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SOE to be involved with The Matrix Online

Following the buzz started over at Corpnews, it seems that it can be confirmed. Yes, it's true - SOE and Warner Bros have signed Long-Term Agreements Covering DC Comics and The Matrix Online MMO Licensing .

"Our goal is to deliver quality content and consistently advance our key properties within the online games space," said Jason Hall, senior vice president of Warner Bros. Interactive Entertainment. "We've done just that with The Matrix Online. Because of our compelling work in developing and launching that game we can now move it over to the leaders in the MMO space, SOE. We look forward to working with SOE to enhance our overall services to massively multiplayer online gamers for The Matrix Online and a new DC Comics game."

Apparently SOE are the leaders in the 'MMO space'? I guess in terms of numbers they are, in terms of service - well, anyone who's played a SOE game can answer that one for themselves.


Known for its blockbuster franchises and hit titles including EverQuest®, EverQuest® II, Champions of Norrath(TM), Untold Legends(TM), and PlanetSide®, as well as for developing Star Wars Galaxies(TM): An Empire Divided(TM)

I find it interesting that SWG gets a whole other mini category in the above quote - the first batch of titles are all blockbuster hits, and then they tack on "as well as for developing" in relation to Star Wars Galaxies. I'm sure they didn't mean it to come across that way, but it's still kinda funny. I guess someone's been looking at their objectives to break 1million active players with the Wookie expansion vs their actual target (approximately 150,000 from memory - although I could be wrong, and of course I'd guess there might still have been a fair few buff bots around at that time).


SOE continues to redefine the business of online gaming and the creation of active player communities while introducing new genres on various entertainment platforms.

Very true. They've also redefined the business of destroying active player communities too by introducting dumb ass changes in the face of constant player protests.

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