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Anyone Can Break Into Your iPad 2 Passcode with a Smart Cover

Anyone Can Break Into Your iPad 2 Passcode with a Smart Cover – sure they can only get access to the last app you were using when you locked it, and this bug won’t last for long, but it’s an amusing/worrying one nonetheless. Tags: iOS, iPad

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New and Interesting this week – Happy 30th birthday to the PC!

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The iOS Design Cheat Sheet

The title on this one pretty much says it all - the iOS Design Cheat Sheet is a collection of useful information for iOS developers. When you are designing a lot of applications for Apple’s touch devices like the iPhone or iPad you often have to follow some conventions regarding sizes or radii of Icons, Buttons or Tables. Because it is always a big time loss if you have to search on the Web for this information again and again, I’ve put the most important specifications into a nice iOS Design Cheat Sheet. Useful....

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Snapseed App Brings Pro-Level Photo Editing to iPad

Snapseed App Brings Pro-Level Photo Editing to iPad – grabbed this and have had a quick look, it’s very slick and easy to use. Looks like a great way to apply some simple but powerful effects to your photos without needing a full computer. Tags: iPad

posted @ Thursday, June 9, 2011 12:38 PM | Feedback (0)

It’s true. You will.

Tags: Apple, iPad

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