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The definition of a Googlebomb

About a Googlebomb, from Wikipedia, for those who are interested.

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Lotus Domino Utility Server - new entitlements

Ed Brill writes about the new entitlements coming for those using Domino Utility server: Ed Brill wrote: Starting with this week's (still pending, should be by Friday) release of Domino 6.5.4, the Domino Utility Server adds two new entitlements.  IBM customers who purchase Lotus Domino Utility Server (and only Utility Server) will be entitled to use IBM Lotus Workflow and IBM Lotus Domino Document Manager.  The use is consistent with the existing terms of the Utility Server license (Notes client must be purchased separately; no Domino CALs required; etc.).  This news leaked out a couple of weeks ago, but now that it's...

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It seems that Paul has run into problems with his Microsoft Unintellimouse. I needed a new mouse a month or so back, as my current Logitech one had started chewing through the batteries at an insane rate. Even though it's rechargable, something seems to have died, and the batteries lose charge in 6-8 hours, some until they simply stop charging after a week or so. Luckily I had a friend who had mentioned that the version 1 Intellimouse had severe accuracy issues, so I went ahead and bought a version 2 because apparently they fixed the accuracy issues really well, AND...

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Security through obscurity

The MacinDell.

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Site Redesign immiment

Well, hopefully. To start off I'm looking about trying to find sites I like the look and feel of. There's a lot of crap out there which has a 'cookie cutter' template feel to it, aka the Livejounrnal effect, so I'm trying to find sites I like and *cough* borrow from their ideas. http://overcaffeinated.net/ Things I like about it: The non-white background is very easy on the eyes The fonts are different enough to set it apart from the rest, but not so much to drive me insane The graphics are quite funky and appropriate to the content, they keep the site...

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Following on from my little post I came across this posting on publicaddress.net which has a similar theme. The post follows a story from the New Zealand Herald claiming that a quarter of our brightest people have left the country. There's some interesting reading to be found in both urls for anyone interested.

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My new least favorite buzzword

..is "enablement". The word was recently used in an email from IBM, titled "Workplace Services Express, Business Partner Enablement - 22 April 2005". Dictionary.com defines the word as: \En*a"ble*ment\, n. The act of enabling, or the state of being enabled; ability. --Bacon. Applying this to the email, I'm not sure that IBM are using that word correctly. Surely the info contained in the seminar would be helpful to Business Partners, but it's hardly going to toggle whether you are or aren't a business partner simply by attending. What the hell is with the IT world and it's need for constant obfuscation?

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Exchange Server Application Analyzer 2003 for Lotus Notes

Exchange Server Application Analyzer 2003 for Lotus Notes - the name itself is enough to make you worry. If you follow the link you'll read that this little app is supposed to gather info in order to help Microsoft with your Lotus Notes -> Exchange migration. There's also another application called the Data Processor: Data Processor. This separate module is available only as a service offering from either a Microsoft Certified Partner or through Microsoft Services. I'm gonna have to download that. I can't wait to run the Analyzer on some of my applications and see what the processor has to say....

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Microsoft to acquire Groove networks

Call me a cynic, or a skeptic, or whatever, but I'm not sure if this is a good thing or not.

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The meek shall inherit... well, nothing really.

There was an interesting documentary on the other night about the apparent epidemic state of shoplifting in New Zealand. It was pretty amusing in places, and it had a few 'recovering' professional shoplifters telling their sob stories (boo hoo you get $3000-$4000 disposable income per week through half a days work, I feel so sorry for you that you managed to pick up a drug addiction on the way) and trade secrets. One of the most interesting things in the documentary as some of the CCTV footage they were showing. In many of the shots the theives were gutsy enough...

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Aaaaaaaaaaare you ready?

Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaare you ready?

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This post from vowe about methodologies is something I can really identify with. First off, I love the quote "people hiding their incompetence behind new ways of filling out paper" - it reminds me of this comic. It references Katie's take on the Rational Unified Process (RUP). Every methodology I've come across has, at its kernel, a very small section labelled "do magic here". It's so true, and so similar to the incredible underpants gnomes of South Park and their grand scheme to become rich: STEP 1 - Collect Underpants STEP 2 - ??? STEP 3 - PROFIT!

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