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The Game is Virtual, the Profit is Real

The Game is Virtual, the Profit is Real.. Pity he's talking about crappy games, but it's an interesting read about something we know happens, and something which the game companies are starting to acknowledge and live with (SOEBay for example).

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Domino Login / Logout

I'm sure this makes sense in somebodies world, but does it seem illogical to anyone else that in the world of Domino url commands &Login is required to login, but ?Logout is required to logout? Yes I realise &Login is a paramater appended to a named element ?Open request, but it just seems a bit silly and confusing.

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IBM Model M Keyboard

We used to use these at University many many years ago. They were loud as hell, had huge clunky keys, but the more you used them the more you secretly realised they were pretty nice to type on. It's probably not ideal for someone like myself who types at about 110/120wpm, but makes a lot of errors (self taught, bad technique, but it's all about the speed really) because of the insane amount of noise, but hey. However I never thought that 10 years down the track I'd be coming across fan pages for the things.

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How lightsabers work

How lightsabers work

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Firefox LDD Search

This post from Julian @ NSFTools shows you how to add a quick search for the LDD to your Firefox address bar. For me, it did something more than that - I'd seen the quicksearches in the Bookmark Manager, but had never tried to actually use them. They're incredibly handy, especially if you use a few different resources during the course of a normal day (dictionary.com, google.com, LDD, etc).

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SWG: Publish 17

I've just read the patch notes for the up and coming Publish 17. It's yet another publish with nothing in it. They've added multi person vehicles, which are good for roleplayers I guess - but seriously, who else would use them? Everyone has a swoop or 10, so what's the point of going through the hassle of entering a multiperson vehicle apart from not needing to put up with the terrible pathing of /follow? The rest of the patch notes are basically filled with bugfixes - as has been the case with the last 3-4 "patchlishes" - most of it is stuff...

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Random HTML trivia

Did you know that creating your A HREF tags in caps is bad, and makes for nasty HTML? I didn't until recently, which is why my code littered throughout Merauderweb generates nasty non compliant HTML. Much editing in my future I see.

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E3: Dungeons and Dragons Online: Stormwatch Hands On

Live at E3: Turbine’s Dungeons & Dragons Online: Stormwatch Hands On - it sounds fairly positive, and it also seems like they're taking a sort-of-similar approach to Guild Wars with regards to levelling: The main idea behind DDO is to “remove the grind,” something you hear a lot from the creators of massively-multiplayer RPGs these days. Turbine’s trick is remove experience point gains from killing monsters entirely, instead rewarding players for completing mission goals and dungeons (although sometimes those goals include killing boss monsters, of course). It’s a promising idea, but I also got the impression that it might make it...

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Site, content, and RSS Feed

A lot is going on under the hood here, which is why there's been a lack of updates. That, and the fact that I've been out of the country for the last week. Anyhow, a complete site redesign is in the works, and it's looking good (*prods Sonic*). Not sure when it'll be finished, but it should be worth the wait. The new design will also signal a step up in terms of content, both quality and quantity as I make an effort to write regular and interesting stuff. I've also moved servers, and the site is now sitting at...

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No more SWG for me!

So, all my accounts are now cancelled. It's funny, because after all the mess ups, crappy coding, bad PR, lost backups, rollbacks, etc, the thing which made me actually cancel my account was the fact that their crappy lithium upgrade broke the forums so that you can no longer post in Firefox. So yeah, fuck you SOE.

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Don't shoot the messenger

I'm sitting on a live console session to our main hub mail server at the moment, overseeing some changes to the SMTP configuration. It's quite weird watching all the mail coming and going - I think it'd be a somewhat more satisfying experience if the whole thing was a stream of green 0's and 1's which I could interpret, but as it stands the overall feeling is quite similar. What's quite weird is when you see connecting servers, and mail being converted, and you know the message is going to be for you, and you can then watch it being delivered....

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Just been checking out TiddlyWiki. Ned Batchelder sums things up quite well, so I'll just quote what he wrote about it:   This has been out for a while, and I remember glancing at it last fall, but I didn't fully appreciate it then. TiddlyWiki is yet another wiki implementation, but with a difference: the entire wiki, including the implementation and all the data, is stored in a single HTML file. The file is displayed in a browser, where the content can be read and edited. A "save changes" button writes the HTML file back to disk. First: this is very clever as...

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CNET: IBM backs Firefox in-house

A lot of Firefox related stuff this week! in this post, Ed Brillrefers to a CNET Article Firefox is already used by about 10 percent of IBM's staff, or about 30,000 people. Starting Friday, IBM workers can download the browser from internal servers and get support from the company's help desk staff. IBM's commitment to Firefox is among its most prominent votes of confidence from a large corporation. Based on development work by the nonprofit Mozilla Foundation, Firefox has been downloaded by more than 50 million people since it debuted in November. Internet Explorer still dominates the overall market by far,...

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Is Firefox still safer than IE?

Well, yes. This article talks about a nice concept of "unpatched days", referring to the amount of time between exploits being developed for a vunerability, and that vunerability being patched. As of today, Secunia reports that there are still 19 unpatched security flaws in IE, the most severe of which is rated "highly critical." Firefox has only 4 unpatched flaws, all of which are rated "less critical" or "not critical," the lowest severity rating. Opera has none.

