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March 2004 Entries

The Cabinet

Well, finally here are a couple of quick photos from the recent Cabinet project. I've never ventured into the world of casemods, so this is my first really. I still have a lot of little details to finish, but for now here's some quick photos of where it's at right now: (click the thumbnails for a larger view)       The todo list: Use a few more cable ties to tidy up. Damm those cables are a mess Remove the old inbuilt powerboard that came with the rack (the one that was giving me lovely electric shocks previously!) Put my old Dell in there,...

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Another collection of random links

I've been a bit slack in posting lately. A slight diversion into the world of .NET has left me feeling slightly drained brainwise. I think a longer article giving some detail on my experiences is planned for the future, something along the lines of ".NET viewed through the eyes of a Lotus Developer". Until then, here's some random links! Here's a handy aid to help a lot of people out there. Particularly, there are a lot of people who reside on the Starwars Galaxies forums who could benifit from reading this. Next, this little article sums up some of my recent experiences...

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Nokia 9500 Communicator

The Nokia page for the new 9500 Communicator has some interesting things on it. The phone is still huge, but it now has a lot more features. 80mb of RAM as standard is quite nice for a phone, even if it is that large!   Technorati tags: Nokia, Communicator

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Insecure Security Bulletins

You can make up your own smart comments about this, I'll just post the text and let you all have at it. :) Microsoft has redesigned the web pages that display its security bulletins. As if it were not already bad enough that, under the old design, the security conscious using Internet Explorer had to click through more than a dozen script and ActiveX control permission dialog boxes to get a useful version of the page, Microsoft's web design wizards have now rendered all the 'section expansion' links in javascript, preventing successful reading of the page unless you take the security...

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10,000 SETI Units

Well, it had to happen at some point!

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Notes: Mail markup agent

Found via news2notes, this handy Mail Markup Agent adds an icon to incoming mail to let you see whether you were the main addressee, a cc:, a bcc:, or part of a list from your inbox. The only deficiency of this agent is that it doesn't work for Internet email unless the sender is sending using RFC822 phrases. It is of course easy to add this, by adding a simple @Contains check for "firstname.lastname" in the SendTo and CopyTo fields, but that also means you should perform an @Replace on the space in the database title to replace it with a...

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Telephone etiquette #23981

This conversation is so redundant, and yet it happens so often: *I ring John* Someone else: "Hello, Johns phone?" Me: "Can I speak to John please?" Someone else: "Urrr, uhmm, urrr.. he used to be here, and now, uhmm, he's like, not around or something." That person would have been more useful to me by not answering the phone. That way I get the same information, ie "John is currently located somewhere other than in front of his Telephone, or he hates you and is avoiding your call" but with the added bonus of not having to waste time with some clueless schmuck (I mean...

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The Herald and RSS

Chris Barton believes RSS could be the solution to his blog overload problem. In this NZ Herald article he talks about his woes with "blog overload", and goes on to state why he's avoided dealing with it for some time: But the new blog also gave me a new headache - too many blogs to read and keep up with. Blog overload. I have known for some time the answer to this problem is RSS, but I've resisted because I hate geeky abbreviations. "Geeky abbreviations"? One would think that being an IT Editor means you should avoid making stupid statements like...

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Lotus Notes/Domino 6 Domino Directory FAQ, version 1

From the LDD, here is The Lotus Notes/Domino 6 Domino Directory FAQ, version 1.

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Slashdot: SNR

I've had Slashdot added to my RSS reader for quite some time, however I very rarely actually read much on their site anymore. A few of their recent topics are great examples as to why, the signal to noise ratio is just too shockingly bad. Articles like this one (Fired via Text Message) and this one (Stolen Laptop alarms) are great examples. Loads of stupid jokes, txt message jokes, Office Space references, and baiting / flaming, but very little constructive conversation actually taking place. (I'm avoiding mentioning that theres some very amusing responses in those articles, because imo slashdot was never supposed...

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Review: Coolermaster Cooldrive 3

I've had 2 of these kicking around for a while, and finally last weekend installed them into a full tower case with some much appreciated help from Sonic. The case move was a bit of a pain in the arse, mainly due to a couple of weird issues with fans and the power switch that the motherboard requires, but otherwise was an overall success. There are a lot of reviews of the Coolermaster 3 on various sites. Mine were purchased from overclockers.co.nz, and their online shop contains 3 links to product reviews. The initial reason I bought these...

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