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July 2001 Entries

Dorset 27/07/2001-29/07/2001

We had awesome weather this trip. Saturday we helped out with the 18th Century Street Fayre, which is a bi-annual event. Heres a few random shots from that; (From Left) Rob, Craig and Jane relaxing after extensive raffle ticket selling. This is a shot from up on the banks of the Church, looking across onto Jane's house (the one on the far left) and up the road a bit. Taken sort of midday time, when the Fayre was in full swing. Another shot from the same angle, but closer up on Jane's house. Walking along the Coast.. Craig up close, Jane in the distance.. This...

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Us humans have a lot of neat irony in our lives. People dont even realise it. I dont even know if irony is the right word.. I just saw an example of it the other day that sort of made me think about it. This may sound like gross generalisation in parts, but its a summary of something I've seen before, and cant think of specific examples of - if that makes any sense. Ok, so you see a native tribe of people, who have hunted a certain animal all their lives.. the animal drifts into an endangered species list, and...

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Chris Tarrant

Hmm, this is a placemarker for how much he pisses me off on radio. I almost chipped a tooth coz of this guy, and if he actually made me chip one, just through being so incredibly annoying, then I'd probably go down to Capital FM and smash all of his remaning teeth down his throat. Today, he got back from a 3 week holiday.. among another annoying mutterings, he commented "Oh, I'm going to have to learn all the records again now" .. I mean FFS! There are only about 5 records the station plays anyway, and they're playing the same...

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Whos life will you change today?

I was talking to the cafe at work the other morning to get a drink, and I saw a sign up saying "whos life will you change today" .. normally that kind of stupid motivational shit doesnt really get me in the slight bit interested, but for some reason this did. I guess its something of the sliding doors theory really, makes it kind of interesting to think of. Everyone changes someones life every day, be it for better or for worse, in a large way or a small way, and its not something we really set out to do, or...

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