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June 2002 Entries

Dorset 21/06/2002 - 23/06/2002

The trip was basically an exploration trip, so I could take a few photos of what the climbing was like down there. Hence, all the photos are pictures of rock faces, and not overly interesting to look at! This was originally meant to be a climbing trip, which turned into more of an expidition when Doug (*cough* whipped *cough*) couldn't come at the last minute. Most of the photos are from the Dancing Ledge in Dorset, which is one of the more popular crags in the Dorset/Swanage area. For more info on Dorset Dancing Ledge, you can check here and here. A...

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Upcoming events

Loads of cool stuff to do coming up.. Hatebreed on Monday (Tickets here!), Pitch Black and other NZ acts playing at Fabric on the 4th of July (tickets here!), and a UK UFC match at the Royal Albert Hall 13th of July! (Get tickets here!)

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Bowles Rocks pictures

Some quick shots from the weekends climing - pictures of Bowles (didnt get the camera to the High Rocks)

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