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September 2001 Entries

Welcome to London!

Welcome to London! A city where a significant drop in space, when going from a 3 bedroom apartment to a 1 bedroom apartment IN THE SAME BUILDING can often not mean a change in rent at all, and in fact in some situations you can end up paying more? However the bedroom in a single bedroom apartment still has an ensuite, as well as a main bathroom. Whats the point in THAT? That I think the few people I will ever have visiting me in my apartment are likely to dirty up my main bathroom so I wont want to share...

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Dude, wheres my car!

Dude, like, I bought a car!

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I'm not afraid to try popular new things

The world is made up of two kinds of people: those who cling to the tired, old status quo and those who fearlessly embrace the new status quo. Me, I fall squarely into the latter camp. Not content to stick with the same-old same-old, I like to mix it up and put myself out there. You know, give the old heave-ho to the stodgy and staid. Say what you will about me, but no one will ever accuse me of being afraid to try popular new things. Take movies, for example. Some folks my age might have been scared to give...

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