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On Everquest 2

I'm playing a bit of Everquest 2 at the moment - it's NZ$20 for the DVD and 30 free days, or, it's a free download (in New Zealand it's actually easier to walk out and buy it than to mess about with the 3gb download and 'risk' exceeding my monthly data cap), so it's hard to justify why not to try it. Anyhow, today I find this snippet from Aggro Me about the newbie zone:   They did retain the quest in the main series which encourages grouping. I know some soloers might not like this but you don't really have to...

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Regarding Super 14 refs and scrums

So after another week of Super 14 Rugby, I'm lefting wondering what it is exactly that officials want to achieve out of scrums this year. More to the point, what they hoped to achieve out of changing the referreeing of them. If they're trying to encourage teams to learn to read a ref, and that their scrum success is all about anticipating the engage call, and that risking the early engage is the way to win, then that's cool. That's where they're going. The result is a lot of inconsistent reffing and that scrums across the competition are a mess -...

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Winamp 5.2 released

Winamp 5.2 finally has integrated iPod support, meaning the popular ml_ipod plugin is now redundant. They've named the feature "ml_pmp" (Personal Media Player), and claim compatiability with iPods, Creative, and Microsoft Plays For Sure devices. Link: Lifehacker Download of the Day: Winamp 5.2

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World of Warcraft Teaches the Wrong Things

Soapbox: World of Warcraft Teaches the Wrong Things is a very interesting article, a lot of which I agree with very strongly. In particular, his comments on time VS skills, and grouping vs soloing are very relevant. Anyhow, it's an interesting read. (Also he likes Streetfighter 2, so I'm instantly going to listen to anything he has to say). Technorati tags: Gaming, WoW

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Worlds Largest Windows Error message

Worlds largest Windows Error message - the comments turn into a stupid yet strangely amusing flame war very quickly. Here are the images for those who want the flame free experience: Technorati tags: Windows, Error Message

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The final in these weeks series of inspirational posters:

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Yo, the Hip Hop Gamers League'n'Stuff

Foton over at afkgamer.com talks about this a lot better than I can be bothered to, so it's blockquote for the win:   Sprite (aka Coca-Cola) wants gamers (that’s YOU!) to consider their soft drink the drink of champions (not you currently, but maybe if you start chugging Sprite instead of that nasty Mountain Dew or other Pepsi product). I AM NOT MAKING THIS UP, Snoop, the Doggfather, introduced the Hip-Hop Gaming League, a new video game league for famous people that drink Sprite. Here's the announcement. There aren’t enough words for lame in the English language to describe this marketing campaign,...

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Pure Pwnage Episode 9 premier video

Pure Pwnage episode 9 premiere video The best line is "She's a bit shy, that's what happens if you play a lot of MMOs I guess".. "lol"Technorati tags: Gaming, Pure Pwnage

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The three ages of slavery

..and a few comments around the cartoon which struck chords with me: I'd love to draw parallels with the old Guild levels of Apprentice, Journeyman and Master, but I feel I'm still Journeying. Think about the age of mastery. There's something about it which appeals to me - that's why I've always had aspirations to be an assasin. It's hard to be a bad assasin, you end up incredibly dead incredibly quickly. Granted it's an extreme example, but the concept is that excellence is encouraged (your interpretation of encouragement might be different to mine, but roll with it, the analogy works). Yeah,...

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Sometimes things don't quite go according to plan. At this point you have a few different options available. You can spend time addressing the problems, trying to fix them. If that's not an option, maybe you can sit back and think about what went wrong, to make sure you (or someone else if you're feeling benevolant) learn from them in future. Or else, there's always this one: Dedicated to the only project I've ever worked on where there's a "Blame Register"

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Whats wrong with this picture?

Well, the main thing that's wrong is that the amusing story behind it is missing.

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The theme of the week is despair, and what better way to convey this than images of motivational posters from Despair.com

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Make soap

I know these recipies because Tyler knows these recipies. Today, we make soap!

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Hard luck

Condolences go out to the New Zealand curling team, who just lost to Norway. Better luck next time guys.

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Will Apple switch to Windows?

An interesting read: Will Apple switch to Windows?Technorati tags: Apple, Microsoft, Miscellaneous

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Nintendo DS "Lite" Advance Photos


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GTD Tiddlywiki PLUS!

I've talked about Tiddlywiki before, as I tried to use it extensively for my GTD approach for a wee while. It never really took off for me, the simplicity of text files is hard to replace. However this morning I came across GTD Tiddlywiki plus, which is an adaption of Tiddlywiki aimed directly at being used for GTD functionality. It looks good, and might be enough to convince me to give it another shot.Technorati tags: GTD, Tiddlywiki

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New plans are not enough says Minister

Telecom's ace card of cheaper, faster internet will not be enough to stave off Government action on broadband, Communications Minister David Cunliffe indicated yesterday. Link: Telecom's broadband cut 'overdue'Technorati tags: NZ

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MP3@64 does what the title suggests - it lets you play MP3s on a Commodore 64.   Hardcore Commodore 64 fans will want to check out the MP3@64, a module that enables a Commodore 64 to play MP3 music files in high quality. The MP3@64 uses a DSP (Digital Signal Processor) for MP3 decoding and a separate D/A converter in 20-bit resolution for high quality sound output. The output can either be taken from two RCA connectors or from a 4-pin audio connector. The MP3@64 requires a Commodore 64, and a MMC64 card reader. The MMC64 allows you to use the Multimedia and...

