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Intriguing Lotusphere announcements

Posted today on www.edbrill.com:

There's more to the Sametime 7.5 news than what has been written so far
There's more to the Mac news than what has been written so far
"Hannover", according to those who had a sneak peek today, is a "wow"
Workplace Forms, as was commented here and on other blogs today, is a "wow"

From the bottom up:

Workplace forms? Could be interesting, however I'm not sure how many Workplace deployments have been done in NZ. I can only count the number of deployments among my customers (0), or the number of enquiries I've had about the product (0).

Hannover - well the screenshots always looked good. I'm curious to see how far they've progressed it, and more importantly I'm interested in an ETA. As are a lot of people I suspect, so how about I get in line..

Mac news? Well, a friend thinks it could possibly be a Domino server for Mac. I'm not sure that fits. It could well be Domino designer for the Mac, which would make a lot of people happy. It would also mean that I'd have a small reason to consider getting one of the next generation MacBook Pros (I'm done buying first generation releases of ANYTHING damnit.) - it'd definately make a nice little machine to use for email / writing / photos and such. With Domino becoming such a small part of my job, it'd be quite nice to put it the client + designer on a mac laptop and have it sitting there for casual use.

Sametime 7.5 I'm interested about too. It sounds like Microsoft Live Communications Server has impressed a few people, so maybe Sametime 7.5 is the comeback to that. Sametime as it is has some pretty impressive features, but it also has a lot of downsides. The best example being the Web Conferencing. It's impressive, and it can do a hell of a lot for an applet in the browser, and it does very well to cram a lot of features through port 80 (my tests have worked very well through even the most restrictive corporate firewall setups). However, the tradeoff is usability. The whole "save a local html file to a temporary file on your hard drive and use it to launch a popup IE window" kind of upsets a few popup blockers and client security problems (Gee, funny that), so those need to be disabled. Next, the first time load on those applets is a bit harsh and puts a few people off. That one combines well with the fact that the applets have always been a bit choosy about which version of the JVM you have installed. If it's the wrong one, then they just wont load - you get stuck at the grey screen of applet-death forever. To top it off they've never played too nicely in Firefox (although they do mostly work). So yeah, it can be a great product, if the users can get it up and running. I've never had much of a problem with it, but thats why I'm a developer and they're.... whatever the hell they are (look honestly half the time I can't tell what some of these people do). Anyway I went off on a tangent there, but I'm guessing some "cool" usability and features in Sametime 7.5 to rival the Microsoft offering.

It took me a long time to make that point. I think I have some Sametime demons left over from the trial project which I needed to exorcise. Thanks for bearing with me ;)

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