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'Telecom attitude change would benefit consumers and Telecom.'

Telecommunications Commissioner - 'Telecom attitude change would benefit consumers and Telecom.'

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No, not the Dutch based football team, but a web technology recently becoming popular - Ajax is an acronym for Asynchronous Javascript And Xml. Ned Batchelder has a short summary on his site: In case you aren't in the web design field, or have been living under a rock, there's this implementation technique called Ajax, an acronym for Asynchronous Javascript And Xml. Google Maps is its best-known showcase, providing a great fluid experience that does all sorts of things that sites like Mapquest and MSN Maps can't do (dragging, resizing, etc). Now we have Ajaxian Blog, a blog devoted to all...

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Quickplace 7 Beta

Quickplace 7 Beta now available. Interesting to note the beta notes are still referring to it under its now defunct new name. This naming/renaming thing is going to get very painful. If you're planning to play about with the beta, pay attention to the issues with sso/authentication which can cause the server to crash when users try to logon. Known issue: There is a known issue with Team Workplace failing on install when Single Sign On (SSO) is configured. Do not use SSO with Team Workplace in this beta release. This issue will be fixed in the Beta 4 release.

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So I do a radio show, and volker does some TV Stuff. *shrugs* Doing the radio show was a lot of fun. More info later, including some space later on to write up the stuff I talked about etc.

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HP iPaq 'Treo' to ship 1 July

HP iPaq 'Treo' to ship 1 July It looks nice, although that keyboard is crying out to be made retractable or given some sort of sliding cover. 165g isn't too bad weight wise, and the device features some decent memory onboard + expansion options.

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Atom Feed

Merauderweb now has an Atom Feed to compliment it's RSS feed. Next stop is a Google Sitemap. While creating the feed I came across the slight issue that Atom uses W3CDTF ("2005-06-21T17:19:53+12:00") for dates, whereas RSS uses W3CUTC format ("Tue, 21 Jun 2005 17:19:53 +1300"). Neat. Fortunately, someone out there has already done all the hard work. Here is a permalink to a site containing the neccesary @Functions to create a W3CDTF date. Or, in case of a broken link: t:=@Created; y:=@Right("00" + @Text(@Year(t)); 4); m:=@Right("0" + @Text(@Month(t)); 2); d:=@Right("0" + @Text(@Day(t)); 2); s1:="-"; s2:=":"; h:=@Right("0" + @Text(@Hour(t)); 2); mm:=@Right("0" +...

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mp3DirectCut is a free (but beta) util for fast mpeg audio editing.

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Wired News: Cell Phones Face the Music

Wired News: Cell Phones Face the Music. The article talks about Napster's recently revealed plan to extend its music service to mobile phones and it's potential to 'threaten' the iPod (+ clones). Good ol' Napster huh, still out there, still hanging on trying to make it's way in the world. Susan Kevorkian, an analyst with IDC, said there are some consumers who want to load their phones up with features like music, games and video, but plenty of others still prefer devices like the iPod that do one thing, and do it well. "We think there's going to be a very...

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A couple of quick updates

I've just done some quick updates on the RSS feed. It now works as a Firefox live feed, and some of the formatting is now a lot better. I've also added the link to the RSS feed in the header (slight oversight on my part, should have added it a long time ago), so any "RSS aware" browsers will now give you access to the feed. The old URL works, but I've also created another alias. The 2 URLs you can use (which are the same feed) are: http://www.merauderweb.co.nz/home.nsf/merauderweb.rss http://www.merauderweb.co.nz/home.nsf/rssfeed.xml Next thing I'm going to sort out are feeds which break the content out...

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Brits abroad warned: Don't become enemy spy

Test Brits abroad warned: Don't become enemy spy. Thats some good quality advice there - thanks for that Mi5. For all you people who aren't sure whether you can cut the grade for a job with an intelligence agency, then stories like this are out there to let you know that there's hope. Even for you. On another note, I'm not so sure what sort of quality intelligence we'd get from the barmy army folks over here at the moment if they did decide to become spies.

