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Workplace architect to work for Microsoft

Bob Congdon, a a very senior architect who most recently has been working on Workplace Designer and formerly was the architect for Domino HTTP and servlets, quits his job to work for Microsoft. Via vowe.net.

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Quote of the week

[15:41:58] Merauder: downloaded the Vista beta yet? [15:42:47] Steve: no. is it a mmo?

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Top 10 Web Fads

CNET's version of the Top Ten web Fads. I'd disagree with a fair few of these, especially as I don't remember the first 2. "All your base" at number 3 seems a slight understatement, I get the feeling whoever compiled that list simply didn't want to make it number 1. They have no chance to survive, and should make their time imo. Star Wars kid at #8 also seems somewhat low. Anyhow, it might provide a trip down memory lane for some of you, and if not, you can launch every Zig tbh.

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Domino hashed password "flaw"

This security advisory is pretty stupid. The basic "flaw" is in the design of the NAMES.NTF template. When a web user views a Person Document, the hashed version of that persons Internet Password is included in the page source. You need to view the source in order to get the hash, and then you need to reverse the hash (which can be harder if 'more secure internet passwords' have been enabled in the Domino Directory), and then you can login as that person. Obviously, this hash can be found in the Person document via a Notes client, so this 'flaw' is...

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Why I hate Quicktime

The only reason I hate Quicktime, is that it's constantly trying to install some stupid POS in your startup registry key to check for updates. Why do people continue to insist on doing this sort of stuff with their software?

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I've been using Dreamweaver a lot at work over the last few weeks for the Prototyping portion of a project elaboration phase. I've been astounded at how often it simply gets confused to all hell and needs to be restarted in order for it to sort itself out. It happens with a number of operations - copying/pasting table cells/rows will often corrupt the display, adding and then deleting extra white space will often leave table cells displayed too large on the screen (but the backend code is fine), new files are often undetected by when you copy them into...

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ASP.NET musings

So after a couple of days of development I've started to make some good progress in my sample application. It's slightly more than a quick "Hello World" application now, it's starting to actually look like a Weblog template. I can enter information via a simple webform, display the details of my current entries in the summary/home page, and drill down into an entry to display the full details. Behind the scenes it's been a crash course in a few things. I've given myself a crash course in basic SQL - 11 years ago when I skipped the database related classes where...

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From Domino to ASP.NET, Part 2

Just put up a very quickly written installment: Part 2 of the trials from Domino to ASP.NET. This post gives you a quick run down on how to setup Forms based authentication, handy for anyone who wants to have a small amount of security in their application without wanting to go the whole way and use Active Directory authentication.

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Too cynical perhaps?

Remember IBM Lotus's "Hannover" announcement last month?  The page on my blog with the screenshots has had over 8000 hits in a month.  That's twice as many as the blog entry about the announcement itself.  Everyone likes a good user interface, everyone wants to talk about good UI.  Clearly, IBM wants to ship a powerful and buzz-worthy UI for Notes "Hannover".   Stay tuned... Hrm, without meaning to sound overly negative, 8000 hits seems like rather a small amount to me considering those screenshots and what they represent(ed). Am I being too cynical?

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From Domino to .NET, a Developers tale (Part 2)

ASP.NET Security As a Domino developer, we've been spoilt for quite some time by having easy access to usernames and passwords to authenticate against applications. The Domino directory is easy to use, and the server does most of the integration work for you. It's also easy to extend this, and have external directories made available through Directory Assistance, and also to have applications which act as their own 'Directory' simply by including a few design elements from the main Directory Template. So when it came to creating some access control for my Project, I didn't really know where to start. It was...

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How to find free MP3 tracks on Google

This is a nice tip from Volker. Googlebot runs across lots of directories with MP3 files. Here is how to find them: intitle:"index of" -inurl:htm -inurl:html mp3 Of course you can add your favorite artist to that search string. If you put the full name in quotes you can make sure Google does not list directories that happen to list other artists that only share the first or the last name. Or you can replace mp3 with other extensions you are looking for.

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Passion vs Obsession

I stumbled across a couple of interesting (well, interesting if you're an Aucklander) websites today. Both related to Auckland's transportation woes. SlowTrainComin - one man's battle to cope with the daily saga of trying to catch a train in NZ's biggest city. I can see the logic - if you find something frustrating like this in your life, simply make it a point of obsession. That way, when anything bad happens to you it gives you a good excuse for content! Murphys law will eventually see to it that the bad things stop happening, just to spite you.. although maybe not. Rev...

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Flickr styled photo tagging using CSS

Andy Budd - Remote Rollover Demo

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Ed Brill's mailserver name makes me laugh.

