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February 2004 Entries

Tech Support

Next time you're on hold, or encounter a useless "customer service engineer", or hang up a phone wondering what the hell just happened, read this article and weep.

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Windows XP Firewall

As Lisa Simpson once said: "It's funny because it's true".

posted @ Monday, February 23, 2004 3:12 PM | Feedback (0)

Developers Tips

For years now, I've been subscribed to the SearchDomino tech tips mailing list, specifically the one for Domino developers. I'm not really sure what made me subscribe to the list, but from memory it used to put out the occasional interesting titbit of information. However there was one this week that really made me wonder why the hell I was subscribed. It was labelled 'Drive away the incorrect mail count problems' and informed developers (Remember - this is a DEVELOPERS mailing list apparently) that they can fix incorrect unread counts by using 'Edit / Unread Marks / Scan Unread' or by...

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SWG: New Food Info!

If you're looking for a quick and simple summary of what the new chef foods can do, then try this quick table. And if you're on Euro-Chimaera, then you simply can't beat the bioengineered Vasarian brandy made by Kara and Mijan - vendor at -5220, 3370 just outside of Theed, Naboo. With +400 to all 3 mind stats, a duration of 38minutes, 18 uses a pop, and a 49 stomach filling of 49, it's incredibly handy!

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Run a Domino server on your Xbox

Seen this morning on Dominodude, the Domino 6 for Linux on Xbox is one of the cooler things I've seen on the net lately. I especially like the photo of the Domino server running on the AS400, followed by the photos of it running on the Xbox!

posted @ Monday, February 16, 2004 1:03 PM | Feedback (0)

Comments issue fixed

There was an issue where all comments to certain articles were not being displayed properly. This was really only affecting a couple of articles (mostly the P900 / Nokia 6600 discussion), but it has now been fixed.

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About fucking time

Revisions to Telecoms ADSL pricing.

posted @ Monday, February 9, 2004 8:34 PM | Feedback (2)

The G5 casemod

My friend Sonic sent me a link about a great looking casemod. The casemod is quite cool, but it's the reaction of the mac zealots is definately the best bit. Sonic wrote: On the subject of modding / cool cases - did you see this on overclockers.com about a guy who did a mock article on gutting a G5 and throwing away the insides and putting a shitty athlon inside because he liked the case? He got death threats in his email... gotta love mac users (or they'll kill you apparently). http://arstechnica.com/news/posts/1075917512.html Some great reading in there. It...

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Lotusphere: Customers eye Workplace with interest, but are wary

This Computerworld article is probably worth a read for anyone trying to keep up with the play with Lotus Workplace. However, if you read it, make sure you pop over to this NSFTools article and read the last 3 paragraphs which were omitted.

posted @ Thursday, February 5, 2004 4:51 PM | Feedback (0)

Bye bye to port 25..

One of the side effects of the recent outbreak of mail spread viruses is the suggestion from a few ISP's that they'll block their customers from using port 25. Personally, I think it's a great idea. People can still use the ISP's mailserver, and if they want to run their own server they have to either pay some extra sort of nominal fee, or register what they want to do in order to have the port unblocked. This way the ISP would have a list of all IP addresses running mailservers, and could conduct regular anti relay checks on them -...

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Browse the Fixlist database, and see 481 fixes in 6.5.1 - thats a fairly high amount, although not as high as some previous releases (6.0.1 - 593, 5.0.3 - 720, 6.0.3 - 649, and so on!). However, when browsing the release notes, there's about 2 new features, which are pretty uninspiring. I was originally going to upgrade my development server from 6.0 (eek) to 6.5.1 as well, but the install program seems to suggest that the footprint is going to be circa 600mb, which is a little too much for my poor laptops little C: to handle at the moment. The installation...

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LotusSphere info/links

LotusSphere 2004 has just finished, and for those who did not attend there's a load of good info floating about from various weblogs. Here's some of my picks of interesting information. NSFTools has some good day by day summaries of some of the presentations he went to, and things he did, including info on webservices in Domino, and his day one entry which talks about whats coming up with the R6.51 and R7 releases. 2 little snippets from his latest entries: First, about the future of Notes.. Notes is not dead Rumors of the death of Lotus Notes have been greatly exaggerated (with a nod...

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