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Gorrillaz: an experiment in branding

Over the past few weeks I've seen the some new Gorillaz video, and various ads for the album playing at the gym. Of course, I can't hear anything as I always have my iPod on, but that's fine by me because I heard bits of the old album and I know for a fact that it's not my thing. But yet, after watching that video enough, I feel kind of compelled to listen to the music. The video just has something about it, and I'm wondering how intentional that is. There's something about it which creates some sort of an...

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SOE to be involved with The Matrix Online

Following the buzz started over at Corpnews, it seems that it can be confirmed. Yes, it's true - SOE and Warner Bros have signed Long-Term Agreements Covering DC Comics and The Matrix Online MMO Licensing . "Our goal is to deliver quality content and consistently advance our key properties within the online games space," said Jason Hall, senior vice president of Warner Bros. Interactive Entertainment. "We've done just that with The Matrix Online. Because of our compelling work in developing and launching that game we can now move it over to the leaders in the MMO space, SOE. We look forward...

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Numark iPod DJ Mixer

Found on Cool Hunting Like most things associated with the iPod, the prototype for the Numark iPod DJ Mixer is stunning, cutting-edge and beautiful. Revealed at the Musikmesse show in Frankfurt last month, the DJ Mixer enables DJs to mix two iPods simultaneously, taking “spinning discs” to a whole new level. The unit looks like an oversized, enhanced iPod, with scratch pad, fader and pitch controls and the ability to grab audio for scratching. Keep in mind this is just a prototype, but it’s still really great to look at. However, according to Engadget, a consumer unit could be available in...

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TiddlyWiki updated

I checked out TiddlyWiki a while ago, after Ned Batchelder wrote about it. Since then, I've been trying to use it to contain my todo lists, which usually end up living in multiple Notepad files on the desktop. So far I'm having mixed success because I'm so used to using Notepad, however that's not to say that TiddlyWiki isn't impressive and useful, because it is. Anyway, Jeremy Ruston is continuing to make some great updates to the project - I won't bother listing all the individual updates as they're easy to find on the homepage, however category style tags, updated...

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A quick collection of amusing links.

Right, let the link-o-mania begin. Crazy eBay Mom - First off we have a mirror of a pretty scary thread that has been archived off somethingawful.com. It's a good thing to look at before or after some spring cleaning, to remind yourself as to why it is/was a good idea, and that those things you had a hard time throwing away were indeed actually useless kipple. Three Wishes - Volker takes his life in his hands and posts an extension on an old classic joke. Kung fu Rooster - the accompanying comic should go some way to explaining the title, but what appealed...

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developerWorks live!

I just got back from IBM developerWorks live. I was quite disappointed when I instantly recognised the presentation from the first slides and the ficticious company name. It was exactly the same thing they'd shown us at a Business Partner enablement event a couple of months ago. Oh well, it was still a pretty decent turn out which was good to see. I was even more disappointed to notice that the presenter was completely unaware that a couple of the products had been renamed back to their original names, and also that he didn't have any beta version of Hannover to...

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"Hannover" -- announcing the next (post 7.0) version of Lotus Notes

Ed Brill writes about the Post 7.0 release of Notes, currently named "Hannover". The main announcement in Ambuj's keynote is "Hannover", the code name for the next major version of the IBM Lotus Notes client (post-7.0).  "Hannover" has three objectives: Deliver unprecedented productivity through a compelling, activity-based user interface Introduce a new class of "composite" applications; delivering innovation by extending Notes applications in unison with a J2EE-based platform of packaged and custom applications Build on fifteen years of Lotus Notes in-market leadership by protecting and leveraging existing customer investments in Lotus Notes and Domino.   Sounds good, but more importantly,...

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Sametime and Quickplace - They're back!

