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August 2001 Entries

SETI Milestone time

I've completed 1000 units for the SETI project..

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Tales of iPaq woe..

I thought I'd share my recent iPaq story with you all - especially as theres a warning in here for anyone who got their iPaqs from Dixons in the UK... (yeah dont laugh, but they were the only people who stocked them at the time!) Compaq recently released version 1.77 of the ROM software - and me being me, decided to upgrade. I'd upgraded from 1.28 to 1.69 with no problems at all, however a LOT of people around the world had reported problems, and obviously problems with the ROM = serious problems with the iPaq. Well, the upgrade died midway through...

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Another thing Tyler Durden got right..

I was at the gym today, and I sort of spent some time resting staring at these signs they have plastered all over the walls. The signs say "Dare to be different" .. and I looked around, and saw such a collection of similar looking people, that I had to laugh. You have to wonder who comes up with these slogans, and if they really consider the sorts of people who frequent their establishments. Everyone in that gym looks so similar its laughable. They're not daring to be different, they're daring to decide to conform to what society expects them to...

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Oops, been spending again.

New Toys-R-Us Sony VAIO C1VE Well, my PDA (to the right of the Sony) died, so I decided to replace it. The iPaq never quite did what I wanted it to.. so once it gets fixed (ROM died during a flash upgrade), I'm selling it off. Anyway, below are some pictures of its replacement! The happy family on my desk :)

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Gangsta Starwars!

Gangsta Starwarz!

posted @ Friday, August 3, 2001 7:59 PM | Feedback (0)


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