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September 2004 Entries

Some of the best eBay feedback ever..

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September Games Review

My September Games review

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Notes/Domino 6.53 now available

Release Notes and Fix List

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Abcde... whatever...

Abcde... whatever... It's so long that... Some web forms are unable to read your email address Some email software cannot be configured People have a hard time typing your email address Companies think that your email address is fake The longest alphanetical email address on earth!

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September Games Review

Over the past couple of weeks I've probably spent more time on the Xbox than ever, due to Fable and Second Sight managing to grab hold of me. Here's a quick write up on those, and some of the other things I've been playing lately. Yes I copied the images from Amazon, and no I can't be bothered snipping the "25% off" bits out of the images! Fable (Xbox) I started off hating Fable, but have grown to enjoy it a hell of a lot. I'm almost finished it playing as a 'good' fella, and will probably go back and finish it...

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Outlook Horror Stories: Day 3

CNET: Outlook Horror Stories: Day 3. I'm loving these articles, they really do make for great reading. Here's a little snippet from day 3: Keeping two machines on the same page with Outlook is a tough job. The brute-force solution that many people use is to transfer Outlook's main data file (a Personal Folder file that's typically named Outlook.pst) from one system to another. They then go on to recommend some lovely ways of dealing with this 'nightmare' including recommending even more third party products. With my current setup, I have my mail accessible from pretty much anywhere. 3-4 locations via a...

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My quota of new things learned for today

First off, a few interesting points about Windows System and User DSN definitions, in this case, connecting to a SQL server using SQL server authentication (ie, not Windows based authentication). The DSN definition lets you enter a username and a password, and gives the impression it's going to store it. It doesn't store it, and it's not meant to. It also lets you change a number of paramaters, which it won't save either. Very strange behaviour, but it's apparently normal. In my case I was referencing the DSN in a Notes Client application using a @DBCommand, so I just stored...

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Darth Vader

Sorry, but this will only make sense to those who play Starwars Galaxies!

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The Future of the Lotus Notes Client (written by Sonic)

The Future of the Lotus Notes Client. By Sonic The last couple of years have been interesting for anyone involved in Lotus Notes/Domino. During the last year we've emerged from poker faced IBM/Lotus reps and an accompanying complete media blackout on the future of Notes/Domino and into year where IBM is telling us of a grand unifying overall vision and trickle feeding how Lotus Notes/Domino fits into that vision. The part that has been particularly intriguing to me is that IBM has been not only pronouncing that Notes/Domino isn't going anywhere soon, but recently they've started guaranteeing your investments in...

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Converting From Notes to .NET, According To Microsoft

This e-ProMagazine article, Converting From Notes to .NET, According To Microsoft is definately worth a read. It references a document which was released by Microsoft some time ago, that was promptly pulled from circulation. As you read the article, you'll see why fairly quickly. A lot of their claims and "strategies" for migration are completely flawed, and some of the statements they make are flat out wrong. The article is definately worth a read for anyone who may have to provide a list of pros and cons in order to deter a possible migration, and I suspect that although most of...

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CNET: Tech nightmares: Outlook horror stories

This is quite an interesting series of articles. I like their introduction text: Microsoft Outlook is the Jekyll and Hyde of the Microsoft Office suite. When Outlook is good, it's very good. But when it's bad, it's a horror show. It's always interesting reading peoples opinions about Outlook, as I've never used it myself. So really, all I know about it is that "it's not Notes dude!". A few people on Ed Brill's site had some reactions to the article from Notes users perspectives.

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Eroding the effictiveness of DNSBLs

DNSBLs are a good idea, and have really helped reduce the amount of spam received by our servers here at work, but their effectiveness is constantly being eroded by lazy organisations and companies. Over the past couple of weeks I've had to remove 2 of the better known DNSBLs from our server configuration, simply because customers and/or clients have got themselves blacklisted and have no idea how to get removed. As far as they're concerned, the problem is with us because we're the ones rejecting their messages, People are all too happy to sit around and complain about spam, and say...

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A collection of handy CSS resources in a single file

Click here for the article, and download the PDF from the link contained within.

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3 rather varied links for Monday

The Daily WTF contains snippets or screenshots of code which simply make you stop and say WTF. This one in particular is worth checking out. Seat Guru is handy for anyone who travels a lot via plane. Even more so if they are tall or have special requirements, as it lets you check out where the special emergency aisle seats are (as well as other seats which are marked good/poor) depending on the model of Aircraft you're flying. Finally, for those of you who want to wear a Che t-shirt "because they're cool", but have no idea about anything related to politics,...

