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Getting assistance with Linux

I've heard this quote before: Here’s a tip: next time you’re using Linux, and you’re stuck on a problem and don’t know what to do, don’t go to one of the online Linux forums and say “Hey, can you guys help me with this?” because I’m telling you, it ain’t gonna happen. What you need to do is go on and say “Hey! Linux is a pile of crap because it can’t do this!” and you’ll have people falling over themselves to get in there and prove you wrong with about a million different solutions for doing that one thing. But what...

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K1 last Friday

Was a very enjoyable night, some good fights, some amusing fight, and some extremely short fights - and it was all started off by Richie winning his fight, even if he wasn't happy with his performance. Anyway I took a few photos, I'll whack them up soon.

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A rather varied collection of links and info

I've got a large queue of slightly more lengthy and interesting things queued up that I want to post, so until I get the time to write them properly, here's a collection of some smaller titbits. First off, for Trillian users - 2.01 of the RSS News feed manager has been released, and you can download it here. Also grab the 2.012 release of Trillian Pro, with security updates etc etc. Next, I know powertoys have been around for ages, and I've used TweakUI and the command prompt one a lot, but the alt-tab replacement is very cool, and something I've not...

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Perfectionism in HTML

Forwarded to me by Sonic, I'd credit the source if I knew it, as it's pretty damn spot on: If I was as much of a perfectionist as some here would have me be, I would never get out the door in the morning, I'd be so busy scrubbing the floors of my apartment until they sparkle and shaving every ten minutes and removing lint from my clothing with masking tape, and by the time I finished that I'd have to shave again and take out the trash because there was masking tape in the trash and re-scrub the floor because...

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Wikipedia is an encyclopedia contained in a wiki. It makes for some interesting reading at times, and can often be worth some random browsing, but what is more impressive is the fact that a Wiki is open to be edited by anyone - my initial reaction was that this would be an utter disaster, but the quality of the information seems to imply that this is not the case at all.

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For any Super 12 rugby fans out there..

I'd just like to point something out regarding a Super 12 "Commentator", Murray Mexted, and that is the fact that he is not in fact a commentator at all, he is a speculator. Commentators, as implied by their title, will commentate a game of rugby, speculators make wildly untrue statements as to what teams captains, teams, countries, etc are thinking or planning, or in fact can at times make stupid statements about anything at all whether it be related or not to rugby. Murray Mexted is also prone to letting his personal biases get in the way of actually providing any...

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Jackass - high points

Just got back from the Steve-O "Don't try this at home" show, which was on at the Logan Campbell Center tonight. High points: Steve-O coming on to Slayer, bashing beer cans (full of course) on his head to the beat The random banter in between stunts When Steve-O and co got sick of a couple of the drunken crowd members they'd invited on stage, and got them ejected via security, encouraging the crowd "If any of you guys see this guy, kick his fucking ass!" The aforementioned drunk guys getting kicked in the nads many times by Steve-O's girlfriend. The PA,...

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New features in Notes and Domino 7.0 Beta 1

From Lotus Developer Domain, here is a list of New features in Notes and Domino 7.0 Beta 1. ..and yes, I agree that it probably would have been more useful if I'd posted this at the same time (or before) the link to the download page (which Lotus seems to have fixed now, for those who tried it when it wasn't working).

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Some info from ctrl-alt-del on City of Heroes. A few beta testers I've talked to are currently having quite a bit of fun in this beta.

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Domino R7 Beta crashes

Seems that the general consensus is that this beta is not quite stable enough to run at the moment. Note that some people are still running the various clients with no real issues, it's just the server stability.

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Integrating Notes with.. well, what have you got?

Ok, so I'm finished the first part of the proof of concept project I've been doing to interface Notes with a third party product via Java, and it has definately been a learning experience. What it currently does: View/Edit a Notes document, which has some fields which in this demo relate to vehicle insurance. The idea being I enter information about an insurance request, and then when it's submitted the Rules engine checks it all to see if you should be insured or whether you're some sort of crappy risk. You click a button on the document, which runs some LotusScript,...

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Notes: R7 Public Beta, and Lotus Domino / .NET Co-Existence

A couple of interesting links via vowe.net: Some info on the Lotus Notes release 7 public beta, and a Red Paper on Lotus Domino and .NET Coexistence.

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New nVidia offering

Looks like I upgraded to a full tower case just in time - I'm going to need it to house any of the new video cards that are due for release soon. Check out this offering from nVidia: You might be happy about it's performance, but you probably wont be too happy about losing the 3 PCI slots adjacent to your AGP slot. Also, it draws 140 watts of power, so your PC will is going to need a 450Watt PSU to drive it. I'm not even going to think about how much power and noise this thing pumps out.. expect...

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Googling Domino Sites

I was doing a search, trying to find some info on the Logan Campbell center so I can book the tickets to the Jackass show next week, and this is one of the google results: http://www.sonymusic.co.nz/Action/SMENZWeb.nsf/0/e717112dbf8c66abcc256be500068d2a?OpenDocument I find it amusing that a company like Sony has problems like these with their Domino websites. I also find it weird that they're running 5.0.8 (revealed when you modify ?OpenDocument to ?EditDocument - well hey, I *had* to check), why wouldn't you want to upgrade to one of the more recent 5.1x releases if you're running 5.x?

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Tips & Tweaks for Winamp 5

Like the wind: Tips & Tweaks for your Winamp 5.

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Haggas Honking Holes

Abseiling Yesterday I drove down to Waitomo with Doug in order to take a trip down the Haggas Honking Holes, which is an adventure caving trip run from Waitomo. Although I've climbed a fair amount before, this was my first exposure to caving. 3 abseils (2 down waterfalls), glowworms (aka shit maggots), 2 hours underground, rock climbing in gumboots + a wetsuit, and some tight squeezes was a great introduction. For anyone remotely interested in caving or climbing should definately check it out, it's a great introduction to the sport (although my previous rock climbing/absieling experience...

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