...

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Ed Brill is living a Microsoft free life!

Ed Brill lives a Microsoft free life. I'm successful in both business and personal life without any influence from Redmond. This is an interesting quote, because based on the historical contents of Ed Brill’s website you might find that claim about there being ‘no influence’ to be a little bit misleading! Irony is always funny. Tags: IBM, Lotus, Notes/Domino

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Lotus fans: Show me the money or shut the hell up

Lotus fans: Show me the money or shut the hell up – insightful information into the life of a modern Lotus Notes/Domino professional. Tags: IBM, Lotus, Notes

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Lotus Notes dumped in AMP cloud email move

Lotus Notes dumped in AMP cloud email move There are some IBM customers in Australia who continue to be happy with Notes — such as Australian youth charity BoysTown, which recently decided against Exchange or Gmail and instead upgraded its Notes installation – but in general there have been no large new Australian Notes customers reported for some time. I'd safely say the same trend applies in New Zealand. Tags: IBM, Lotus, Notes

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IBM Lotus Notes/Domino 8.5 beta available

Get it here. Tags: IBM , Lotus , Notes , Godzilla

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IBM Lotus Notes and Domino 8.0.1

IBM Lotus Notes & Domino is now available. Kudos as always to IBM - who in this age of web site usability where developers around the world to keep their URLs as short, readable, and user friendly as possible, refuse to give in to this pressure, and continue to do things their own special way: http://www-01.ibm.com/common/ssi/index.wss?DocURL=http://www-01.ibm.com/common/ ssi/rep_ca/4/897/ENUS208-024/index.html&InfoType=AN&InfoSubType%C3%8A& InfoDesc=Announcement+Letters&panelurl=index.wss%3F&paneltext=Announcement%20 letter%20search">http://www-01.ibm.com/common/ssi/index.wss? DocURL=http://www-01.ibm.com/common/ssi/rep_ca/4/897/ENUS208-024/index.html &InfoType=AN&InfoSubType%C3%8A&InfoDesc=Announcement+Letters& panelurl=index.wss%3F&paneltext=Announcement%20letter%20search Tags: IBM , Lotus , Notes , Domino

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Pot. Kettle. Black. Etc.

I'm finding this post pretty funny, considering it's coming from a camp which has historically been pretty quick to sling mud at other corporations for "forcing" hardware upgrades on it's users in order to run their software. Also, any up and coming Virus writers out there might like to take note of this little gem: I excluded my Notes Program and Data directories from Symantec AV and things are 200% better. I'll pass this on to those who are piloting Notes 8.0 with me. Maybe we can rollout after all.   Jumping across to this post (which is...

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IBM delays Lotus Notes for iPhone, users "too hip and cool"

IBM delays Lotus Notes for iPhone, users "too hip and cool" The quote "I can't really imagine someone who's really hip and cool -- like an iPhone user -- wanting to use Lotus Notes" is quite amusing. Tags: Apple , IBM

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$350 Reward for Solution to Export Notes Databases to Filesystem

$350 Reward for Solution to Export Notes Databases to Filesystem. Nothing to see here. No migrations going on. Nowhere. Everyone is happy, move along. Tags: IBM , Notes , Godzilla , No Demand

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Resources for Transitioning IBM Lotus Notes Customers

While I can't comment on the effectiveness of any of these tools, I have to say that the aggressive marketing cracks me up.  If your customers’ business and technology needs have outgrown IBM Lotus Notes, they're not alone. Many enterprise system customers are choosing to upgrade their legacy email technologies to Microsoft collaboration and productivity solutions. As much as I'm not missing the Notes Client for day to day "collaboration", and as much as I'm not missing working on an old outdated platform which has 0 day to day interest in terms of active / current web projects, I...

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Highly Scientific Notes 8 speed comparisons

sonic says (2:55 p.m.): HAHAHAHA I've been running the java notes client for the last couple of weeks and I just ran the native basic client. sonic says (2:55 p.m.): fuck it's quick!   Tags: IBM, Lotus, Notes, Godzilla

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What were they thinking?

I'm simply echoing Volker's sentiment in asking what were they thinking? I've talked about the excellent Notes error messages before - or more to the point, I've passed along the comments of a friend (Mr Sonic, who really needs a web presence, as in yesterday). They really are pretty spectacular - at times Helpdesk operators attempt to get a user to describe an error message "exactly as it appears" for troubleshooting purposes. What's the conversation going to be like when someone tries to describe this:   I'd say "Godzilla pwned my Workstation". But that's just me. Because I loved Sonic's quote...

