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The world is in trouble.

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It is be teh l33t o_O

Teh l33t h4x0rs sh4mp00!

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Reasons to NOT read the news #2387

Seems that terrorism really is becoming more and more like cancer these days - in that according to the media, every fucking thing in the known world causes it. This article informs users of P2P file sharing programs that they are indeed funding terrorism! John G. Malcolm, deputy assistant attorney general in the criminal division of the U.S. Department of Justice, did say there seems to be some connection between illegal copying and organized crime, in that many of the groups profiting from illegal copies are highly organized and can have international distribution networks. Organized crime often supports terrorism, he suggested....

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Random Notes/Domino Links Day

In keeping with the theme of having some Notes/Domino type stuff, heres a collation of a few interesting things I've come across lately: R6 @Formula Checker, handy since the removal of the undocumented @formula debugger. This story from zdnet titled "Lotus gets closer to WebSphere" has implications for the future of the product. The WebSphere and Lotus teams will now report to the same place, signalling a further closeness between the two software packages. Mike Golding added some Trackback functionality to his Domino Template- the post he made about it has turned into a healthy debate about open source in the Notes/Domino community (It...

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The other night I dreamed about bludgeoning someone to death with a toaster. The most vivid part of the dream was when the toaster casing finally gave way to the demands of being beaten against a human skull, and broke open, spilling its circuits all over the floor - I remember thinking "Wow, I never knew toasters contained such complicated circuitry". You don't need to be a professional dream analyst to tell me that dreams of that ilk do not bode well for my sanity.

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Skytower Pix

A few shots taken on the day of our Skyjump. Obviously anyone living in Auckland has seen all this before.. Looking out towards the start of the Auckland harbor bridge, which is just a little to the right of this shot. Looking down through the glass floor of the towers main viewing deck. The point where you jump off is just beneath the deck, so this is pretty much the view we got before jumpage. The harbor bridge, and loads of boats. A shot out into the harbor, with Rangitoto island in the background. In the foreground you can see the ANZ tower, which...

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Random URL's Part 1

I have a bad habit. If I find a website I like I'll often just leave the webpage window open for weeks rather than bookmark it. One could never do this in the days of Windows 3.1, but with todays advent of actual-semi-decent-uptime this ends up working quite well. However, I need to shut down a few windows, so heres the URL's I'm closing down. Time to settle down to a nice few episodes of Robin of Sherwood, this time with a slight modification: Enter The Robin of Sherwood Drinking Game! (beware of imitations!) Very amusing and informative, what more can I...

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Take note

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I did the Sky Tower Skyjump today. Very mellow, quite cool, much easier than I expected. If you're in Auckland, its definately worth a go!

posted @ Tuesday, March 4, 2003 4:31 PM | Feedback (0)


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