Ed Brill writes about the return of the old names for these products. After attending a couple of IBM presentations where the presenters started out with a disclaimer of "Look, I'm not going to use the old product names throughout this presentation because it will just get too confusing" I have to say it's a welcome change, although slightly surprising - and you have to wonder whether there are more changes coming (Domino Web Access vs iNotes for example, Domino Access for Microsoft Outlook, etc etc). However, I was kind of getting used to the new names.

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Who can refuse a talking kangaroo?

Well shit, when a couple of kangaroos pop up in front of me and offer me the chance to work at home, then how can I refuse?

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Lotus Notes Sucks, again

The comments on this thread have been going for almost 2 years now. The actual evidence which is linked to is the http://lotusnotessucks.4t.com/index.html page which has been kicking around for ages, and uses examples from R4 to make it's points. Reading the comments in the new guys blog, it's pretty clear that there are some people out there running some poor installations, and also that there are some people out there developing some unusable apps. Or worse still, some companies not doing any development at all - giving users the impression that the product is email only. Sure, it does email,...

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Dalek 'kidnappers' demand Doctor

Dalek 'kidnappers' demand Doctor

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Wired: PSP Hackers go retro

This Wired article talks a bit about hackers getting an emulator running on a PSP that allows them to play old versions of Mario World. Sounds kind of cool, but unfortunately not everyone will be able to run it: There is one catch -- so far, the hackers have only found a way around the security of the original firmware that was installed on the first batch of Japanese PSP systems. Later units, including every one released in the United States, contain version 1.5 of the firmware, which tightens up security. When it became available, Sony made the version 1.5 upgrade available...

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Apple don't always get it right

A little piece of genius I just found while updating my iPod firmware. It runs off, applies the image, and then I notice a weird icon come up on the iPod. After a minute or so I get this helpful message from the updater:   Well that's just dandy. What if I happen to be at work right now and the power adapter is at home? Well I guess I'm screwed then. How hard would it have been to mention this before I start the update. So now I need to wait until I get home to use the thing again. Neato. Tags:...

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Site update phase 1!

I've now registered www.merauderweb.co.nz as a 'proper' domain name. I'm working out what to do with the .com, but migrating it over at the moment is going to be a bit of a pain due to the way my email is handled. So please update your bookmarks to the .co.nz address. This means that finally I can offer a half decent memorable URL for the RSS feed: http://www.merauderweb.co.nz/home.nsf/rssfeed.xml. Stay tuned for layout upgrade and more features to come over the following weeks!

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Ignore this post..

Merauders lesbian kobold invasion is coming. Aka, the invasion of the lesbian kobolds! I need a unique string to make sure google is indexing the site again. While the above is fairly unique, it's actually still yielding a result set of about 5 hits, which is fairly scary.

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Another great looking Lian-Li Case

The PC800B is designed for use as one of those "home theatre" PC's, however it also would look great in my cabinet where I'm currently wasting horizontal space.

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In similar style to my post about googling for google methods, here Ed Brill is blogging about a blog which blogs his blogging. What is this world coming to?

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This TIE Fighter PC case/desk combo is very impressive indeed. What's not impressive is the crappy specs of the PC inside it. Larger picture here for those who don't like words.

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Newsflash: Dilbert occasionally funny

It's a weird moment when boingboing feels obliged to blog the fact that a Dilbert cartoon is actually funny. I guess it's fair enough when Dilbert is whoring himself out to the BSA.

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The perfect consumer strikes back

I've needed a replacement mouse for quite some time -- my current 'rechargeable' Logitech wireless mouse chews through a set of AA batteries about once every 7 days. It's battery life was never too flash, but at some point it seemed to lose the ability to charge the rechargeables, at which point it started to become a bit expensive to maintain. I bought a Wireless IntelliMouse 2.0 as an attempted replacement, only to find that it conflicts with the Logitech keyboard, and the two can't be used in tandem (no option to change frequencies on either device). So The Logitech...

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Googled on google for info about google

I just googled google for information about googles indexing methods. Ugh.

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