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December 2003 Entries

More Notes/Domino Content

Just a quick note, that as part of the upcoming redesign there will be a lot more Notes/Domino content, and finally some proper articles. The LNK (Lotus Notes Knowledge) web database will still continue to exist, and maybe even be updated over at http://www.merauderweb.com/LNK, but I have some plans for a few more specific articles and other things to help add value to this site. This has always been the intention for the site, and the redesign will help realise this. It's also partly overdue, as the site is now being listed in a few web directories (including the new XML...

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Go the Norwegians

When they're not hunting whales, they're off hacking iTunes. You have to laugh - although I suppose not everyone will be in this case. Some people will never understand the fact that some people like to do things like this just because they can. On another note, what would you do if the Internet went down? Number 11 made me chuckle...

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The future of Notes/Domino, again..

I'm sure that over the next few months/years, more and more articles like this one will start popping up all over the place. Mike's Notestips site has always been a great read, and even more so since the value of Codestore started down it's rapid decline. Mike has always come across as someone who really knows Domino well, and (to an extent) enjoyed using it. His comments on the transition from Notes/Domino to ASP development are very interesting and well timed (especially for myself), as I know a great many people with a lot of time invested in their Domino...

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Winamp 5 reviewed

My quick mini review on Winamp 5 is available here.

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Winamp 5

Anyone who asks "What happened to Winamp4?" can be forgiven well in advance. I asked exactly the same thing, and if you visit Nullsoft's site you can read all about why they skipped a version. You can also read about their outrageous claims for the new version such as "Snazzy new look!", "Groovy new features", and my personal favorite: "Most things actually work!". Yay for scaled and opaque Winamp! Indeed a lot of people skipped Winamp 3. Yes you could play videos, but did you really want to? Some people upgraded for the Media Library features...

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Planetarion - Round 3 Galaxy highpoint

Our highpoint in Round 3 of Planetarion

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Planetarion - Top 10 Ranked Planets, Round 3

2nd Equal in the Universe fs!

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Legend of Mir Screenshots

A few shots from my few months in MIR. Made more enjoyable by the likes of Mustang (aka Tbird), Khanx (aka Storm), Torridon, Mortal, p0rks0da and the rest of The5thElement! None of these shots are in any sort of order. preparing to take Sabuk Wall from the Outlaws another prep shot.. about to enter the main Gates of Sabuk.. about to enter the Palace Gates.. pld MG5 BSB spam! WT Kings Room on one of its slightly busier days. WT Kings Room, not sure why I took this shot! Possible Khanx and Mustang reminding me of how I died on the altar during a respawn one...

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Sardinia Photos

The following photos were taken on our September 2002 trip to Cala Gonone, in Sardinia. The main purpose of the trip was rock climbing (hence why most of these photos contain rocks in them!), but we also did some Snorkelling, hiking, and swimming. All of the climbing was bolted sport climbing (ie, lead), although there were a couple of routes that required trad gear. There are more photos to add when Danielle gets the films from her cameras developed, and theres a bit of commentary to add - until then, heres some photos of rocks! Doug up on La Poltrana, pulling...

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Bowles Rocks - 02/06/2001

Went back to Bowles over the Jubilee Weekend, to catch some sun and climb. This time Danielle (Dougs better half) came down and took a few photos.. Doug on his first climb of the day Doug about to (not) top out from that climb.. The Testosterone shot Weeee.. Nicely Timed photo that managed to catch the subject ungracefully wiping his nose at the time.. A picture of Doug's arse. Urm.

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November Hit Count

I forgot to post the hit count for November, which at 8423 is one of the highest months ever. I'm working behind the scenes to organise some of the site content a bit better, and also to help give the site a lot more focus for the future. Merauderweb never used to be much more than a medium for me to place random things like gaming tools / screenshots and photos online, and has sort of organically evolved since then. The upcoming redesign will help give it a proper definition of it's purpose, as well as making it a bit...

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Anyone who's had the misfortune to read the NZ Herald or probably any other newspaper around New Zealand lately will know about the much hyped "P plauge". P is now being blamed for anything and everything wherever possible. This kind of hysteria is not healthy - it is not providing anyone with proper education on the realities of drugs, and it is my firm opinion that a lot of these exadurated stories do way more harm than good. Not to mention the fact that a lot of reporting on this "subject" has been nothing short of straight out speculation. A...

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SWG: Vehicle Info

Theres loads of vehicle info floating around the forums - along with a few amusing screenshots. Don't laugh, thats exactly what Theed / Coronet etc are going to look like for the first few days! Anyway, heres a little table with some stats on the 3 types of upcoming vehicles: The stats are kind of important, as they're aiming to effectively make it so each type of vehicle is more suited to certain terrain (i.e. different planets) - this is especially relevant as you can only have one vehicle in your datapad (although you can hold many deeds in your inventory), so...

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Diablo II Screenshots

Coming soon.

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DAoC Screenshots

Coming soon.

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Lovely Logos

At work, we run a Firewall product. The product is called "Astaro Internet Security". This product has a logo, and the logo looks like this: Astaro Internet Security However, if you happen to view this logo...

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Jello Biafra

I saw Jello Biafra last night at the St James. He ended up speaking for a little over 5 hours, which was a bit (!) longer than I had anticipated, but it was interesting stuff. He's not the best orator in the world, but the content is interesting, and you can tell he's passionate about it, which makes up for his occasional lyrical stumble. He covered a wide range of topics (mostly political / Bush related, but he also touched on the current legal mess with the Dead Kennedys) and after the full 5 hours I ended up feeling quite...

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Everyone else is doing it.

I am of course, talking about site redesigns. As this sites hit count seems to keep increasing, and levels of feedback start to increase, I'm beginning to think it's time for a layout change. The current layout is a bit of a mess, and really could use a bit of tidying. My friend sonic has mentioned the possibility of doing a bit of a css layout for me, and my friend Stevegan has apparently started work on a logo, so maybe we'll see something coming through soon. Seeing some of the proposed layouts for the Notestips redesign has definately sparked some...

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