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Crazy eBay Mom - First off we have a mirror of a pretty scary thread that has been archived off somethingawful.com. It's a good thing to look at before or after some spring cleaning, to remind yourself as to why it is/was a good idea, and that those things you had a hard time throwing away were indeed actually useless kipple.

Three Wishes - Volker takes his life in his hands and posts an extension on an old classic joke.

Kung fu Rooster - the accompanying comic should go some way to explaining the title, but what appealed to me was this little snippet from the text:

As for what occurs in the first panel, I can't imagine how counterproductive those MPAA clips before movies have proven to be. It may be that you have not yet been insulted by one of these, but the only way to one-hundred percent guarantee that you will be harangued thus for piratical acts is to enter a theater and see movies legally.


Our ads over here have nothing to do with the MPAA obviously, but we have our own regional variants. We also have our own regional variants of the wise cracks which invariably get made as soon as these clips are shown. I'm thankful that the irony of having to pay to see a movie in order to be exposed to them isn't lost on other people.

We don't support that - A story of the authors work experience working on a typical IT support helpdesk, It's been around for a while, but it's still a great and sometimes scary read.

Several people confess that they've never done more with a computer than check their e-mail. Others admit they haven't even gotten that far. An impromptu contest develops to see exactly who knows the least. There are lots of contenders. I'm listening to them battle for the crown of incompetence as I'm dealt a new hand of cards when a frightening thought occurs to me. Our clueless bunch is now part of the technical-support staff for one of the world's top three computer manufacturers, and in seven days we're going to be taking your calls.


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