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November 2005 Entries

Kids games shopping list

If you're looking for a game to buy for your child or young person, try this list.

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What a mix of events

This week is quite a busy one, I have a few things to attend and they're quite a mix. The Microsoft Connect 05 event for the release of Visual Studio and SQL Server, Motorhead, the office Christmas party, and then the cricket on Saturday. An interesting combo of geek stuff, metal, and sports (well, sports and alcohol).

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CSS Hacks Matrix

This table shows which browsers will apply which css filters / hacks - it's enough to put anyone off wanting to be a web developer, and explains why so many people just say "fuck it" and develop applications which only work on IE. Yay for the 80/20 rule!Technorati tags: CSS

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Just die already

So recently in Notesland it's been business as usual - the same 5 people posting the same series of hacks and kludges to get around the shortcomings of the product.. nah just kidding! A couple of amusing posts from Ed Brill. The most amusing one is when he tries to install Notes ("My product") on his new iMac, and fails miserably. I love how Mac people have been trying to give feedback about the problems with the install for ages which has all fallen on deaf ears.. The second and slightly older one is here, where Ed asks how easy...

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MS-6501 Approved Cooling Solutions


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Congratulations to us!

Well done to NZ for winning the 2011 Rugby World Cup. It'll be a great thing for the country, and hopefully we might end up having a couple of stadiums upgraded before then, which can only be a good thing. Tags: Rugby

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Some Notes Stuff

First off, I think Volker is pretty spot on with his predictions. If they'd started by marketing Workplace (the product, not the family) as a 'portal lite' or something similar then it could have completely avoided that whole bizarre weird patch of confusion about what is was and what it meant to Domino. Also the comment that Sametime has been neglected for too long is very apt. It has. Ed posted that the R7 upgrade guide is now available, for download or for viewing online. The guide seems a bit light, but for new or inexperienced Admins upgrading to R7 it...

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Gamespy Onlife 'interviews' MMO ninjas

Far be it from me to question the quality of Gamespy's content, but this article really starts to feel like they're getting a bit desperate.

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Tips for selling a car

If you're selling a car, then it's never a good idea to get in a rather noticable accident in a public place which then gets posted on public forums. Still, it's the stuff of Internet legends.

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LotusSphere 2006 full session listing

Here.Technorati tags: IBM, Lotus, Notes, Domino

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Sony Stops Production of Content Protection CDs

Sony Stops Production of Content Protection CDs. I'd call that a win for the vocality of the 'blogsphere'. It's also good to see that Microsoft's AntiSpyware application treats the Sony rootkit as malware and removes it.

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Smedley "Explains" Galaxies overhaul

Smedley Explains Galaxies Overhaul

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Sony, Rootkits and Digital Rights Management

Sony, Rootkits and Digital Rights Management Gone Too Far is a very interesting article. If you're interested in Digital Rights Management, and can handle a bit of Windows technical jargon.

posted @ Tuesday, November 1, 2005 4:40 PM | Feedback (0)


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