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developerWorks live!

I just got back from IBM developerWorks live. I was quite disappointed when I instantly recognised the presentation from the first slides and the ficticious company name. It was exactly the same thing they'd shown us at a Business Partner enablement event a couple of months ago. Oh well, it was still a pretty decent turn out which was good to see.

I was even more disappointed to notice that the presenter was completely unaware that a couple of the products had been renamed back to their original names, and also that he didn't have any beta version of Hannover to show (yeah this was a bit of an ambitious request, but hey, you gotta ask). The final error in his presentation was while referring to Sametime (which was actually referred to as IBM Lotus Instant messsaging etc even though it's been reverted back recently) he mentioned that it has AOL support. Well - it doesn't, and it hasn't for quite sometime. While I can see how some people might consider my bitching about the lack of a search/replace for recently changed product names a bit pedantic, presenting information which is severely out of date and totally false is pretty unacceptable. There wasn't even any comment to mention that it was out of date/incorrect, and he read the line about AOL support as if it was still an existing feature!

I do quite like my USB Coffee cup warmer though..

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