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February 2005 Entries

Gnarly Authentic Stick

This auction for a Gnarly Authentic Stick is pretty funny, but it things get even better when you run it through Giznoogle!

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What do you call it when you're too busy writing documents about work that you're going to be doing to actually get any real work done?

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I eat soap!

I eat soap!

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Security concerns prompt early release of IE7

This article about IE7 makes me laugh for some reason. I'm not 100% sure why. I can't wait for an article that reads "Security concerns prompt users to throw out shitty browser" or something along the lines. A slightly cynical person might wonder whether the early release is related to security concerns, or whether it's really due to more users switching to Firefox...

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"Women will get sterile just looking at you"

Click, laugh, enjoy.

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Another "Lotus Notes Sucks" website

Yet another person driven to comment on how much they think Lotus Notes Sucks. I haven't had time to read the whole site yet - I got through the first 5-6 pages and realised I had a rebuttal or comment to everything that's being complained about so far. So I've decided to do a larger article style reply here on Merauderweb, and mail it to the guy when I'm done. However I've noticed one theme running throughout his pages so far. He keeps making comments such as "An email system shouldn't do this" or "an email system shouldn't do that", etc etc....

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More on Firefox extensions

I'd been dealing with a kind of annoying thing while browsing for some time - links which aren't enclosed in a tags, aka "non clicky links" for the layman. It's quite weird how long it took me to remember that as I was using Firefox, I could probably find an extension to deal with it.. and indeed I could. There's a few out there. Most people who have browsed extensions have probably come across Linky, and if it's stupid name doesnt put you off then you'll see that it has quite a lot of features, and is quite highly rated....

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At some point, a long time ago in the past, Dominofiles (which I think was called something else at the time) actually contained some useful templates and other downloads. That's why I ended up registering, as I grabbed a few decent things from there so figured why the hell not. When they turned semi commercial a few years back, things went downhill very quickly - weirdly enough, they seem to email me every month about a new group calendar offering. Guys - group calendaring just isn't that interesting! In fact it's so uninteresting that I've completely forgotten what the big...

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Carnivores & Brains

Can you think of any carnivores who consume the brains of their prey? I'm not talking about insects or snakes or anything which just eats every damn thing, but more along the lines of carnivores such as large carnivorous cats who would need to break into the skull beforehand? Any ideas? (And yeah, don't ask how this came up.. it's a serious question though!)

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Dead man there for a week

It's kind of messed up when a man can lie dead and decomposing in the middle of one of Aucklands busiest pedestrian streets for a week without being found/noticed or reported missing. I bet the police would have found him a lot earlier if he'd been decomposing somewhere at 61/kph!

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..and while we're talking about the Herald..

Taken from this Mona Blades story: Witnesses later saw the car stopped on the Matea Road, on the way to Napier. She was never seen again and none of her personal belongings has ever been recovered. That sentence is so clumsy and reads so badly that there's no excuse I can see for it to have ever survived editing. You guys are journalists, right? There really isn't much excuse for that kind of rubbish.. (Oh crap I just had a thought - is it possible that they're all using the Microsoft Word grammar checking features instead of a live proof reader?)

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Ash Wednesday

Reading an article about Ash Wednesday over breakfast and coffee (yeah kind of ironic huh) this morning, I read something which was kind of interesting. The article goes on and on about 'Self Denial' and how people will be giving up various things for 40 days. The article** sort of blah'ed on for a bit (the fact that Liz Hurley limits herself to one meal a day, and that some random woman decides to consume aspartame based sweetners and diet coke instead of sugar is hardly interesting), but then it has this interesting quote: Geshe Tashi, Tibetan Buddhist monk: "Self-denial, as...

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Would this put you off?

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DNS made easy


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Police switched off to 111 call

This story from stuff.co.nz shows a very scary trend. A lot of people will often joke about how the Police aren't really interested in real crime, when they can focus their attention on people doing 61kph on the roads, but it's scary when you realise that joking like that isn't actually far from the truth.

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