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News.com: IBM patches Lotus flaw

From the News.com article: IBM has issued a patch for a half dozen "highly critical" security flaws in versions of its Lotus Notes, which could allow a malicious attacker to execute arbitrary code remotely when users access files through the Notes attachment viewer. Those are some more reasons to upgrade to 7.0.1. The Notes client has a pretty good track record of not normally needing this sort of patching attention, it's a shame that this exception had to be made. Link: News.com: IBM Patches Lotus flaw Link: Lotus.com/security Link: Ed Brill: IBM Patches Lotus flawTechnorati tags: Lotus, Notes, Domino

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Square Takes Action Against MMORPG 'Gold Farmers'

Square Takes Action Against MMORPG 'Gold Farmers' Technorati tags: Gaming, FFXI, MMORPG

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Go the Blues

First game of the Super 14 season tonight. What more can I say but go the Blues - Auckland city represent! Technorati tags: NZ

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Consistently inconsistent

I'm wondering if anyone who read this post, and then went on to read this one would get a bit confused? The point being I wouldn't be making the shift to ASP.NET if it wasn't for the state of Notes/Domino in ANZ over the past 3-4 years (and it could have been in decline for longer than that, but at that time I was over in London, consulting in a land where Notes/Domino jobs were plentiful and varied!). I still love many things about the product. We still run it at my current workplace, and I have a heavy personal...

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The Guardian UK: Survival of the unfittest

To start off, I'll quote the same paragaph as Ed Brill:   Imagine a program used by 120 million people, of whom about 119m hate it. Sound unlikely? Yet that's the perception one garners in trying to discover whether Lotus Notes, IBM's "groupware" application, is - as readers of Technology blog suggested - the "world's worst application". Where do you start with an article such as this? It's so incredibly out of date and vacuous that it's hard to respond. Once again, I don't want to write much, so here are a few points:   What is the credibility...

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Friday's random linkfestoramastravaganza

Continuing the non existent theme of linkblog envy, here are some links! First off we start with the Star Trek Fan who went bankrupt & got divorced turning his home into a spaceship. O RLY? YA RLY! Here's a link to the company he started, which was supposed to make money once he used his flat as a showroom and sold his services to others. 24th Century Interior Design Next, we have a 9 year old child arguing over Chocolate milk on xbox live. The audio is NSFW (yeah, he's 9 and it's NSFW, gg parents) On a Notes/Domino angle, there's another survey...

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coComment is a site which allows you to track comments you've left across other peoples sites. It's currently in beta, and you need an invite from an existing user to join up. It sounds like a good idea for those people who don't have a site of their own, but who leave a lot of comments across the globe. There's a conversation going on at gapingvoid about it now. A quick sidenote about one of the comments:   On a possibly unrelated note-- one of the reasons I never comment in blogs is because there is no threading like in a message...

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On the notion of a need for a Lotusphere in Europe

Ed Brill writes about the need for a Lotusphere in Europe/Elsewhere (the title only mentions Europe, but the rest of the post mentions Asia Pac and the cancelled Lotus Fusion that used to be held in Australia). I don't want to write a lot about this - just a few quick comments based on my own personal observations and experience; That's a very long way to say "No" Ed seems to get a bit angry and defensive at the comparisons to TechEd. I feel that those comparisons are quite valid. I don't think the line that "Microsoft has a broader product...

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Das Keyboard

When I ordered the Das Keyboard, I thought it was very cool - however I was slightly worried about how easily I'd be able to use it. I touch type, but I'm not too hot on numbers, and sneak the occasional glance down to check my positioning. This is complicated by the fact that I taught myself to touch type, and although I can hit 110wpm+ most days, my technique isn't quite "proper". Well, after the first day I have to say the keyboard is a joy to type on. The key weightings make a hell of a difference, and...

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K750i Calendar Synronisation, take 2

Previously, I've mentioned the lack of Notes syncing in the K750i. Well, my calendar is now "synced", although it's a very manual process. It's also very simple, and took about 2 mins. 1. From my Notes mailbox, select the view for "All Calendar Entries" and select the date range I want to export 2. Copy them to the clipboard (CTRL-C if you really need to know how to do this) 3. Open a blank Notepad window (or any other plain text editor), and paste (CTRL-V!) 4. Save the file as whatever, "stupid.vcs" works for me. 5. Open MyPhoneExplorer, go to the calendar, and...