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Brushed is a very nice theme for Firefox. It's the first one that's managed to convince me to stray from the standard theme. It's very mac inspired, but don't let that put you off if you're a Windows user, it's well worth a look.

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Bill Gates: Cellphone will beat iPod

CNN is running an article featuring Gates' prediction that the iPod is on the way out. From the article: 'As good as Apple may be, I don't believe the success of the iPod is sustainable in the long run.' His prediction for a successor? Mobile phones-- powered by none other than Windows Mobile 5.0, of course." Here is the article, forgive me if I don't see this happening anytime soon. Tags: iPod

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Firefox 1.0.4 released

Version 1.0.4 of Firefox is out. The only fixes seem to be the following security vunerabilities: Fixed in Firefox 1.0.4 MFSA 2005-44 Privilege escalation via non-DOM property overrides MFSA 2005-43 "Wrapped" javascript: urls bypass security checks MFSA 2005-42 Code execution via javascript: IconURL

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In this post, Mr Codestore is complaining about RestrictToCategory not having an option to force exact matching. At this point in time, I'm kind of glad it works how it does - I'm reorganising some categories, and want to use "Notes/Domino" as one, but was expecting to find problems when using RestrictToCategory. I was pleased to find that just using RestrictToCategory=Notes works quite well by using the partial match that Jake is complaining about, but also that RestrictToCategory=Notes/Domino also works. I was expecting the / to force the browser to try to screw up the Domino command, but it works...

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Lotus Solution Sales Professional!

Well, after finally getting around to doing the Lotus 201 Sales online exam, I'm now certified as a Lotus Solution Sales Professional. No fancy logo for this one unfortunately, however it does mean I finished all the steps to get my company a Partner certification in Lotus products, and I think there's a logo for that (somewhere).

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Microsoft Anti Spyware

I often check my list of processes in Task Manager, especially when my work machine seems to be crawling a bit, and when I saw the following task I was fairly certain it was some type of Spyware or virus - the name just sounds like something that you'd choose if you were trying a little bit TOO hard to make your executeable sound legit: However, this is the name of the main exe for the MS AntiSpyware product. Interesting choice I thought, are Microsoft starting to admit and embrace their reputation surrounding bloatware? The product in general seems to be pretty...

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Shot Online

Shot Online is a Korean Massively Multiplayer Online game revolving around golf. Yes, golf. I really don't know what more I can add to that.

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On the subject of WCS and the 30mins install time

You might want to read this post if that little piece of marketing material was going to influence your decision to invest in WCS.

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Domino consulting drying up?

Some very active threads floating around Domino blogs at the moment, such as this one from Carl Tyler and this one from Volker. I'd like to be able to chime in the odd comment relating to Domino consulting in New Zealand, but I don't know how indicitave it would be of the market trend. That is to say, there seems to be the odd job or two going here and there for the larger consulting companies, but not a lot of opportunities to leave any reason for smaller players to exist in the market. Some of this seems to be...

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If you could add one thing to Notes/Domino 7...

An interesting discussion on Ed Brill's site. The topic was first posted on 3rd of May, and has 163 comments/suggestions at time of writing. Some of them are interesting, it's good to find out what other people's pet peeves are!

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More on Guild Wars

Mr Absath of Ctrl+Alt+Del has this to say about Guild Wars: Guild Wars: People keep telling me about this game as if I've never heard of it. As if I didn't do a couple of comics about it last year at the time of the "E3 for Everyone" event. I also participated in the closed alpha test while they were still building the game early last year. I did pick up a retail copy, but I haven't had much time to play around with it. From what I've experienced, it seems like a nice little departure from the norm, and I especially...

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Guild Wars links and resources

I've made a quick page with some Guild Wars links links and info on it - I'll continue to update and add to it over time! Leave a comment or email if you have anything you'd like to see added! Merauder's Guild Wars links and resources

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Stagecoach strike - more stats!

Driving into work this morning I heard another stat - apparently saying that "70,000 people take the bus each day". I guess that could be a mix of people taking just one, or more than one trip. Either way, that's less then 7% of our population. It's such a chicken and egg problem though.. it's never going to be cracked..

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Guild Wars - Links and Resources

Here's a quick list of links & resources that you might find useful for Guild Wars. There are a few general and getting started style links to official and unofficial sites, as well as links to skills info and discussion forums for the experienced player. Links from the Official Site Guild Wars Official Website Guild Wars official FAQ Guild Wars online manual   Unofficial Sites GWOnline.net forums - Main Index GWOnline - Articles listing Character Progression Skills Trainers - who sells which skills Guildwarsguru Builds Directory - suggested builds, with occasional in depth reviews/comments Guild Wars - Maps Guide to Pre-searing Ascalon - info on quests and skills, and what to do in...

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Stagecoach Strike imminent

Stagecoach are talking about striking. If it goes ahead they will cancel all services over a 6 day period. The thing that really caught my eye was in the article, they quoted someone from Stagecoach as saying "This will mean the loss of almost 700,000 passenger trips over the six days". My initial reaction was "IS THAT ALL?". 700,000 trips, over 6 days - that's pretty low. The more I think about it, the less sure I am of what they're trying to say (well, it is the Herald after all) - do you think they're defining a trip as a...

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