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TiddlyWeb 1.0

As a long time fan of TiddlyWiki I should mention the recent release of TiddlyWeb. NEWBURY, Berks, UK, Jan 15, 2010 -- Today TiddlyWeb, the open source software package that provides the core services of a RESTful server-side for TiddlyWiki, was released as version 1.0. This long awaited version finally takes TiddlyWeb out of its beta-testing phase and provides a stable release for users and developers. Looking forward to getting a chance to have a tinker with it soon. Tags: TiddlyWiki

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GTD TiddlyWiki

I've written about TiddlyWiki and GTD TiddlyWiki before, but Lifehacker now has a recent post call Get organized with GTDTiddlyWiki which has more info for anyone interested in giving it a shot. Tags: TiddlyWiki, GTD

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I've mentioned TiddlyWiki a few times before, but it looks like there have been quite a few updates since I last played with it. I just grabbed the latest updates and applied it to my todo TiddlyWiki which I haven't used since October last year. The upgrade worked without a hitch, and the layout is looking a lot slicker. There's also been a few more adaptions and modifications performed by other people, and most interestingly a few server side adaptions such as phpwiki and perlwiki. Is it time for a Domino and/or .NET implementation? Who can say. Tags: TiddlyWiki

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GTD Tiddlywiki PLUS!

I've talked about Tiddlywiki before, as I tried to use it extensively for my GTD approach for a wee while. It never really took off for me, the simplicity of text files is hard to replace. However this morning I came across GTD Tiddlywiki plus, which is an adaption of Tiddlywiki aimed directly at being used for GTD functionality. It looks good, and might be enough to convince me to give it another shot.Technorati tags: GTD, Tiddlywiki

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TiddlyWiki updated

I checked out TiddlyWiki a while ago, after Ned Batchelder wrote about it. Since then, I've been trying to use it to contain my todo lists, which usually end up living in multiple Notepad files on the desktop. So far I'm having mixed success because I'm so used to using Notepad, however that's not to say that TiddlyWiki isn't impressive and useful, because it is. Anyway, Jeremy Ruston is continuing to make some great updates to the project - I won't bother listing all the individual updates as they're easy to find on the homepage, however category style tags, updated...

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Just been checking out TiddlyWiki. Ned Batchelder sums things up quite well, so I'll just quote what he wrote about it:   This has been out for a while, and I remember glancing at it last fall, but I didn't fully appreciate it then. TiddlyWiki is yet another wiki implementation, but with a difference: the entire wiki, including the implementation and all the data, is stored in a single HTML file. The file is displayed in a browser, where the content can be read and edited. A "save changes" button writes the HTML file back to disk. First: this is very clever as...

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