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Drag and Drop

I read about how R6 added drag and drop for file attachments, which is all well and good, but I've never really used it. One thing I didn't realise you can do, is drag an image from a browser into a rich text field and have Notes attach it as a file. It might sound like something you wouldn't need to do too often, but it's something I do a lot when attaching thumbnail images in posts, both here and when I write my Geekside posts. Handy, but it worries me that I never even thought to try it until now!

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Digital art from E.K.Holbrook

So going back many years, in the days when I used to play Planetarion, I came across a couple of pictures that people had used as galaxy banners. I really liked the style, and have kept them floating about with my backdrop images collection for years, even though they had been resized and so were too small to be actually used as a backdrop. Anyway years down the track I realise the images have the artists name down in the bottom corner. A quick google and I find the guy has a site filled with them. The site is here, and...

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Slashdot: Lotus vs. SharePoint

Lotus vs. SharePoint on Slashdot is pretty much the standard Slashdot spam/abuse fest these days, however if you're interested, you might find an interesting quote or two in there. Link: Slashdot: Lotus vs. SharePoint Link: ZDNet - Collaboration: Lotus Notes/Domino 7 vs SharePoint Portal Server 2003

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YouTube, VideoBlogging, and oh crap I'm getting old

This link contains a whole load of old 80's and 90's cartoons. It's already been linked via Digg, so it's possible you've seen it before. If that's the case, deal with it. While watching an episode of Captain Planet via the above link, I happened on a video from BowieChick. If that name means nothing to you, then I wouldn't be too worried. She's the girl who made videos about her Logitech webcam, Logitech then used some of these for marketing purposes, paid her nothing, and she still reckoned she got a good deal. Much blogging was then done about viral...

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G.R.A.W on the PC

G.R.A.W is probably the game I've played the most on the Xbox 360 so far. The campaign is a lot of fun singleplayer, and the multiplayer is insane, especially the co-op missions (well, they were until Xbox live went all weird and the games started disconnecting, but whatever). Nonetheless, when I heard it was available on the PC I wasn't really that interested. I mean, I've completed the campaign already, and I have it on the 360, so who cares? Well apparently the PC version is a lot better than the 360, and it has enough differences to warrant checking...

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A weekend in games

Well, not so much an entire weekend gaming - but if you count Rugby as gaming, then I watched the Super 14 semi's, so I guess that's more gaming for you. Anyhow, the weekend in gaming, as seen by me. Rise of Legends I'm still not getting into it as much as I hoped/thought. I'm playing through just so I can say I gave it a fair go, and it does have some nice bits to it, but overall I'm just not digging it. I guess it's kind of nice having a storyline behind the campaign, and the cutscenes / map variations...

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Random quickfire Thursday thoughts

Rise of Legends. It looks slick, it's graphically nice, but so far it's not playing as nicely as Rise of Nations. I guess all I wanted was a version of Rise of Nations which didn't crash. I'll keep playing it, but so far it's not won me over. Apparently Titan Quest is supposed to be the new Diablo. A few games want to claim that title. The graphics look pretty nice, but surely you'd want to have some form of Massively multiplayer appeal (even if it's littered with duping and hack scandals) in order to claim that title? Whatever, the game...

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What's wrong with Lotus?

Volker asks the question "What's wrong with Lotus?". It's a good question. My 2c, is that Lotus is a lot more catchier than WPLC, and will look better on T-Shirts and Caps too.

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Really, nobody does give a shit

Nobody gives a shit.

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On a similar note(s)

Over the past few weeks I've been working fairly heavily with MS SQL Server. Being a Domino developer for 10 odd years, SQL was a fairly new thing for me, even though I'd used it very briefly before to construct nasty little ODBC applications from Notes. So after a couple of months of heavy use, I'm converted. Part of tonight's little development fun was trying to reduce the list of products in the old form so it'd work, so I could check to see how the Domino server actually rendered the HTML - the idea being I'd check how Domino rendered it,...

