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XBMP is very cool

Anyone who's used it knows this, but Last night I found it could do something I didn't expect. I had to return a dvd - but we hadn't got around to watching it yet.. so I was like "aaaagh, I'll rip it". So I ripped the raw vob's and decided to compress it later, as I had to pop the dvd back before the shop closed. When I got back I thought.. hmmm.. I wonder. So I transferred the vob's and the ifo to my xbox hdd, booted up XBMP and what do you know - media player plays VOB's, and...

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SonyEricsson P900 / Nokia 6600

Mmmmmm.. not cyan.. Anyone who reads this site semi-frequently will remember my obsession with the P800 while it was nearing release. When the thing finally came out it was just a little underwhelming, and I just couldn't convince myself to buy one. It was something to do with that strange shade of pale blue that reminded me of the Codestore site that put me off. Anyway, the P900 is due for release over here soon, and has already been released in other countries. The photos of the thing popping up show that it looks like a...

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5000th SETI Unit.

The great 5000 Unit milestone was passed a couple of days back. Which means I'm currently about 159th in New Zealand for SETI units, and have currently processed more units than 99.232% of their users.

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and the award for the coolest DVD Box set packaging to date goes to, this one: More info available here.

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A Reluctance to trust error messages.

I have this strange tendancy as a developer to not trust any error message that gets generated. They're usually indicative of symptoms, but rarely actually tell you exactly what's wrong. Which is why I'm feeling a bit stupid this morning. I was refreshing a template of a test database on a customer site, after changing many things. The customer reported ("reported" makes it sound a lot more friendly than it actually was) an error when trying to create a document using a form I hadn't touched. The error was quite simply: "4412 Notes Error - Cannot locate Default Form". Very weird....

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A Week with Windows

I've had a load of fun with Windows this week. Let me summarise for your reading pleasure. To start with, Monday morning saw the CEO locked out of his computer, achieved by removing himself from the Domain. It's actually quite a common occurance - and even if it isn't, telling him that definately made him feel better about it. Anyway, I've played about with ERD Commander for Windows 2000 before, and thought about giving it a try for XP. The new version does support XP, however it also costs a hell of a lot of money. A bit of searching found...

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Urm, it's Thursday and I don't want to talk about Germans.

Stand the fuck up. The debut album from Scribe "The Crusader" is out in shops today. Go get yourself a copy. For anyone who's read my SWG Creature Handlers Resources Page, you might notice a lack of updates and new material. Well, after the mess of the latest patch, I'm seriously wondering how much longer I'll stay with the game. It had so much potential, but is currently marred by so many little (but nasty) bugs. Not going to bother going into too much details, but SOE really need a wake up call. As I said...

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When I went to Austria.

There were a lot of Germans there. And they all spoke German. It was very annoying. All of their TV was in German, even the crappy American sitcoms had overdubbed voices over the top. I didn't like it. You could go to the gas station (or whatever the fuck you choose to call a place that sells petrolium based products used to power your motor vehicle) and buy crazy sausages made from recycled meats or meats from unidentifiable dead animals, and I guess they all had crazy German names, I dunno as I didn't look. They were in some weird...

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Is that the BEST name you could come up with?

I mean, really? Jail him for being a fucktard I say.

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SWG: Merauders SWG Screenshots

Blah Blah.. Will fix the page up properly soon with thumbnails etc, but its hidden atm so fk off :p Merauder on Endor Heavy Rain fs I died heh check out my pld ping omg a prostitute! ASL? Radium More Radium DAoC Flashbacks -_- Heh fs My chars Etzel Version 1 Etzel Version 2 Spatauder More Spatauder Sigrids pld Christmas shop Mount Frenzy! Aveh pays tribute to the master of macros The legendary Spatauder My house was flooded! D:!!! Stargazing on Endor My first holo profession :p Gotta love Composite My Third Holo

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The week in review on Thursday

What a weird week. There has been loads of things worth writing about but not worth taking up their own entry, so heres 7 days worth of musings and observations from myself. Notes/Domino 6.5 Stable but underwhelming I was initially thinking about writing up some crap about the 6.5 release, new features, etc, but the whole thing feels so underwhelming that it's really not worth it. I don't see how this release justifies it's version number. Yes, the Sametime integration is nice, but really thats about the newest thing in this release. The Lotus Workplace addition to...

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It's one of those neat little things that comes along every now and again to remind the IT world that there are still new things to be invented now and again - take a look at the Oysterdock.

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ND 6.5

The 6.5 release of Domino Server and the Notes Client was released on September 29th. Looks like there's a few interesting new features, but will know more when the download is finished! Check out the list of new features from the LDD if you're interested. I found the bit about the integrated toolkit for Websphere Studio in designer rather interesting..

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