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WHS: Migrate Shares and Backups to New System

Migrate Shares and Backups to New System – I’m posting this for reference purposes. I’m about to finalise a new WHS, and all I needed to do was read the post I’ve linked to in order to tell me that there’s no way I want to bother going through all that. Tags: Windows Home Server

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Windows Home Server – your genie in a box!

Windows Home Server – Your genie in a box - 30-second Windows Home Server commercials that will run for 3 months throughout 25 different shows that are aired on Hulu. Tags: Windows Home Server

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Windows Home Server Disk Management Add-In

If you're using Windows Home Server on homebrew hardware, then this Add-In from Tentacle Software could be just what you're looking for. An exerpt from the page: This Windows Home Server Add-In is an extension of the standard WHS Server Storage interface. People who buy nice OEM WHS solutions get fancy LEDs that light up when a disk needs to be removed; us poor people with cobbled-together home-brew hardware don't. This add-in makes it easier to identify the physical disk you're working with in the WHS Console. Tags: Microsoft , Windows Home Server

posted @ Friday, February 1, 2008 9:31 AM | Feedback (0)

More Windows Home Server development Links

We Got Served - The Windows Home Server Site Add-In: WHS Disk Management (Developed by Sam Wood) Windows Home Server Forums (Yay forums - read people bitching, join in yourself and bitch too!) Tags: Microsoft , Windows Home Server

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