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The Top 11 ways geeks were naughty this year

Top 11 Ways Geeks Were Naughty This Year.

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Best blonde joke ever, period.

This blonde joke is without doubt, the best ever.

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The downside of living online

Ned Batchelder writes about The downside of living online: Right now, both Bloglines and del.icio.us are down, so I can't read aggregated blogs, or bookmark interesting stuff I find. Over the years I've customised a lot of the systems I use in order to "run my life" (I don't like the acronym "GTD" so maybe "RML" will work for me better). I've since archived my custom invoicing system, but am still using my "PLN" (personal life navigator) which handles bookmarks and important information, as well as some important document libraries filled with Notes/Domino/ASP.NET/PHP information. One of the ongoing concerns has always...

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Technical writing: Is it really that hard?

One of my never ending pet peeves is the large amount of completely incorrect technical writing which is going on out there. In fairness, I realise this could be technical writing or technical editing. I've done a small amount of paid writing before, and have witnessed the brutal things editors can do to a piece of writing if they're left alone for more than a few minutes at a time. Latest example, in the Summer edition of the AA Magazine (thats the automobile association, not the other one). Phil Clark writes in Webspin about Cokefridge. He says: "For more cool, see this...

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Xbox live gamertag

I don't have an Xbox 360 yet, and hell, they aren't even in the country until March, but that's not to stop me sorting out my gamertag in advance. Technorati tags: Merauderweb, Merauder, Xbox, Xbox 360

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Notes/Domino 7.01 beta released

Grab it from the usual places. Also, you can check out the fix list, which currently contains 45 entries for the 7.01 release - all of which seem pretty minor fixes. Pretty impressive really, and it shows that the x.0 release of the product really is/was fine for deploying across a production environment.Technorati tags: Lotus, Notes, Domino

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Our server disk utilisation rules

So who's worse in this scenario: The n00b who rocks into her new job, and proceeds to dump the entire contents of her iPod into a folder on her desktop - of a machine which is connected to the Domain, so when she logs off, it all syncronises up into her roaming profile. or The IT group who's policies are relaxed enough that we allow this to happen? You decide! Either way, a current report of a couple of file and print servers makes for some interesting information: I'm quite surprised that our good friends 'AVI' and 'MPG' don't make a showing in that...

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Who dares wins

I think the whole thing of Microsoft being denied a booth at LotusSphere makes perfect sense. It's what we'd expect, and I don't blame them. There are plenty of opportunities for Microsoft to target IBM customers through having a booth, and yes, I doubt IBM would be granted an equivalent booth at TechEd if they asked, although who knows? As a customer, or in my situation, as an integrator, do you know what I'd like to see? I'd like to see that approach thrown out the window. I'd like to see some "cool" demos showing different technologies operating together seamlessly in order...

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Working in a "team"

As a Domino Developer, I'm used to mostly working alone. Sure, I've worked in large teams before, but in those cases I was usually the only Developer, with the rest of the team members being architects / admins / deadwood (management). At the moment however, I'm working on a large ASP.NET project in a "team". After a morning of fixing "someone elses" inability to spell properly, I'm missing that. How many different ways can you misspell "Correspondence" inside a SINGLE PIECE OF CODE. The word is used throughout all parts of the application, however the crap below was found in...

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GTD and Text Files

I used text files as a large part of my GTD (getting things done) system. I'm starting to use them more and more, because they have some serious advantages. They're portable, they're platform AND application independant, they can be easily backed up, and so forth. However, in this article, 43 Folders might have taken things a bit too far. It really sounds like you'd spend so much time organising and arranging your text files to have much time left over to actually do anything. Regardless, it's quite amusing to see people who spend a lot of time to make sure they do...

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Educate your intertron awareness

By learning the true meaning of RTFM.

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Pure Pwnage Episode 9

It's like, out and stuff.

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You can like, train a n00b

...but he'll just be a trained n00b. So, in on Saturday as one of the WAN links is down, and I somehow offered to take a look as I happen to live 5 mins from the office (talk about mixed blessings on that one huh). So I do a bit of pinging, and it looks like it's an ISP issue with one of the 10mb fiber links. Weird as the other one is fine.. so whatever. I call the ISP, and sit on hold for like 25 mins - they have some music holding, but the stupid operator recording comes on...

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Donald Watson, founder of veganism, RIP

DONALD WATSON survived to the age of 95; good propaganda in his campaign to convince the world that there is nothing inherently lethal about a vegan diet. He always regarded himself as a propagandist, in the term’s non-pejorative sense. When interviewed at 92 he was pleased to report that he had lived thus far without resort to medication “either orthodox or fringe”, and with hardly a day’s illness. Full article here, found via boingboing. Technorati tags: Vegan

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HDTV 720p vs. 1080i - The Great HD TV Debate EXPLAINED and SOLVED

HDTV has 2 modes, 720p and 1080i, and which one to use is a subject which is quite frequently debated by hifi geeks. So with that in mind, here is the definitive answer to the question of modes: 720p vs. 1080i - The Great HD TV Debate EXPLAINED and SOLVED

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A Typical Day

Answer an IBM/Lotus business partner survey regarding the use of Linux solutions in our organisation / country. Do a bit of organising for an office move where I'm sort of organising the IT Infrastructure. Assist with setting up of some VoIP infrastructure. Troubleshoot a Domino database which isn't quite working how it should. Implement a class in ASP.NET for a $500k project I'm [supposed to be full time] working on along with some other dudes which applies sexy UI Styles to all calendar controls. Deploy that ASP.NET application to the dev box and re-create the test database. Do some research...

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On the Effectiveness of Aluminium Foil Helmets

On the Effectiveness of Aluminium Foil Helmets - I'm sure there's plenty of you out there who'll have a use for the information contained in that link.

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The week in PXT

So here's a quick summary of a few things from this week as seen through the eyes of my phone's camera - which isn't too hot! Click on any image for the full size view. Note the wording there - "full size", not "higher quality", because the pictures certainly aint great! The Rack First off, I did a bit of work on my computers last weekend / early this week. I now have 2 identical Lian Li cases, one housing my main rig, the other housing a server which is currently running Domino / File & Print, IIS and SQL - the disks...

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New t-shirts available from vowe.net

Volker's new t-shirts crack me up. As Lisa Simpson would say, "It's funny because it's true": The tagline to the shirts, is "If IBM marketed sushi..."

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The Worlds Worst Firefox Extension

Meet FasterFox, aka, the worlds worst Firefox extension.

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Microsoft Connect 05

Microsoft Connect 05 (aka the Visual Studio 2005, SQL Server 2005 release, and BizTalk server 2006 pre-release) was on Tuesday. It was setup to look and feel like a mini Tech-Ed, minus the backpack. I always seem to get value from these sorts of events, but not neccesarily value directly related to the subject of the event. This time, there were a few interesting points about Project Management which made me smile. They were mentioned during the Team System presentation and had a lot of relevance to projects I've been involved in. They basically introduced the concept of a Project...

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