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Adobe FAQ Translation

Interested in reading some real info about Adobe’s acquisition of Macromedia? Well, the most insightful information can be found in this translation of their FAQ about the acquisition. (From Sonic)

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Ml_ipod Updated

There's a new release of ml_ipod for those using Winamp with their iPods. It seems to be mostly little fixes, but the big thing is that they now have iPod Shuffle support as well. Apparently the Shuffle used a different database format than the iPods and iPod minis. Tags: iPod

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Teh plan is teh cunted D:

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BlackBerry stirs in Lotus IM

Research In Motion is gearing up to plug IBM's Lotus Instant Messaging and Web conferencing software into its BlackBerry wireless devices. Support for the software will arrive in RIM's lineup later this year, the companies said Tuesday. Under the deal between RIM and IBM, BlackBerry owners will be able to use the Lotus Instant Messaging client to reach their existing corporate IM contacts. From CNET: BlackBerry stirs in Lotus IM

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After reading a lot of talk about Greasemonkey I finally got time to give it a test run. Basically, Greasemonkey is an extension for Firefox (although apparently there is also something called GreasemonkIE which will run some/all of the same scripts) which allows you to do client side parsing/DHTML operations on web pages once they've been rendered on your browser. or You can fuck about with how your browser displays other peoples webpages so that little things don't piss you off as much. I think that's a better way to describe it in the "whats in it for me" approach of todays world....

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RSS Fixed

Ugh, so the RSS feed wasn't quite working properly.. some special characters in post titles were killing it, combined with a couple of other things. I've updated the code and it looks fine now - just as a note, due to the crappy domain forwarding thing I'm using at the moment, the correct url to use for the feed at the moment is: http://www.merauderweb.co.nz/home.nsf/rssfeed.xml [UPDATE]: Updated to point to newly registered domain!

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Certification updated

I finally got around to updating my certification for R6. I have to say, some of the wording of questions in that exam is the worst I've seen yet, they really did put a lot of effort into that one to make it as convoluted as they possibly could. Either way, I'm now an IBM Certified Application Developer - Lotus Notes and Domino 6 in addition to all my previous PCLP/CLP qualifications, and I get to use this silly logo:

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Notes/Domino mailbox sizes

Some amusing discussion about largest mailbox sizes.. 49gb.. ouch, I'll stop complaining about the guy here sitting on 2gb then.

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Upgrade to Firefox 1.0.3

If you run Firefox then you should upgrade to 1.0.3 - here's why.

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Episode 3 - The Truth

Lost, all hope is.

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Integrate and Manage forum 2005

This morning I went to an IBM presentation, I wasn't expecting much, so the first keynote speaker was a great surprise - really interesting to listen to, and he was apparently CIO of the year in 2004.. and is now unemployed in 2005. Awesome. The speaker of the 2nd presentation was pretty dull, but he did touch on an interesting point regarding websphere. So often when talking about websphere, and more broadly about this whole concept of "on Demand computing", IBM has made reference to electronic ordering systems, inventory management systems, and so on and so on. All the examples...

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Corporate Tips #209

"Delegation" is supposed to make sense. It's supposed to be about efficiency and spreading tasks across capable team members. It's not supposed to be a way for managers to say "I really dont give a fuck" and try to shunt parts of their workload onto inappropriate people.

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Notes/Domino 6.5.4 and 6.0.5 posted

As the title says, Notes/Domino 6.5.4 and 6.0.5 are now available for download. Ed Brill writes: As several bloggers noted today, the downloads for Notes/Domino 6.5.4 and 6.0.5 are now available from the IBM Passport Advantage and PartnerWorld download sites.  This is a major maintenance release, with more issues addressed than typically has been the case.  A couple of areas are notable:   The HTML rendering in the Notes client is substantially improved Domino Access for MS-Outlook has several significant enhancements.  I know a dozen or more of our pilot customers are ready to roll DAMO into production with this...

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PSP embraced by DIY technicians

PSP embraced by DIY technicians. "I was on IRC, and someone mentioned how cool it would be to use their PSP on wi-fi at Starbucks to talk to people over IRC. I said, 'I can do that', so I began working on it immediately," said Robert Balousek, creator of PSPIRC in an e-mail interview with news agency Reuters. It'd be much more usable if they found a way to circumvent the billing for the Starbucks wifi, which is pretty insanely expensive here (thanks Telecom).

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Yeah dude

Went to Snowplanet last night. The whole operation is pretty well run, and the fact that they're open until midnight every night means it's easy to avoid the crowds if they're not your thing. Obviously the main run is quite short (200m), but the terrain park is pretty good for a place of that size - including 2 thin rails, 1 wide rail/bench and a decent sized kicker. All in all, highly recommended to get a couple of runs in off season or before a big trip. A couple of crappy low res photos from my phone, the one on the...

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Designer 7 features preview

This is kind of old (posted Jan 11th of this year), but if you haven't already seen it then it has some summary info about a few new features coming in Domino Designer 7.

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Notes tips blog an instant hit with users

Notes tips blog an instant hit with users From the title I thought this was talking about Mike Golding's site, which it isn't. The actual blog is here, lets see how the quality of tips goes.

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2gb Google

Google increases it's storage capacity to 2gb. They also seem to have given my account 50 more free invites - if you want one then drop me an email or comment on this entry and I'll hook you up.

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10 ways that a baby is like a CEO

Originally from the the Bing! column in the Feb 21 issue of Fortune magazine, 10 ways a baby is like a CEO (or vice versa if you like): 1. The baby is the center of its universe. All eyes are on Baby as it babbles and burbles and produces bubbles from various orifices. This attention convinces the baby that it is the sun around which the cosmos revolves- a feeling shared by chief executives. 2. The baby speaks nonsense, but nobody seems to notice. 3. The baby has a short attention span and needs to be entertained constantly. Have you noticed how...

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Internet Urinal

The Internet Urinal - kind of speechless, yet strangely intrigued at the same time.

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