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July 2002 Entries

Ios and Oslo picture pages updated!

Ios and Oslo pages updated, Oslo now includes pictures of the famous lesbian statue park! :D

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The Unforgiven website, prototype

Development prototype for The Unforgiven webbie here.

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Anyone who has read the novel "Do Androids Dream of Electric Sheep", better known as Bladerunner by Phillip K. Dick will be familiar with the term "kipple", but you may not be aware of it in your everyday life.. Well.. kipple is everywhere - it may be in small doses, but it is there. If you leave it, it multiplies, just like in the book! The scary thing about kipple is its amazing power to claim other items, and turn them into kipple. A useful item simply needs to be surrounded by useless kipple, and you may never look at...

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UFC38 Pics!

A few quick notes and pictures from UFC38 - hoping to add more photos eventually

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