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October 2002 Entries

Merauder's Random October Media Review!

This is basically a short summary of whats lying about my place or in the car getting the high rotation treatment at the moment. I haven't done one of these before, but might get into doing it regularly. Not sure it's ever going to appeal to a large amount of people - as the mix of stuff I listen to / watch is quite varied, but still, here goes! []CKY - "Infiltrate - Destroy - Rebuild" (CD)[] []For those who don't know, heres a quick run down of how CKY the band, CKY the "skate" video series, and MTV's Jackass fit...

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Mobile Phones at the moment

I guess at the outset this could sound like it has potential to talk about mobile phones in our society - their pros, their cons, and some of the problems they are responsible today. Well (sorry Lucy!), it isn't. I love mobile phones, and think that there would be a lot fewer negative connotations made with them if it wasn't for the fact that there are some utterly inconsiderate smacktards out there that happen to own them. No, instead what this is about is some of the mobile phones out there at the moment, and some related aspects of technological convergance....

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More Writings, and a possible section rename.

Looking back on past efforts in this section, writing more might not seem like a good idea. I used to love writing, and I used to be quite good at it too, got published a little, and liked the feeling. I just never managed to keep it up. The past writings on this site have been sort of mediocre. The result of something popping into my mind, and me actually being near enough to a computer to actually maintain the enthusiasm to write it down. Most of my ideas come at weird times, while driving, out at night, in the...

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Got US $15,000 for a piece of computer history?

A piece of computer history is up for grabs on eBay! Get your bid in now before it's too late! You can view the eBay entry here: http://cgi.ebay.com/ws/eBayISAPI.dll?ViewItem&item=2057697313 Or, more pictures on this fine piece of technology are available via the Free Kevin website, here: http://www.freekevin.com/t1960cs/DSCF0002.JPG http://www.freekevin.com/t1960cs/DSCF0004.JPG http://www.freekevin.com/t1960cs/DSCF0015.JPG http://www.freekevin.com/t1960cs/DSCF0028.JPG

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Tetris Worlds

Some things just aren't meant to be. One of those things is possibly a recent re-released version of Tetris (for PC, PS/2, Xbox and others) called [Tetris Worlds], a recent re-release of Tetris for the Xbox. The first, and probably most important statement to make is this: Someone tried to give Tetris a storyline. Now, I remember when Tetris first started appearing in the arcades (my Dad kicked serious ass at that game, he was really good!), part of the appeal was that the concept made little sense, and was hard to explain, but was incredibly addictive and made for a...

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