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September 2003 Entries

SWG: Star Wars Galaxies Resources Page

The first version of my Star Wars Galaxies Resources Page is now up. It has resources for all professions, but especially a collection of stuff for Creature Handlers. Check it out and leave a comment if you have any suggestions or recommended additions.

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September Media Mentions

Blah blah here blah blah..

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September Media Mentions

September seems to feature a lot of hip hop on the playlist! Not a lot of mention of any DVD's / movies, but here's a quick list of what I've been watching/playing over the last few weeks: Stargate SG-1 (Series 6 / Series 7) Terminator I (Oh how those prosthetics show their age now) Blue Planet Series StarWars Galaxies (gaming is interesting when you're spending 2 hours a night on it rather than 10) Anyway, enough of that, on with the amateur music critiquing! I'm sure this cover art has some deeper symbolism,but to me it...

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Merauders Creature Handler Resources Page

Merauders SWG Creature Handler FAQ / Resource Guide. Compiled by Merauder - Master Creature Handler/Carbineer/Dabbling Medic, Eclipse Server. There is a wealth of information out there, on websites, and on the forums. The problem with the forums is that posters don't have the ability to edit their posts. This means that useful threads (such as the main FAQ thread in the Creature Handler Profession Section) end up being 12 pages long, and filled with /bump posts, with a little bit of info hidden here and there. All I've done is compiled some of the most useful tips, links and tables in one...

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Random gems from good old Bash.org

Some rather random prison/anus/shower humor in this Blaster author related quote, and some thinking that suggests I might be in trouble if/when aliens ever do land on earth. For those who haven't visited bash.org, well, you probably won't want to unless you've spent a fair amount of time on IRC / ICQ, or unless you can understand the amusement value of this image:

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Improve your gaming realism!

If you're looking for a more realistic and shocking gaming experience then you might want to check out this link.

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Hamilton != Brixton

Apparently (according to an article in the New Zealand Herald today) there are a few people in Hamilton concerned about migrants turning their city into the next Brixton. Well, as someone who has visited both Hamilton and Brixton on many occasions, all I can say to those Hamiltonians is simply don't flatter yourself or your city.

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Domino Development Environments

Yet another interesting Domino related discussion has popped up out of Notestips.com. This article has various people discussing their various setups and preferences for development domains. Having worked in many organisations I've had some exposure to most of the variants of development environments that are being mentioned, but I'm not sure that I'd manage to get as worked up over it all as these guys are. Still, theres some interesting reading to be had. As a juxtaposition, if you want some non interesting reading, then you can read about Mr Cyan's life over at Codestore - where a once useful Notes/Domino resource...

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August Hit Count

Hits in August were incredibly low. Maybe that's because I'm not really writing anything interesting at the moment, or maybe it's got something to do with less and less people ending up here from weird random google searches. Either way, I can't work out if its a good thing or a bad one. It seems there are a lot of people searching for "daoc keygens" and "Star Wars Galaxies keygens" .. as to why you'd need a keygen to play a game which requires an online subscription is beyond me, unless maybe you lost your original media or something stupid like...

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