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Don't let me get you down

But there are things in the world that just aren't right. Some of you probably know this already. But watching a friend die in front of you is wrong. Watching that friends grandmother try and make sense of her granddaughters death just isn't right. Why write about it? Because I don't want to forget - and if it's me reading this, then remember, it was yesterday that it happened.

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iPod Minis

I may be forced to eat my words here. Looking at the specs of the iPod mini I'm almost convinced. You really can't argue with a device weight of 105 grams - that's only a *little* bit heavier than my Nokia 8310, and that's pretty damn light. Finally, Sonic mentioning that there's a iPod sync plugin for Winamp has pushed me over the edge. The...

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Caution re: Sony DVD writers

A friend of mine mentioned he had a lot of luck (ie, created less coasters) with the DRU-510A - so when I saw the DRU-530A I decided to buy that instead. However I've never been able to burn with it reliably at anything faster than 2x. It's a bit of a pain when the main reason I bought that model over the 510A was that it had a max of 8x instead of 4x. Anyway, I think today the reason has become a lot clearer.. consider the following 2 products: DRU-510A SONY SONY DRU-510A 4x4 Dual Format DVD Writer, DVD+R 4x,...

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101 things that the Mozilla browser can do that IE cannot.

101 things that the Mozilla browser can do that IE cannot is an article which I hope needs no explanation. I feel weird posting all of these anti IE links, because to be honest, I still use IE. I've played with Opera, and I've played with Firefox, and yes they all seemed a lot faster, yes they all have better implementations of CSS, yes they both have better security etc etc, and yes tabbed browsing is very cool - but at the end of the day when you're developing for a corporate audience that means that 99% of your audience...

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Want to hide a submit button?

How to hide a submit button is a site which has information about just that... ...and in fact, ONLY about that. It lists some methods which can be used to hide the submit button in your Domino applications, even listing methods which worked with R4.6 - woo! The highlight of this site is the rather weird flashing circled 'Here' hotspots for all the different approaches, and of course the slightly predictable and semi plagurised blonde method for hiding your Submit button.

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For those who don't subscribe..

Here is this Fridays Fryup.. My crispy flaming was in response to this article.

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A couple of amusing links for Friday

First off, The Register's Musical Preference Survey is quite an amusing, if sometimes scary read. Next up, an amusing tale about personalised plates in Washington - specifically, GOTMILF? Finally, I want one! Btw, did anyone here read todays IDG Friday Fryup?

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You've got to be fucking kidding.

I guess it had to happen sooner or later.

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IBM: Notes Domino Express

Some info on the new IBM Notes Domino Express, which according to some is their 'Microsoft Killer' A quick snippett from the IBM Page: IBM Lotus® Domino™ Express is the name for three versions of market-leading Lotus collaboration software, specifically designed for small- to medium-sized businesses (SMB). Made with the same enterprise-grade Lotus Domino and Notes 6.5 software that powers mission-critical applications for corporations worldwide, Domino Express is a complete messaging and collaboration solution for SMB (1000 employees or fewer), who need proven power in a simplified and optimized form.

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Currently sitting at 55th in New Zealand!

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Merauder VS Ceba

and it's on! You can see Ceba pause for thought as she checks out the size of my stick, and my skills in weilding it. the old "two handed thwack" leaves Ceba with a hangover headache the next day. Her stick is bigger than mine :( and it glows fs! Dirty cheating force user! "It's all fun and games until someone loses an eye!" Sticks and stones may break my bones but throwing your saber at me knocks me the fuck down :( Dirty tactics as Ceba strips off to distract me! See you in 2 months when your visibility wears off for a rematch!

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Some Lotus Domino Spam links

As I'm collecting a bit of info in an effort to reduce spam etc on our servers, I thought I'd post a couple of them as there's some good articles out there that I hadn't read before. First off, aAn interesting article on Dominopower called Hacking Domino mail rules to fight spam. It gives a good look into the inner workings of the Domino mail rules, and shows you how to make a few customisations. Some pre-requisite reading for anyone who hasn't used the server side rules much: Using Domino 6 messaging settings to block spam and Using server mail rules...

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Bleh, ignore the somewhat uncreative title, but this Slashdot article contains some interesting (and sometimes amusing) discussion, the basis of which is a reaction to this Washington Post article. The article [Linux, Still an Awkward Alternative] was written from the perspective of an 'average user' (if there is such a thing) evaluating Linux as a desktop replacement. The real interesting stuff is in the Slashdot article however, where you can see the Linux fans jump into the fray, and somehow try to turn the conversation into either a pro Linux rally, or even worse a pro [insert name of my distro...

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They come in threes - securityfocus Domino bugs/exploits

DoS against Domino 6.5.1 and Unprevileged user can change quota on Domino. (for those who want to point out that there's only 2 bugs in this post and not three, you can note that the other one was posted a few days ago)

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Homegrown PVC Flamethrower

I want one.

posted @ Monday, July 5, 2004 3:16 PM | Feedback (0)


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