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November 2002 Entries

One for the PC Cooling fanatics

Now this, I like - Ghettokylning (ghetto cooling) ^_^

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Writing this has a sort of Penny Arcade or Little Gamers feeling and sound to it. Despite the impression it might leave, I'm not really much of an avid gamer, except when it comes to titles falling into the massively multiplayer category, whereas the folks at [Penny Arcade] seem to have time on their hands to play just about anything (urm, only the quality stuff I'm sure). Maybe its also the amount of IRC quotes regarding FFX / FFXI and [lesbians] thats making me feel like my life is an outcut from an online comic. If I could draw comics...

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Mobiles, yet again..

I'm talking about mobile phones and mobile devices too much lately, but oh well. Seems the infamous Sony Ericcson P800 has been delayed yet again. Sony Ericcson are blaming network operators in being slow to test the unit and approve it for their networks, which I guess makes some degree of sense given the amount of features and functionality in it - but GSM is a global standard, surely if the phone complies and the operators network complies then it should be no problem. []In reality, what I'm pretty sure they mean when they say "network testing" is that they are training...

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