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Random IRC Quote of the moment

In the context of a conversation regarding brute force password crackers VS dictionary based ones - this little gem surfaced: [23:49:09] <Kasumi> whoever uses 'chair' for password doesn't belong around me :p

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Starwars Galaxies trailer

This little clip gives you an idea of the quality of graphics planned for Starwars Galaxies, an Empire Divided. Its the first footage I've seen since that handicam thing was done about a year ago by the developers, and it makes it look like it might be worth the wait/system upgrade!

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I finally got around to sitting my LotusScript in Notes for Advanced Developers (#190-273) exam today. The main reason I wanted to do this exam was to upgrade my R5 cert to a principal in order to be eligible for the R6 upgrade exams. However an hour before I left for the testing center I checked the Lotus Certification website and saw that to upgrade you are now only required to be a CLP - previously the R4->R5 upgrades required principal level certification - nice timing! I have to say, this ended up being one of the harder exams I've sat, due...

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Vietnamese Crack Whores

After being informed that Greenlane Foodtown at midnight on a Sunday was filled with Vietnamese whores, I decided to set of and do a bit of shopping. I love shopping and generally being out and about late at night. I'm sure if I ever manage to secure myself one of those much coveted "develop from home" projects, that I'll slip into a complete vampiric sleeping pattern, seeing the sun only on special occasions (mind you, when I lived in London I only saw the sun on special occasions anyway). Theres something about driving down almost deserted streets - looking at...

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Iraqi Explorer

Iraqi Explorer, coming soon to an OS near you!

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Tyler Durden says:

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Have you seen this man?

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Proof that the "All your base" phenomenum isn't quite over yet.

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Every new game release lately seems to want to bump up "Minimum" and "Recommended" specs. I've been playing Diablo II a little lately, and its minimum specs reflect the computers of the time when it was released a couple of years back - but even know with a spec that dwarfs their recommendations (ie, they recommend 64mb of ram, minimum 32, and I h ave 1gb) I still get CPU lag from time to time. The thing that's prompted thinking about this was the lack of a concrete spec for SWG, despite a few rumors. The point being, its nice when...

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The future of Notes/Domino, again..

Theres an interesting poll running at the moment on the sidebar of Notestips.com, about how long people think they'll be working with Lotus Notes/Domino. My gut reaction was to go for the 0-2 years, which seems to be the most popular choice so far (68.8% at the time of writing this). It's really a shame that so many people are thinking hard about making the switch away from the product, and so soon as well, but in many ways I don't blame them. Obviously there will be sites running installed Domino architecture for a lot longer now, but I guess it...

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Bootdisks, the bane of many peoples existence..

After reading way too many bash.org quotes, and this one in particular, I thought an IRC friend was joking when he suggested I goto http://www.bootdisk.com/ to aid in my recent laptop re-building. Well, he wasn't, the site exists and looks like it has a great collection of useful stuff, most notably disks prebuilt with universal CDROM drivers, and Windows Networking Drivers etc etc. Now, if only I'd followed the URL *before* I selected "Yes" to delete the partition, and started down the road of doing things the harder way.. On an unrelated note, never buy firewalls from purple monkeys.

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Snorkelling Photos

These are a couple of weeks old, but hey, here they are anyway - pictures from my trip up to Goat Island marine reserve with Daniel and Arifah for a bit of snorkelling. Most of the photos were taken using an underwater disposeable camera, for test purposes. I wanted to see how the photos came out before I used one of them for diving photos. The images from the underwater camera are all funny sizes due to the expertise of the developing shop and their excellent ability to transfer photos to CD. The first batch they did, I was presented with...

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Sony GDM-FW900 Monitor

New Toys-R-Us Sony Trinitron 24" Widescreen monitor (1900*1440 max resolution) The pictures dont look as impressive as they should. They dont quite convey the size of this beast as well as if your in the room with it - or if you carried it up some stairs, or if you tried to get it into a taxi and found it wouldnt fit, and hence had to get a large cab ordered. It is huge! To give some perspective, when you look at the lower picture, the laptop screen sitting next to it is a 14" screen.

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Notthing Hill Carnival 2001

I cant really say that I went to the Notting Hill Carnival. More like it is that it comes to me. I went out and had a wander, but couldnt really see anything too interesting happening. A load of floats which seemed a bit boring, but the most common site was people trying to take full advantage of the commercial opportunities, through selling overpriced food, overpriced drinks, and stupid whistles and horns - which prevented me from sleeping in properly.. hmm. Taken about 2:30pm, when I woke up. A view from the street of people walking to the Carnival.. its a...