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Sandbox - Domino Web Access Editor Tool

I lost the link for this a while back, and had tried to find it since. Putting it here is my way of remembering it, for it is: Domino Web Access Editor Tool. A little blurb from the Sandbox about what this does: As shown in Lotusphere 2004: Customizing Domino Web Access, this program allows you to drastically change the look and feel of Domino Web Access. This program is designed to run locally. Restart the HTTP server after making changes. After you open a Forms6.nsf (or Forms5.nsf) database, this tool displays a list of the skin groups. There is a skin group...

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In his opinion, all Windows E-Mail clients suck

In this article the author summarises his experiences with various Windows email clients, and discusses their shortfalls (in his opinion). Some of the packages he's chosen are kind of obscure, but there's some known names in there, such as Eudora, Thunderbird, and Pegasus to name a few. The client he ended up with? Outlook, because apparently it 'sucks less'. It's interesting to observe that a Notes client would address most of the shortcomings that he found in other clients, but unfortunately it might have required some developer knowledge in some areas. Everyone who sees some of the customisations I've made...

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The Friday roundup of all things random. Aliens vs Predator is nowhere near as bad as all the movie hype sites made it out to be. Clearly there's some weird alterior motive crap going on there. Anyhow, if you're a fan of either Aliens or Predator then you'll probably get something out of the movie - it's definately nothing amazing though (one of the worst bits being a 2 minute "QUICK, LETS EXPLAIN THE ENTIRE PLOT FOR THE STUPID PEOPLE" flashback that occurs midway through. I honestly hoped for some cool strange plot twist involving Lance Henriksens character, given that he...

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Paparazzi! is a small utility for Mac OSX that makes screenshots of webpages which are too large to fit on a single screen. It looks very useful, and I've definately had a need for something like it in the past (and will again in the future). Pity it's only for OSX :(

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Teh lievjurnul!!11oneoneone

Teh lievjurnul is a perfect embodiment of everytinhg good and bad about teh intarnet. It allows anyone to publish anything they want on teh intarnet, and at teh same time it manages to show wyh tihs isn't alwayz a g00d idear. Also tehy all cym wiht a spullchucker, but maybe teh bytton isnt big enuff or sometihng becvause it seems that very few people know how to use it!

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OpenNTF Release: OpenWiki

For anyone who ever played about with BeeWiki, you might be interested in this OpenNTF release of OpenWiki (08/09/2004) , which is simply described as "A Domino-based wiki implementation using Lotusscript".

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10 Handy CSS Tips

This article contains 10 handy CSS tips and tricks you might not know. Following on from that, there's some good corrections and amendments in the comments section, and then again here. Anyone who's developed a site for multiple browsers knows that there are so many hacks, workarounds, and browser compatiability issues with CSS - finding articles like these filled with comments and people disagreeing with methods reinforces that. Anyhow, some useful tips in there.

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iPod Mini

Well, I did it. I went and grabbed myself an iPod mini. The first thing you notice when unpacking the thing, is how much attention to detail there is, even in little things like the packaging. The fold out box, the neat little alcoves in the cardboard, everything. It's very nice. Once I got it out of the box, I attached it to a laptop that already had iTunes on it to install the software which is required to initalise the iPod - it also takes your name and email address and sends it back to apple. The iPod can't be...

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XML: Too much of a good thing? | CNET Despite rumors to the contrary, the adult entertainment industry is not developing its own dialect of Extensible Markup Language dubbed XXXML. Aside from that, it's hard to find an industry or interest that isn't taking advantage of the fast-growing standard for Web services and data exchange. In the six years since the main XML specification was first published, it's spawned hundreds of dialects, or schemas, benefiting everyone from butchers to bulldozer operators wishing to easily exchange information electronically. http://news.com.com/XML%3A+Too+much+of+a+good+thing%3F/2100-1013_3-5347309.html?tag=nefd.lede LMFAO @ XXXML!

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Don't talk like a tard.

Someone just asked me to help them out with something, it was a fairly reasonable request but I'm going to skip it because they asked if I had any 'free cycles available'. What the fuck is that supposed to mean? Managers need to remember that learning all their catchphrases by reading Dilbert isn't actually a good way to appear intelligent.

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