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The “Project Zero FAQ” FAQ

Mark Pilgrim: 1, IBM: 0 The “Project Zero FAQ” FAQ (PS, nice URL!) Technorati tags: IBM

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Apple's market cap will exceed IBM's

Fake Steve explains why Apple will be bigger than IBM in a couple of years. Right now we're at about $100 billion and they're at $160 billion. But they're treading water and we're just getting going. Another key difference of course is that we're a tech company. Fake Steve. Real Words. EOM.Technorati tags: IBM, Apple

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Notes 8 - apparently less confusing, but destroys cities with it's huge scale clad footprint

Sonic has been playing with the latest Notes beta. I'm glad he has, so I don't have to! (No really dude, thanks) "When I try to launch beta 3 I get this error. I'm glad to see that they've cleaned up the error messages and made them less obscure, eclipse seems to be a real win win for them so far."   Next he clears up any confusion between the 2 client versions. One version is Notes 7.5, the other is rampaging beast affected by exposure to radioactive waste that destroys large...

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Notes/Domino 8 beta - early next week

As the title says, it should be coming early next week. Technorati tags: IBM, Notes, Domino

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Well, we knew it was coming..

Not today - the Notes/Domino beta build 2 has been delayed, and won't make the February release that they'd previously talked about. We all knew this was coming, this is just the official announcement. The Notes/Domino 8 beta 2 build will not be posted today. Internal process-wise, today is a big day as we will be making a go-no go call on the code itself, along with several other important readiness factors. After that meeting, we should have a solid date for when the public beta will be available. Though things could change, I expect it won't be more than a...

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Lotus Connections - What is it?

If you've heard some talk about Lotus Connections, and wonder what they're talking about, then you might want to read this post from Roberto Boccadoro. It will certainly give you a lot more insight into the product than the marketing video, which is pretty uninformative. Actually the marketing video seems pretty similar to all of the Sametime ones ever produced - same buzzwords and concepts, they've just thrown in some dudes saying "I BLOG!". Well good on you. Check it out below. Or, don't. Technorati tags: Domino, IBM, Lotus, Notes

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He hates Notes!

Yep, another one! This guy hates Notes! He also seems to hate proper spelling and punctuation.Technorati tags: Domino, IBM, Lotus, Notes

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A quick Notes/Domino roundup

A quick mention of a few things in the world of Notes/Domino. I quickly read this IBM press release, and really don't know what it's talking about. I mean, it's talking about client options and Linux, but is it announcing something that has been released, or talking about a future release? Is this R7, or R8, or what? Regardless of whatever good work IBM might be doing in places, their press releases are still a complete corporate wankfest. "IBM (NYSE: IBM) today unveiled a new Open Client Solution for customers of any size or industry so they can help their employees...

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Simpler times..

Chris Linfoot looks back on simpler times.. a blast from the past indeed.Technorati tags: IBM, Lotus, Notes, notes.net

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It's all a matter of perception

Ed says: I've had one report this morning that IE7 isn't working with LS online -- does anyone else see that? I like how it's IE7 that isn't working with LS online, and not the other way around ;)Technorati tags: IBM, Notes, Domino

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Farewell Workplace Messaging, we hardly knew you!

Software withdrawal and service discontinuance: IBM Workplace MessagingTechnorati tags: Lotus, IBM, Workplace

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With all this talk of the nifty fifty..

Following on from discussions about the Domino community collaborating to create a series of templates to ship free with Notes/Domino, I came across this link: Can the "Nifty Fifty" be revived? Should it? and check the date of the post: June 8th 2003. The post echoes the exact sentiment of the current discussion. Looks like it got nowhere then either. It's very sad. IBM has had the power at any time to jump in here and get on board with this, and that's the key. As long as they're not involved then these templates won't be "out of the box"....

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Do you want to do IBM's job for them?

If so, then head on over here and contribute to the 'out of the box' project.Technorati tags: IBM, OpenNTF, Lotus, Notes, Sharepoint, Nifty Fifty

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What does it take?

The walls of the office speak the truth. Thanks sonic! Technorati tags: IBM, Lotus, Notes, Domino

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Marketing innovation from IBM

When IBM cuts it's marketing budget: Technorati tags: Amusing, Domino, IBM, Lotus, Notes

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More info from Lotusphere

Lots of stuff coming out of Lotusphere at the moment, most importantly new annoucements and screenshots. I was going to make this a longish entry, but there's a lot of people writing live from the event, so it's probably easier to just post summaries of links along with some short comments. RSS feeds and blog templates coming in Domino They're a little overdue, but it seems we have RSS feeds and blog templates as standard in Domino. The unofficial "IBM Lotus Blogging Community" has been working on their own solutions to this for quite some time now, but it's nice that it's...

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LotusSphere 2006 full session listing

Here.Technorati tags: IBM, Lotus, Notes, Domino

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