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Scary realities.

I went out onto a client site yesterday. This sort of work isn't what I normally do, as a developer, however they had some small amount of work that needed to be done to a database server, so off I went. It turned out to be quite scary. After getting onsite and being introduced to the lady who "managed" the computer infrastructure, I was informed that the source server was "stand alone", so the only way I could get to it was by putting the machines physically next to each other. This was interesting, seeing as it was only the previous...

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Sony Ericsson P810

Some advance photos of the P810 are available here. The overall build of the unit looks a lot more solid and a lot less plastic-ish. But then the new Nokia 6600 is scheduled for release soon, and although it does look a little like a bloated whale, it's still a nice looking phone.

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Yet another SETI milestone..

Maybe it's time to start looking for something else to spend spare CPU cycles on other than SETI..

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London really is the rudest city..

The Times has decided to write a story about something that most people would consider reasonably common knowledge in this story here.. still, at least they were reasonably methodical about it all.

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Oh look!

CNN has decided to share with the world what anyone with half a brain knew already in this article that states among other things, that "Gamers not just male loners". Thanks CNN, for your seal of approval.

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Trillian RSS Warning

I've mentioned the RSS news plugin for Trillian a couple of times, so thought it might be worth mentioning a couple of bugs I've found with it. First, and least seriously, it seems to have issues with certain feeds - for me, I found that diveintomark, webpagesthatsuck.com, word of the day (from dictionary.com), and www.benpoole.com all wouldn't work with the plugin. However, more seriously, lately Trillian started crashing, and upon looking at the error it was related to RSS.DLL. I stopped the plugin and all was well, however when restarting it I found it had removed all the feeds from the...

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2334 Hits in June

I guess for some sites that's not really a large amount of hits, but for a small personal site like this it's not too bad. I'd like to see a bit more activity, and to that end I'll be doing a bit more work in a couple of areas over the next couple of months. Namely; Writing more articles/reviews Making the site more index friendly and accessible to search engines such as google I'd also like to get more feedback/comments from people who browse this site.. so go ahead and make a comment/suggestion if you feel so inclined!

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Kickboxing, Saturday the 19th of July

Saturday July the 19th at the Auckland Boxing Associaion Gym, Ngahura Street Eden Terrace, come see Richie "Hardcore" Steward avenge his only career loss so far.

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Planetside pointers

For anyone playing Planetside, you might want to check out MG5's Planetside Guide for some hints, tips and strategy pointers - written by none other than MG5, aka Miya.

posted @ Wednesday, July 2, 2003 12:14 PM | Feedback (1)


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