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"Hannover" -- announcing the next (post 7.0) version of Lotus Notes

Ed Brill writes about the Post 7.0 release of Notes, currently named "Hannover".

The main announcement in Ambuj's keynote is "Hannover", the code name for the next major version of the IBM Lotus Notes client (post-7.0).  "Hannover" has three objectives:
  • Deliver unprecedented productivity through a compelling, activity-based user interface
  • Introduce a new class of "composite" applications; delivering innovation by extending Notes applications in unison with a J2EE-based platform of packaged and custom applications
  • Build on fifteen years of Lotus Notes in-market leadership by protecting and leveraging existing customer investments in Lotus Notes and Domino.


Sounds good, but more importantly, check the screenshots.

There are some more screenshots here, and they look pretty good. I'm not going to worry that I can't see a Workspace tab in there.. I'll let that one slide. Finally there's a release which looks like it will give end users something to get excited about. Releases like R5 and R6 had some great things in them - but you tried explaining the virtues of a proper agent security model to and end user you'd get glazed over eyes pretty quickly. Here, show people some screenshots, and you should get some excitement.

Hannover is all based around Eclipse - this brings another major change which will appeal to quite a few people, including myself, as the lack of a Notes client has been the major thing putting me off buying a mac mini:

"Hannover" is targeted for Windows, Macintosh, and Linux client platforms.


Some additional links:

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