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DominoWiki 1.0 Released

DominoWiki from Ben Poole is now available in it's 1.0.0 release. There's a few Domino versions of Wiki templates out them, but a lot of them have seemed a bit unfinished to me. DominoWiki is looking pretty complete, worth a look if you want to host a wiki in your Domino environment.

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Firefox 1.0.5 released

Download it here. Or, you can read the fix list here.

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From Domino to .NET - Part 1

I've just written Part 1 of what I hope will be a short series of "stuff" as I travel the path to a new career. Part 1 hasn't quite turned out to be as "Domino Developer specific" as I'd like it, possibly because it really is dealing with some of the basics.

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Ugly URLs

Domino applications often cop a lot of flak for their ugly URLs, however it's nice to see that other systems aren't doing anything too different. I'd wager that the id shown above has to be manually created and checked by the developer too, unlike Domino which handles all that for you. I get the feeling that I'm going to encounter something like this soon with Merauderweb.aspx.

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Blogging: If minds had anuses, blogging would be what your mind would do when it had to take a dump.

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How to look like a UNIX guru

How to look like a UNIX guru (original URL) contains a set of 15 useful command line utilities which can help you appear masterful with UNIX. I've mirrored it here simply because I want a persistent local copy to help me administer and maintain my FreeBSD box (not that it needs much maintenance).

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How to look like a UNIX guru

How To Look Like A UNIX Guru Terence Parr Last updated: September 2, 2003 UNIX is an extremely popular platform for deploying server software partly because of its security and stability, but also because it has a rich set of command line and scripting tools. Programmers use these tools for manipulating the file system, processing log files, and generally automating as much as possible. If you want to be a serious server developer, you will need to have a certain facility with a number of UNIX tools; about 15. You will start to see similarities among them, particularly regular expressions, and...

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Look who's talking

Look who's talking is a Wired article discussing the Amish and their use of technology. It's an interesting read. Some of their thinking is quite interesting - especially around 'who we will become' when we embrace this technology. Their comments around the phone system in general, and it's potential to interrupt has such high relevance for anyone who's ever tried to have a discussion with someone who keeps being constantly interrupted by their cellphone ringing, even when that person is supposed to have dedicated you a time slot (why do we bother 'booking' a meeting if you're just going to...

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Dear Microsoft: Why should we trust you to detect spyware?

For anyone who's heard about the rumors around Microsoft and Claria that have been floating about lately, then this is well worth a read.

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There's a new section of content up there - yes it's true, ASP.NET. That's where the career is taking me, and after having a good tinker with Visual Studio this weekend I have to say I'm much happier about going there. The ASP.NET content on this site will fit into a couple of distinct categories: 1. Code snippets/useful URLs/discussion of interesting things which I want to remember, in the same style as previous Notes/Domino content. 2. Articles and posts on ASP.NET from a Domino Developers point of view. Mike Golding started to touch on something similar briefly, but hasn't been posting much...

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From Domino to .NET, a Developers tale (Part 1)

This weekend I had my first decent run at developing something in ASP.NET. I've tinkered about with Visual Studio in the past, but this was my first go at actually developing something rather than just throwing controls on a form to see what they could do. Overall, it was a pretty positive experience. It's amazingly frustrating to start with a new product, you know exactly what you want to do, but don't know the best way to go about doing it. I guess it's similar to learning to speak in a different language. I had a small list of things I...

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Final beta of Notes/Domino 7 coming soon

The Beta 4 release of Notes/Domino and the Extended Products for 7 will be available for download soon (within a few days). It will be our final beta release for 7, in which we hope you will see notable improvements over Beta 3. Beta 4 will be a production, as opposed to non-production, release. Betas 1,2 and 3 were all non-production releases. From the Notes/Domino 7 beta forum.

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Times passing by

So I've been pretty busy over the past couple of weeks. Got offered a consulting job with one of the largest IT companies in NZ, and turned it down. It seemed the right decision at the time, things didn't feel right. Spent the week doing application prototyping, which is actually kind of interesting, and sort of leverages of the Business Analyst course I did a few months back. The worst part of the prototype is that I'm using Dreamweaver to do it in. I spend most of my time switching to the code view and just inputting straight HTML -...

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About Merauderweb

Since around 2000, Merauderweb has existed in some form or another. The current incarnation of Merauderweb is a tumble style site, covering subjects which happen to strangely co-incide with some of my interests: ASP.NET, C#, Visual Studio, Lotus Notes/Domino, Gaming, MMORPGs, Rugby, and much more. History Merauderweb started as a place for me to store a few online tools I wrote for the browser based strategy game Planetarion many years ago. From there the site turned into a place to store a few photos, and a Sandbox to experiment with a few techniques in Domino web development. From there, it...

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Is Notes always on the defensive foot?

As someone who's worked with the technology for a while, I can identify with the line of thinking. This posting from Ed Brill has some interesting thoughts in the comments discussing the topic - worth a read.

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