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November 2003 Entries

Iz it a burd? Iz it a playne? Innit? Know what I mean?

Woteva this obseshun the wurld haz wiv spellin wordz in diz kewl and funky manna, I wish dey wood stop it as its f00king annoyin. Innit. The above line is of course inspired by a random browse revealing the fact that Big Brovaz have some terrible track due to appear in the soundtrack for Scooby Doo 2. How the fuck did that movie EVER get a green light based on the shocking pile of dung that was the first movie. Rowan Atkinson should seriously take a look at himself and the roles he chooses to accept, although I guess thats what...

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Another Update..

The SWG / Creature Handler Resources page has been updated yet again - it now contains the full list of mounts and mount variants, with stats and resists.

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SWG: Updated Creature Handler Resources page

I've done a few quick updates to the SWG / Creature Handler Resources page. Also created a quick mirror of JranZu's Best Pets guide here (or if you want to access the original version on the SWG Forums, you can click here.

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SWG: Best Pets (that can be tamed now) 3.5 - 09/11/2003

Taken from: http://forums.station.sony.com/swg/board/message?board.id=creature_handler&message.id=120024 Compiled by ZranZu $ for energy (PvP & NPC) # for Kinetic (PvE with most creatures) ~ for both* denotes you need to be a Wookiee or have +1-X-0-0 to tame.HEK = Health/Against Energy/Against Kinetic--------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------Creatures requiring CH levels at: Novice CH/Non CHDantooine & Dathomir - NoneCL:13 ~Rock Beetle:  Tatooine - HEK:2200/5867/5867 - Damage: 140-150    Armor: Light - 25% Kinetic/Energy/Blast/Restraint   Ferocity: 0 - Deathblows: No - Special Attacks: NACL:14 Mountain Krevol:  Naboo - HEK:2200/4889/6286 - Damage: 150-160   Armor: Light - 30% Heat/Kinetic | 10% Blast/Energy/Restraint   Ferocity: 3 - Deathblows: No - Special Attacks: Posture DownCL:15 ~Dalyrake Harvesters:  Corellia - HEK:2700/7714/7714 - Damage 160-170   Armor: None -...

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A handy hint..

..for the next time you want to get a developer/technical analyst/support person/whatever to do something for you: It does not matter HOW MANY motherfuckers you cc: on your snarky fucking email that you send, they will still come and help you when they are good and ready. Don't assume that just cc'ing in managers/ceo's/whatever is going to make us think your trivial fucking bullshit is more important than it really is.

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New Car ^_^

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New web comic

From the man who bought you the unstoppable fighting technique, check out his new comic: My New Filing Technique is Unstoppable.

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It seems that Merauderweb is now mirrored.

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October Hit Count

The hit count for October is a little over 6000 hits. Not a lot in the grand scheme of things, but that's up from an average of 1000 hits per month for the past year or so since I turned on the counting. The increase in hits in entirely due to my Starwars Galaxies Resources Page, which got me thinking about the effectiveness of google and other indexing services, as well as the importance of relevant content to a website. This site has never really had a lot of direction, but it would definately benifit from some. Eventually I'd like to...

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