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April 2003 Entries

American Hacker Life

Poor Madonna, for some reason I find this very amusing :)

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3000 SETI Units

Its that time again, 3000 SETI units.

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4,000,000 today.

According to this article from the New Zealand herald, NZ's population officially reached 4 million today (people not sheep). When following a link to the SNZ Pop Clock (Statistics New Zealand Population Counter webpage) I was pleasantly surprised to find it running on Domino. I was also rather amused to find a few nasty bugs in some of their code, but thats another story..

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Taking a break for a bit.

I wont be posting any updates for a little while. Going to go offline a for a bit.. back in a couple of weeks or so. I might do the odd update remotely, but I wouldn't count on it.

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The age of Spyware

Download this freeware proggie if you want to check your system for spyware. Grab the update files, and it will check for 6333 different forms of spyware!

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The Garden Pix

Well, the much promised garden pictures are here at last. No doubt the collective sighs of held breath being released will now resonate through the virtual wind of the world. Basically this is a little corner of the front garden which was looking a bit drab, so I planted a tree (with some little ferns behind it), surrounded by a row of Griselineas, a row of chocolate Coprosmas, and then a row of grasses all topped off with weedmat and bark mulch. The obligitory "before" picture. Stage 1, with the tree planted and the first bits of the turf removed. The first bit...

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I followed the link from Volker Webber's blog to check out the IBM Universal Business adaptor (having not seen the ad, for a second I wondered if the thing was for real), only to find out the story was in German. Fair enough, as so is he, but my German is a little rusty beyond ICH BIN EIN AUSLANDER and DU HAST MICH (points for spotting where each of those phrases has entered my vocabulary from). A quick google search picked up this link. 2 things to note here: 1. I feel somewhat stupid for the split second consideration that this could...

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The complicated futility of apathy.

I'm not going to display one of the The 10 Highly Annoying Habits of Bloggers by talking about or making excuses for the lack of entries recently. It's been weird lately, and I've very much had the feeling like someone pressed the pause button on my life, and as a result I haven't been doing a whole hell of a lot. I've been reading a lot of Red Meat cartoons, as well as a lot of Something Awful Photoshop Phridays, but wouldn't recommend anyone reading this from work to follow those links. However, I have been working on transforming this corner...

posted @ Tuesday, April 1, 2003 8:29 PM | Feedback (2)


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