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The first rule..

As far as games made from movies that have potential, a Fight Club game would be up there as a potential winner. However, it seems all too easy to screw up 3d fight games rather badly (UFC: Tapout anyone?), so I guess we'll have to wait and see what this actually turns into.

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Fun with cooling and noise

Ever since I got my latest PC, it's been rather noisy. In summer, the noise increased exponentially and finally it just got too much. The CPU fan was set to vary it's own speed based on the thermal sensors. I installed the Intel Active Monitoring software, and found that the heats were within acceptable ranges, but the fan noise sure wasn't. I also suspected there was some sort of a problem with the fan - when I put the side of the case back on, the thing just increased in speed and volume until it could be heard echoing throughout my...

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Visitors in the night

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Nokia 6600 vs P900, again!

This little pre-release comparison has ended up being a rather popular article, in terms of both page reads and comments posted (even those most of those are actually from those trying to seek a copy of the MP3 player for the 6600). It's getting to the point where I'm about to make a decision between the two - it's not as easy as one might think, even though both phones have been available in this country for quite some time now, they haven't been officially released through Vodafone NZ yet. Why? Well, there are a few features that aren't currently working...

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Domino to Dot Net

Whether this story is true or not, the fact that it has been published and picked up by many of the Notes/Domino sites I read regularly (in this case, Notestips) makes it worth a read. Ed Brill goes states that the source for the above article lacks credibility here, but the point is that people are seriously starting to think about migrating their career paths away from Domino, and for anyone in that mindset, .NET looks like a pretty attractive option. *sigh* For those interested, the eWeek article is here.

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Windows Watch

From The Register, get an advance glimpse of the future of timekeeping: I honestly can't wait.

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Technical editors

One thing I've been wondering a little bit about lately, is the level of demand for technical writers and editors in various countries. There's only so long you can read "technical" documents in Newspapers, magazines, books, and online before you wonder: How do these publications justify publishing information that is inaccurate, misleading, or just plain wrong? A few years back, I did some writing for a local computer publication. I must admit the process of being edited by someone else was quite a harrowing one. The suggestions they made radically altered the way the article read, and at times, made certain...

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All I needed was a reasonable justification..

..and now I've found it! Goodnight!

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SWG: a guide for badge collectors

For those of you who like collecting badges, or doing the quests, this little page is very handy indeed. It lets you know which POI's generate badges, and also has correct waypoints for some of them (there are quite a few instances of in game waypoints for the POI's which aren't quite correct - I guess the general idea is to encourage people to "explore" about a bit in order to get the badge, but it can still be kind of frustrating at times). It also contains some info on the themeparks and story missions. The theme park info is...

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Xbox Stuff

Lo and behold, 2 months after I crawl under the house running CAT-5 cable for the Xbox, and today I stumble across this link via Penny Arcade for the Wireless-G adapter for Xbox. This would have saved a fair amount of frustration in the cabling process, however I'm still glad I did it - for large amounts of data transfer you really do notice 100mbps over 54mbps. However, this little thing would be perfect for anyone with a couple of PC in one room, and an Xbox in the next - for use in streaming, or Xbox live, or whatever. As...

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SETI NZ Top 100

I've finally broken into the Top 100 for SETI in New Zealand, woo!

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A moment, to reflect

Sometimes you come across things on the Internet which make you pause, stop, reflect and wonder upon the marvel that is "modern mankind". What amazing things she and he are capable of, and what wonderous things they have bought upon this Earth. You take a pause, and put the death and destruction related aspect of our existence out of your mind, and think on only the positives. The leaps, the bounds, the progress and the struggle. Yes, there are many wonderous things like this contained in URLs out on the Internet, however this one and this one are something else...

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The secret of the music industry..

..has been revealed.

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The 3rd Dimension

I don't know why, but this quote from Penny Arcade made me chuckle. I just don’t understand the game industrie's fascination with 3D shit. The goddamn dimension has been around for ever but they act like they just fucking discovered it. When humans started sculpting they didn’t give up painting.

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Google Caching

For quite some time I've noticed something quite puzzling going on with the access logs to this site. A long time ago the site was moved from server x to server y - however a huge percentage of people still end up accessing it on server x, even months after I edited the Merauderweb.com domain. It puzzles me as to how this is happening, and it's even more worrying as the site has been moved AGAIN, but this time the database on both of the other servers has been removed. Hopefully deletion of the older sites will force search engines to...

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RSS Feed: Another change in URL

My friend who hosts this site has grabbed himself some new servers, and so theres a new URL. Rather than post an IP address, this time I'll post the domain name so if his server changes again things shouldn't require anything extra: http://www.esphere.dk/users/Merauder/home.nsf/rssfeed.xml Of course at some point I need to change my domain so that it's more than just a web redirection, but I'll get around to that later :) Update your aggregators accordingly, the old server won't be around for much longer.

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Happy New Year!

The New Year is upon us. First off, some random numbers - it seems that just as the New Year was ticking over, I broke 7000 SETI Units, which places me at the moment about 119th in New Zealand. Also, the hit count for December of 2003 was just over 10,000 units (10,059 to be exact), which is the highest ever. Not bad for a little site which really gets no advertising at all. Again, this is set to change in the New Year as part of the site redesign, and the increase in proper article length writing posts. I had...

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