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Lots of stuff coming out of Lotusphere at the moment, most importantly new annoucements and screenshots. I was going to make this a longish entry, but there's a lot of people writing live from the event, so it's probably easier to just post summaries of links along with some short comments.

RSS feeds and blog templates coming in Domino
They're a little overdue, but it seems we have RSS feeds and blog templates as standard in Domino. The unofficial "IBM Lotus Blogging Community" has been working on their own solutions to this for quite some time now, but it's nice that it's finally being acknowledged, and that the "core" templates are being expanded a little. A few more useful templates would help consultants sell Domino servers to small businesses - at the moment, the turn off is the money to be spent on custom development after you've paid for the server in order to get the functionality you want.

Domino "Next".
I honestly don't know what "Domino Next" is. It could be R7.5, it could be R8, it could be an alien space ship hidden inside area 51. Declan Lynch hints that Domino Next will be required in order to support the Hannover Client, which is an interesting move for Lotus. Previously, every server version has supported every client version. It could be that Hannover will indeed run on any "standard" Domino server (I'm loving this vauge terminology more and more), but that it requires Domino Next tasks in order to do some of the Workplace style provisioning. At this point, who knows.

Domino Next, server side will also include: Mail Recall, SpamGuru (users can classify mails as spam and the server will rank incoming emails to see if they should be deleted, moved to JunkMail or just deliver as normal), improved support for Mime/html emails, the Hannover client provisioning server, a new version of DDM, and a faster/improved AdminP service.

Domino Next, Development improvements: Simplified RSS and Atom feed generation (ARGH you do this now after I've just spent time manually upgrading my custom made RSS Feeds!), MIME and HTML APIs, Unread marks APIs, more DXL work, other APIs - mail, calendar etc, the ability to call web services from domino apps (about time). No mention as to whether you can consume those via the server, or if the consuming code has to be called from the client.

On various mac stuff
DWA on Firefox for Mac "announced" - the amusing thing about this is that DWA has worked fine on Firefox for Macs for a while now, but now it's "officially supported". Not really too exciting huh? Also announced is Notes 7 support for Mac announced, which is coming in 7.0.2 (no mention of whether that's Designer and Administrator, but I'd hope so), and also that "Hannover" is being built for Macintosh simultaneously with the Windows code. Also Mac/Intel will be supported later this year.

A friend commented on the screenshots "lol, its an IBM branded outlook 2003!". The Hannover Screenshots so far do look quite nice, and I'm interested in reading more about what people think from the live demo session, which should be over by now.

Sametime 7.5
Sounds like it has some cool features, and yes, it sounds like they're stepping up to match the equivalent Microsoft Live product. Sametime 7.5 Screenshots.

Some snippets from Ed Brill:

  • A brand new rich end-user experience
  • Voice over IP and audio/video integration (including with Avaya, Polycom, Nortel, Siemens, Tandberg) Interoperability with major public IM networks included (AOL, Yahoo, Google Talk), with no additional license cost for this interoperability
  • Enterprise to enterprise, protocol to protocol connectivity
  • Support for Windows, Mac, and Linux clients
  • All in all some cool info coming out. Most of this is taken from things mentioned in the keynotes, so I'd expect more details to come out over the course of this week as people attend the 'full' sessions.

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