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One night in Domino..

So at the moment I'm essentially working 3 jobs. My main job is that of an ASP.NET developer, which is taking up 90% of my time. So tonight, I spent a few hours trying to fix a Domino database for a customer. I've simply had no time to look at this problem during work hours, and I suspect I'd be better off looking at this from home. What that means is that I can drink Bourbon while I code, and thankfully I had some Jim Beam Gold Label left (note the past tense here people). Essentially the problem was, that the original...

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"Hello, I'm Lotus Notes!"

Various Notes/Domino geeks attempt to adapt the "Hi I'm an Apple!" ad campaign into a round of exchange bashing. It has potential to be funny, but they don't quite pull it off. Besides, doesn't Exchange bash itself if you let it alone?

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From the dailywtf.com..

This sort of code is always a worry. For the slow among you, it's php code designed to log an error when a connection can't be established to the database. Where are the errors logged? To the database stupid, where else?

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Resharper 2.0 beta available

The 2.0 beta for Resharper is available for download here. I've always had a bit of an issue in becoming too dependant on tools such as Resharper, however after using the 1.1 version for a few weeks I'm starting to get hooked. You need to take some time out to remember to stop and use the shortcuts, but once you've got them in your head, they'll save you a lot of time in the long run. However, despite some of it's handy hotkeyed features, I'm really appreciating small things such as auto insertion of missing using statements, auto highlighting of unused variables,...

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Notes/Domino 7.02

Ed Brill writes a bit about some features to be included in the Notes/Domino here. I'm very interested in seeing how the Dominoblog and RSS template implementation ends up looking, The comment is made that the RSS implementation is not a code change, but merely an IBM magic wand branding of one of the many current Notes implementations of an RSS aggregator. Shame, having some native RSS controls available could be handy now and then (Hah, I used the word 'controls' without even thinking, I'm more and more an ASP.NET developer every day). Anyhow, there's a few more features inbound, but none...

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iCal export from Notes R6/R7

A while back I wrote about exporting my calendar from Notes in order to use it with the Sony Ericcson K750i. At the time, the only semi useful thing I could find were the old routines in the Sandbox for R5, and I couldn't be arsed spending the time to modify them. Well, it seems my procrastinating has paid off. Someone's updated them for R6/R7, and posted the code here. Which shows that procrastination can sometimes be a good thing.

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This weekend's Super 14 rugby

I've been playing the Telecom Virtual Rugby thing this season, and a few weeks ago had been ranked at around 1200-1700th out of 143,000 people each week. But some of the results from the last few weeks have been incredibly random. This week was no exception, with the Chiefs beating the Waratahs and the Highlanders beating the Brumbies, neither of which I picked, neither of which I think *anyone* would have picked. So far the quality of rugby this season has been a bit hit and miss, making it kind of hard to watch some of the matches right the way...

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A message for Hell Pizza New Zealand

Dear Hell Pizza, Next time I make an order and ask for it to be delivered to an alternate address, what that means is please deliver it somewhere different this time only. What it does not mean, is that you fuckers should update the address on my account without mentioning it to me, so that next time I order the poor delivery drone goes heading out to the wrong place, leaving us to have a very bizzare conversation spoken in Pizza Deliverenglish about where the hell he is.

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Too Human

I hadn't heard much about Too Human before now, but these screenshots look pretty nice.

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Govt to open up Telecom network for faster broadband

No doubt a lot of people are going to be talking about this, so I wont. Instead I'll just paste a couple of links and wait those short 2-3 years until we start to see some broadband improvements! Link: Govt to open up Telecom network for faster broadband Link: A LOST OPPORTUNITY FOR NEW ZEALAND (Telecom's media release) Link: Publicaddress.net Link: Internet NZ Blog Link: Close Up: Telecom Edit: Added another link, as more people are writing about this today. Russell Brown also points out something which will please a lot of people, myself included: Unbundling ain't the half of yesterday's unexpected announcement on telecommunications regulation....

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