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Kaare and Dolly!

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The Future of Notes/Domino?

Some interesting comments regarding the somewhat murky future of Notes/Domino and its integration with Websphere from Notestips.com (Also a follow up post here).

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Starwars Galaxies

I finally took the time to read the recent (or not so recent anymore) announcement on the SWG boards about the list of features they're dropping from the initial release. It took a while because I usually avoid going near those boards like I avoid lodging my penis between a belt sander and a rough piece of wood in desperate need of sanding. You can often tell a lot about an online game by its community, and when checking out potential new games from MPGOD one of the first things I'll do is go to their community forums and have...

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Information overload

In the "classic" (for many of the wrong reasons) film Johnny Mnemonic, people suffer from a condition caused by information overload. I think I'm beginning to relate.

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Bowles Rocks - 31/03/2002

A few shots from the weekends climbing.. to prove to Stephela that there are rocks, and nice scenery in England! [] A shot looking down towards the entrance of the Bowles Center, more rocks up the other way behind me. [] [] Doug preparing to setup [] [] Doug still setting up.. [] [] Doug almost finished setting up.. [] [] A look up the other way (should really be next to the first shot) []

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Oslo Trip - 26/07/2002

A few photos of my trip to meet up with Craig briefly during his backpacking around Scandinavia. We met up in Oslo and did some wandering about. The first batch of photos are from the Saturday, where we did a Fjord tour just around Oslo, and wandered about during the Summer festival. The photos from the Sunday (where we went to Vigelandsparken, the Vigeland Sculpture Park and then dined at a really awesome vegetarian/vegan buffet place) are on Craigs camera, so I'll try and add them when he gets back and has them developed! [] Shot from the Hotel room, looking towards...

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Sardinia Trip Photos

The following photos were taken on our September 2002 trip to Cala Gonone, in Sardinia. The main purpose of the trip was rock climbing (hence why most of these photos contain rocks in them!), but we also did some Snorkelling, hiking, and swimming. All of the climbing was bolted sport climbing (ie, lead), although there were a couple of routes that required trad gear. There are more photos to add when Danielle gets the films from her cameras developed, and theres a bit of commentary to add - until then, heres some photos of rocks! [] [] Doug up on La Poltrana, pulling...

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Ios Trip - 20/08/2002

Craig relaxing by the pool, with Mylopotas beach over behind him. Another shot of Craig by the pool, this time with the poolside bar behind him. A Shot from the hotel looking down onto Mylopotas beach. Craig in the pool with Dimitri Craig in the pool with Dimitri Craig and Dimitri relaxing by the pool All 3 of us Me wakeboarding, with the sun setting in the background. Another wakeboarding shot, again with the sun setting behind me.. Me wakeboarding, again heh Wakeboarding in the dusk light.. A shot taken from Harmony restuarant of Craig - the white dot behind him is actually the moon. Myself, Ruth, and Michaeli at Harmony restuarant. A...

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Did you know that amphibians are poikilothermic? On a completely unrelated note, after owning a Radeon 9700 Pro for a good 4-5 months, I finally got around to checking out the multi monitor capability, and am quite pleasantly surprised to find a card that finally handles multiple monitors on different resolutions. For some people that might not seem a big deal, but when this is your primary monitor then theres not always room on your desk for 2 of them. The Radeon was supposed to be dwarfed by the newest offering from NVIDIA, the GeforceFX, but reviews of the card are starting...

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Understanding the tax system

My father sent this to me, and I found it quite amusing. I was having lunch with one of my favorite friends last week and the conversation turned to the government's recent round of tax cuts. "I'm opposed to those tax cuts," the retired college instructor declared, "because they benefit the rich. The rich get much more money back than ordinary taxpayers like you and me and that's not fair." "But the rich pay more in the first place," I argued, "so it stands to reason that they'd get more money back." I could tell that my friend was unimpressed...

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My diving at the Poor Knights

A few people have asked me how my diving went, so I thought I'd write a little about it here. I was initially debating not going this weekend, because I was pretty sure we'd have to be up and ready to go by 8am or around there, and I'd not had much sleep the previous few nights due to unpacking things from boxes (boxes, are of course the bane of my existence, and have been for many months now it seems). However, I found out the day before the dive that I wasnt going to be waking up at 8am. Nope....

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Another SETI milestone

I've completed 2500 units for the SETI project (actually they were completed a while ago, but for some reason it took the SETI site months to generate the "certificate" image).

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