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An open question to any Thunderbird users

So I've played about with Thunderbird, mostly as a tool to test LDAP queries. But I'd appreciate some feedback either via email, or here from someone who's used it. 1 specific query, and 1 general one:   Have you ever tried copying your mail/data/whatever across to another platform? Ie, gone from Mac to Linux, or Windows to Mac, etc etc? Any comments / complaints / feedback at all in general? I'm also interested to know about what address book formats it supports and how exportable they are, as well as testing out it's support for multiple identities/accounts etc, but I'll install it later...

posted @ Monday, January 30, 2006 7:22 PM | Feedback (0)

Domino views via XUL

When I first saw the Domino XUL demo I hadn't really been exposed to XUL at all, so I had to look it up on Wikipedia.   XUL (XML User Interface Language) is a user interface markup language developed to support Mozilla applications like Mozilla Firefox and Mozilla Thunderbird. Like UIML, it is an application of XML that describes user interfaces. The acronym is pronounced zool, to rhyme with "cool" The sample app over at Codestore looks rather cool, and I can think of a number of times when I'd have needed to use similar functionality in the past. The downside is...

posted @ Tuesday, January 10, 2006 5:09 PM | Feedback (0)


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