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Auckland Harbour Bridge Bungy

I did the Auckland Harbour Bridge Bungy jump on Wednesday the 1st. It was my first bungy, and it was pretty interesting. It's amazing what goes through the mind when you're about to jump off a bride. What's more interesting is the flashbacks. I got them later that evening while trying to go to sleep, they were incredibly vivid, and overall the sensation was pretty full on. Apparently they're quite common for Bungy jumps and Sky dives, and are part of the reason there's a bit in the disclaimer you sign about mental health. Interesting indeed! Tags: NZ, Auckland

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Drunkenblog on Linkblogs

This post on drunkenblog echoes my thoughts on a linkblog. Some days I sorta wish I had a link blog, because I go through a ton of things every day I'd like to point others towards, but don't have a few paragraphs worth to say about them... The obvious solution that probably comes to mind is sucking in something like del.icio.us bookmarks in some form, but that won't really happen because I have zero desire for the world to see all of my bookmarks, which means I'd have to maintain two sets, and I'm way too lazy for that....

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Dictionary.com Quicksearch

Adding this here so I can find it later!Technorati tags: Firefox, Dictionary.com

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Visited Countries

Visited Countries does pretty much what the title suggests. It creates a map showing the countries you've visited. Nice idea. However it shows how much of the world you have yet to explore or glimpse. create your own visited countries map or vertaling Duits Nederlands

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RSS icon moved in Firefox 1.x+

I wondered where it went. I kept looking for it down in the status bar to no avail. I finally got around to googling for it, and found that it's moved up to the address bar. So there you have it, in case you wondered too!Technorati tags: Firefox, RSS

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Ballantines Case Mod

Vinnie Paul from Pantera made his swimming pool in the shape of his favourite Whisky bottle. This guy put a PC inside his.

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Notes/Domino 7.0.1 due Monday/Tuesday

According to various IBM/Lotus sources, the 7.0.1 releases of Notes & Domino are due this Monday or Tuesday. According to the fix database, thats 509 fixes coming our way. (Also, what's up with that database name - r5fixlist.nsf, that's some bad planning while choosing a filename)Technorati tags: Lotus, Notes, Domino

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Copper Comic

Copper is a nice monthly webcomic. However, there's also a very interesting series of pages which detail the process he goes through to make the comic. It's also quite interesting to see that he also used a 24-inch Dell Ultrasharp LCD - it's good to know that a fairly heavy artistic person rates that monitor. Technorati tags: Web Comics

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Ghetto server racks

I thought my home setup was a bit quickly done in parts. That is, until I saw these servers.

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Messenger 8 Beta

This is good, and well overdue. Trillian doesn't mention this at all. There's nothing worse than people who don't realise that this shit is all being logged somewhere, especially if they're people which you talk to. Messenger 8 is weird so far. It's very different from Trillian (well duh), but it looks like it has some nice features. The fact that the "Skin" for it at the moment is huge and bulky doesn't sit well with me. It takes up too much monitor real estate for anyone who's used to using a very compact Trillian skin. This could change once...

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RRRRR aar GGllrrrrnnn uhnnnn!

RRRRR aar GGllrrrrnnn uhnnnn!

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Sadness in Star Wars world

Sadness in Star Wars world Another article which says mostly the same stuff, but this one has a very apt quote: One player wrote in an e-mail to me this week: "The game for me probably will be a lost love. Sort of like seeing your spouse with Alzheimer's. Outwardly, everything appears the same as it always has, but you know that beneath the surface, things will never be the same." Technorati tags: Gaming, MMORPG, Star Wars

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First they giveth, then they taketh away..

Just logged into Gmail - no delete button. That was a nice short 1 month stay.Technorati tags: Google, Gmail

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The WoW Chunk Norris Fact Generator

An addon which makes me want to play WoW again! The Chuck Norris Fact Generator! Chuck Norris Fact Generator: This small addon will post the random Chuck Norris facts found on ChuckNorrisFacts.com Over 230 fun facts to use! Usage: Type /Chuck and then the channel that you wish to post in. You may use 'guild', 'raid', 'party', 'say', 'yell', 'officer'. Additionally, you can also whisper somebody a fact with /Chuck whisper You may also use channel numbers, such as /Chuck 1 to post in /1, /Chuck 2 to post in /2, and so on. /Chuck guild /Chuck raid /Chuck say /Chuck yell /Chuck party /Chuck officer /Chuck whisper /Chuck ...

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Playing, Reading, Listening - February 2006

Playing Knights of the Old Republic 2 (PC) Guild Wars Rise of Nations Reading Essential ASP.NET (with examples in C#)Essential ASP.NET The Wicked Keeper Anton Oliver: Inside (finished) Listening Shockwave - Dominicon KMFDM - MDFMK KMFDM - WWIII Motorhead - Essential Noise, the very best of Technorati tags: Merauderweb

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The Distance between IBM and you?

What's the lesson here? Don't bother with IBM Tech Support because they're useless? Or is it that you should follow the methodology around "How to get something fixed with Linux - complain that 'linux sucks because it can't do.......' to a bunch of Linux zealots and check the flamewar for useful comments"? I'm not sure the story is really as positive as Ed tries to make it sound.Technorati tags: Lotus, Notes, Domino

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