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Anyone with a bit of l33t experience has no doubt come across .NFO files.. and I'm not talking about the ones used by the MS System Info thingie. Anyway, a question for those of you who still know what I'm talking about now - do you find NFO's/releases like this amusing to read? There's just something about it that doesn't sit quite right..

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Merauderweb RSS Feed

For those of you using RSS aggregation tools, Merauderweb now has a RSS 2.0 compliant feed. Addition of this was made extremely simple thanks to this well written article by Mike Golding of Notestips.com. Due to the stupid frameset my hosting company auto generates, you'll need to use the following link when adding it to your aggregator: ..and for once, it actually validates:

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Merauder's June Media review!

My random Media review for June is available for reading here. This month features babble about new CD's from Chimaira and Promise of Bloodshed, as well as a bit of info about Planetside and my thoughts on the Enter the Matrix game. A list of all my longer writings on this website, click here.

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Merauder's June Media Review

Welcome to my Media Review for June! Most of this month is music based, with a couple of games (Arcade, PC, and XBox) thrown in for good measure. Although I've watched a LOT of movies lately, I really don't feel like writing much about any of them. Anyhow, on with the randomness! Music. Chimaira - "The Impossiblity of Reason" (2003) I enjoyed their previous album "Pass Out Of Existence" (2001), but thought some of it was a little samey. His vocal style can get a little annoying, but overall the album was pretty good to listen to. Their latest offering is even better...

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ICQ File Transfers over NAT'ed connections

After updating my system (thanks Sonic) to fix this age old pain in the ass, I wrote a little guide on configuring your home system to support ICQ File Transfers Over NAT'ed connections here.

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UFC 43

I meant to do a little writing about this after seeing the PPV. It's dragging on a bit, so heres a quick summary. Highlights: The cut that looked like an axe wound, seeing Chuck Liddell go down to Randy Cotour (what do you expect when you use Vanilla Ice as your theme music?!), and Kimo's Tattoos. Questions: Will Tank make another come back attempt? Is Kimo still down with JC? Some of his tattoo work seems awfully like cover up attempts to me.. On another note, it seems that the DVD's are becoming a readily available for a while. It started with shops...

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ICQ File Transfers for NAT'ed connections

I've been a user of ICQ for a long time (even though I now use Trillian as my client, I'm still using their network), and one of the things that has been an issue on and off has been the file transfers not working reliably. I knew it was something to do with NAT, but as my primary skillset isn't really TCP/IP, I wasn't sure if it was fixable or not. Until Mr Sonic messaged me one night and gave me the info I needed - so in the spirit of information sharing, heres a rough guide to fixing ICQ File...

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Photos from Cash and Megan's Wedding

The wedding was held on May 31st 2003, at Mantells in Mt Eden, Auckland, New Zealand. Here are a few photos from the day. During the ceremony, Cash and Megan with Hilary (celebrant) in the middle. Ainsley is to the left of Megan, and Dean is to the right of Cash. A closeup on Megan during the ceremony. Cash and Megan Cash and Megan during the exchanging of rings Bryce and baby Mercedes The couple after the ceremony, off to get the photos done. A shot of a few people from the crowd, Rhys and Jo in front with Greg Shoes in behind in blue. Cash, Megan and...

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