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Comparing Linux VS Windows Troubleshooting (AKA: 2 WORDS FOR LINUX!)

Consider the following scenario: Your (l)users can't connect to the mail server! What's wrong! They're spamming you for help and the pressure is on dude. In this particular scenario (which is real, and happened this morning in fact) the problem is quite simple, it's that the Ethernet cable has somehow died overnight and needs replacing. You could tell this easily if you checked for a link light or whatever on the switch, but lets pretend you can't see that right now, and besides, Ethernet cables don't often just 'stop working' for no reason.. so, the troubleshooting needs to be done on...

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Unlockage! Now with all new updated old man pictures! First, the unlock on Bounty Hunter.. Now the long wait for the old man is over.. ..and he's off, as quickly as he came.. Mellichae was hard, but not as hard as some people made out. Get the CRiSTILS!!!!!!111oneoneoneeleven The smackdown has been layeth. Time to make a n00b saber. ...and omg what a n00b saber it is! Oh well, it looks the part..

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Windows XP SP2 Compatibility

The programs that are listed in this article may experience issues after you upgrade to Windows XP SP2. You may not notice some of these issues. Additionally, software vendors may have resolved some of these issues. Contact the software manufacturer or vendor for more specific details. If a program you use is listed here: AE Test, AOL, AOL Toolkit, Action Request System, Activision, Ad-sheild, Age of Empires II: Age of Kings, Ahead, Al Ariss, Al Maalin, Al Mawrad (Arabic), AppManager, Application Center 2000 SP2, ArcServe, Aris Buenaventura, AutoCAD, Backup Exec, Becky, Bind View, BitDefender, BizTalk 2004, Blizzard, BootSkin, BrightStor ArcServe Backup 9.0,...

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Notes 8.x will be built on Eclipse

From Duffbert's Random Musings: There's been a lot of buzz about Eclipse...  how it rocks as a Java IDE, how it can be used to build rich clients, and how the eventual Notes 8.x client will be built on that platform. Well, I didn't know that.

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Some handy links related to XP SP2

Courtesy of the Computerworld Virus & Security Watch comes a small collection of links that might be handy for anyone who needs to deal with XP SP2: Windows XP Service Pack 2 Resources for IT Professionals Windows XP SP2 Overview Temporarily Disabling Delivery of Windows XP Service Pack 2 Through Windows Update and Automatic Updates Windows XP SP2 Statement from the Bugtraq list An amusing thought after reading this page: Top 10 Reasons to Install Windows XP Service Pack 2 (SP2) 1. Help protect your PC from harmful attachments. Help protect your PC from harmful attachments. By alerting you to potentially unsafe attachments, SP2 helps guard your...

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iPod vs. The Cassette

For those of you trying to decide whether to buy an iPod, then perhaps this comparison of the iPod vs. The Cassette might help. Tags: iPod

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Random Friday the 13th links, innit

Despite the disclaimer, what are the real intentions of posting a list like this? To raise awareness? Anyone who would come across this list has probably changed their password(s) already. The next link is only going to be interesting for those interested in IBM/Lotus goings on, and relates to a certain analysis published by a certain group - I started to compile a list of links relating to the "Raddy Catty" carry on, until I came across this entry in Volkers wiki, which nicely summarises what the hell happened with links to relevant postings. Have a read, it's worth it....

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A simple comparison

If you read this, and then read this, do you see much difference?

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Next version iMate Smartphone

The one on the right is the currently available iMate Smartphone2, the one on the left is the next version which is named (somewhat unoriginally) the iMate Smartphone3. It definately looks a lot sleeker, although I have no idea of what the new specs are. From what I've heard, the main thing they needed to address was the stability of the OS, which reportedly crashes a fair amount. No idea what the ETA on these is yet, however it's rumored that Vodafone NZ currently has them in testing, so hopefully that means availability should be fairly soon. ...

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End of Service (EOS) of Lotus Notes and Domino 5.x

Like the title says, End of Service (EOS) of Lotus Notes and Domino 5.x

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Windows XP SP2

SP2 went gold on Friday and is available for download on MSDN. Filename: en_winxp_sp2.iso (ISO-9660 CD Image) Filesize: 475.35 MB Date Posted: 06 August 2004 at 8:57:00 AM There are a fair few default settings which get changed with this service pack, ie, it will 'update' your system to some more secure settings. If you're behind a proper firewall (ie, a non snake-oil one) then this could cause you more harm than good. Be prepared when you upgrade, or wait for the horror stories to emerge. Read The Slashdot article to read the onligitory jokes and Linux comparisons.

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Movies and stuff

Last week I had a few days off, and checked out a few movies. Not enough for me to write a larger entry, but a few things worthy of mentioning! Chronicles of Riddick I saw this a few weeks back, but watched it again the other night. It's a fairly enjoyable movie, but it has a few annoying things in it which they could have explained better. Things like how the currency of prisoners works, how the Necromonger 'faith' works, and a bit more about the conversion process.. things like that. If you see it you'll know what I mean -...

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Marine finds roll of ductape in Mars Complex! (Doom 3 mod)

This is a Doom3 mod which will allow you to use the flashlight at the same time as some of the 'lighter' weapons. Basically, the machine gun. This slashdot article has some interesting/related links, but in typical slashdot style it also wanders into unrelated and irrelevant territory.

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Switching to Firefox - I'm going to do it

I've been playing with Firefox on and off for a while. There's so many reasons to want to switch, but I had some gripes which were preventing me from making the move. After a bit of searching I think I've found some Extensions to address my gripes. One of the things I haven't mentioned in this list is that iNotes/Domino Web Access is not yet certified to run with Firefox. I hope this changes soon, but at the moment I'm able to use a proper Notes client most of the time, and if I can't then I'm likely to be on...

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Accessing and Editing Help/About Documents.

A long time ago I was trying to do the editing part of this, and I have no idea why. I tried a lot of interesting and weird ways, and all of them crashed the Notes client. Anyhow, randomly today I came across this document while trying to find the correct hex id's for the Help/Using and Help/About documents. A quick read ..and there it is. I tried so many different methods and approaches (and some of them were rather elaborate) to try and find the source of the crash, but it seems that in the end it boils down to...

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Welcome Back Ed

Ed Brill is coming back to his roots.

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Where everything connects

Last night I had a dream that I was starting a new job at Dick Smiths (similar to Dixons / Currys / any generic computer/electronics store). My manager was making me spend hours trying to get the photo for my ID card right, because he wanted me to look really 'serious and professional'. It was very disturbing. After that I wandered around the shop looking at stock, and it sort of got even weirder from there. I think someone, somewhere is trying to tell me something. Still, it could have been worse I guess, I could have dreamed that I worked...

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Spyware Blog

Like the title suggests, this is a Spyware Blog. So now I have Chris Linfoot's site to read for anti-spam information, and this one for anti-spyware stuff!

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