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MMO of the year: Guild Wars

Guild Wars has been named Best MMORPG of the Year and is one of the Top 10 PC Games of the Year, according to Gamespy. Guild Wars also received an award for Best Value. Find the full awards listing here.

Best MMORPG is a big call - I'd agree with Best Value, and that it should probably have some place in the Top 10 games listing, but Guild Wars isn't really a MMORPG as such - it's a multiplayer game with a shared graphical foyer/chat room (well, assuming you classify standing around shouting "FUK U KUNT" and so on as 'chat').

I enjoyed Guild Wars for a while, and reckon if you could assemble a decent sized group of non-smacktards then the ladder/pvp aspect of it could provide a longer term source of entertainment, but I still have a hard time giving it MMORPG of the year.

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