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With all this talk of the nifty fifty..

Following on from discussions about the Domino community collaborating to create a series of templates to ship free with Notes/Domino, I came across this link: Can the "Nifty Fifty" be revived? Should it? and check the date of the post: June 8th 2003. The post echoes the exact sentiment of the current discussion. Looks like it got nowhere then either. It's very sad. IBM has had the power at any time to jump in here and get on board with this, and that's the key. As long as they're not involved then these templates won't be "out of the box"....

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Do you want to do IBM's job for them?

If so, then head on over here and contribute to the 'out of the box' project.Technorati tags: IBM, OpenNTF, Lotus, Notes, Sharepoint, Nifty Fifty

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