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May 2002 Entries


Ok, complete site re-work here, and its not at all finished yet. Please Report any broken links or strange errors..

posted @ Saturday, May 25, 2002 2:48 AM | Feedback (0)

DAoC Resources Page Online

The Dark Age of Camelot resources page is now live here, complete with XML Server/Relic/Keep Status info for all Euro servers.

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Menu system reorganisation

I've re-organised all the menus, so they make a bit more sense now. Also about to implement a new JS menu, as the current one doesn't display properly in IE6..

posted @ Friday, May 17, 2002 8:39 PM | Feedback (0)

The all time definitive hate list

Well, once upon a time I had a quick list of pet hates. Decided this time to go one step further, and to create and maintain my all time definitive hate list. Some of these are a little UK specific, some are NZ specific, and some are nice and generalised. I'm gonna keep building on this list, and update it regularly! Theres so much out there to hate! []Media Related.[] []Chris Tarant[] What can I say, this guy is annoying as hell. Both in his capacity as the host of "Who wants to be a Millionaire" and host of the Capital FM breakfast show....

posted @ Friday, May 17, 2002 7:29 PM | Feedback (1)


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