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CRC errors with the Sony DRU-530A

This post is really just for the benifit of anyone else googling for this query. I have a Sony DRU-530A 8x writer, I'm using 4x DVD-R (Princo for what it's worth) media and burning at 4x. Everything so far that has been created has generated cyclic redundancy check errors as far as the eye can see, often to the point where Windows explorer crashes when trying to read the discs. Anyway, the solution - quite simply, is to burn at 2x. My computer should be capable of 4x, it's fairly fast (3ghz HT processor / 1.5gb RAM / SATA disc etc),...

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This article has a bit of talk about Microsofts thoughts on preventing pirated copies of Windows XP from using SP2. How quickly they seem to forget the speed at which people got around that last time with SP1. One of the interesting shifts in attitude now, is that those unprotected windows machines are not just a problem to their owners - once they are infected they become a problem to all Windows users accessing the Internet. So does Microsoft have an obligation to offer the patches to those machines for the greater good of everyone, or should they be taking...

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The Matrix Online

Ctrl-Alt-Del proves that they have a fucking time machine at their disposal, because this is exactly what is going to happen inside The Matrix Online, no 2 ways about it!

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K1 Photos (23/04/2004)

Ok, they're a little late, but they're up. Note that all of these were taken at 1280*960 resolution, but at quite a distance, hence why I've mostly cut 640*480 worth out of the picture, but not done any resizing. Click on the thumbnail for larger images, or you can email me for the fullsize ones if you want. Richie focusing on the wise wordsof Mr Miyagi ROUND 1, FIGHT! Richie landing a blow to the head YOU WIN! ...

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How Do You Restart Notes/Domino 6.x After It Hangs?

Like most people, I've known for a while that you can manually kill certain processes to restart Notes/Domino after a crash, and that there are plenty of utilities out there which can help do this for you. However what I didn't know, is that in release 6.x they included this functionality out of the box for both client and server. Very handy to know (taken from the knowledgebase): How Do You Restart Notes/Domino 6.x After It Hangs? Document Number: 1108182 Problem Your Notes/Domino 6.x client or server has stopped responding and you need to end any processes that are still running. Normally...

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Domino 5.013a

For those of you still running Release 5 servers, here is the fixlist entry for the recently released (well, a month or so ago) 5.013.

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Longhorn and Laptops

This article talks about some of the upcoming features planned for Longhorn. Even though Longhorn is quite a way off, theres some cool sounding stuff planned. I'm not sure what to think about their plans for a new filesystem, but if they decide to add some actual security at some point then I guess "WinFS" could be a good thing. ..the idea of giving laptops the ability to turn on quickly is something customers want and a quality that is arguably better delivered today by the rival Linux operating system. I'll have to take their word on the fact that this...

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Extreme 4wd

This weekend was Dougs Birthday (old bastard!), and a bunch of us went off to Extreme 4wd Adventures near Helensville. I'd never been 4wd driving (properly) before, and have to say the whole thing was amazingly enjoyable. So much so that I'm debating buying a cheap 4wd and doing it regularly. Check out their website on the link above - if you're considering giving it a go, and don't have a suitable vehicle, then I can recommend their Suzukis. They may be small and automatic transmission, but they have a great power/weight ratio, and are ideal for giving the...

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Too much spare time?

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A phase shifted synergistic paradigm

Do you want to catch up, or would you prefer to touch base? Is it time to start thinking outside the box, and enter a new paradigm of synergistic working? Is it time to performa a lateral shift, and phase out any legacy productivity limiting concepts that might be inhibiting us from achieving our KPIs or KPAs? No. It's not - fuck that.

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CoH Character Creation

A few quick pointers for anyone creating a new CoH character. More on CoH with screenshots to follow in a day or so.

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ATi Radeon X800 XT and X800 Pro

Following the release of the new nVidia cards a week or so ago, the info is out now on the new ATI offerings, the ATi Radeon X800 XT and X800 Pro. Some info and specs here, and a review here, courtesy of Sonic.

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The Saga of Ryzom: Beta comments

I've had a couple of sessions in the Ryzom beta recently. Ryzom was a game that sounded like it had a lot of interesting features in it, however the beta experience has been less than pleasurable. First off, the game won't play through transparent proxies - and I have a transparent proxy at home, which meant that in order to play I needed to patch myself and sit exposed to the outside world. Not nice, however it did remind me how awesome my proxy is when I did a bit of web browsing without it, and was appauled at the speed...

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Apparently this one has been giving a few sites around the world a good run for their money. Here is the Symantec Security Response page for the virus, and here is Microsoft Security Bulletin MS04-011 listing the Windows vunerability which the Worm attempts to exploit. It's interesting to note that it's taking much less time for these things to be released - MS04-011 was first posted April 13th (updated April 28th), and the virus started appearing on April the 30th.. thats a pretty low turnaround rate. Check out the propogation methods too - I particularly liked this bit: The IP addresses generated by...

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